Lenovo VIBE X2 Review
Lenovo Mobile familiar friends are aware that in the past Lenovo mobile positioning and audiences divided according to different K (flagship), S (fashion), P (long-pending) and A (entry) four series. In September last year, Lenovo released a new series of VIBE, and breath launched VIBE X and Lenovo Lenovo mobile phone VIBE Z two products, including Lenovo Mobile VIBE X to 6.9mm slim and nano-scale imitation fabric back shell designed for industry attention.


Mentioned Huawei Mate series models, Huawei's product line positioning familiar to consumers must be very familiar with. From the launch of the first generation of Huawei Mate began last year, it is the image of the mobile phone giant screen to show people. Whether or Huawei Huawei Mate Mate2 , have continued the 6.1 inches of the giant screen design, and later launched the Huawei version Mate2 4G added support for TD-LTE network, making it more widely applied.

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro Review (K920)

All along, the association are the domestic smart phone market leader brand, its product layout is very diverse, in addition to its own K, S, P, A four series, launched last year, also located in the flagship level VIBE series, which Lenovo Mobile VIBE Z (Lenovo Mobile K910 ) is a classic of the series. Today, nearly a year later, Lenovo Mobile VIBE Z's successor also appeared as scheduled, it is the Lenovo Mobile VIBE  Z2  Pro (hereinafter referred to as "Lenovo Mobile K920"), as its successor, the Lenovo K920 phone has exactly what The upgraded? Today it came to the ZOL evaluation room, an up and learn what it is.

Runbo Q5 Review : Drop Test & Waterproof Test

Runbo Q5 Review : Drop Test & Waterproof Test
In today's mad to put such a body so thin, narrow borders do era, there are still a special class of models is still "way" of has a thick body design - three anti-cell phone, because of some special populations Use features three anti-mobile phone although not much popular but it does have a very stable audience, and this part of the user on the strength of the body's three anti-has a very clear requirements.

Xiaomi Mi 4 Review

Xiaomi Mi 4 Review
At 14:00 on July 22nd, 2014, Xiaomi 2014 annual conference held at the Beijing National Convention Center, this conference Xiaomi total number of new releases, but the most interesting or Xiaomi whole new generation models - Xiaomi phone 4, in fact, before the conference, Xiaomi nor escape by playing a little mysterious invitation, this piece of austenitic 304 stainless steel is also really let our body material Xiaomi phone 4 have more expectations, Zhongguancun online mobile phone division has received this model, now let us take a look at the Xiaomi phone style 4 bar.

Xiaomi Mi4 Unboxing Video

ZTE Nubia Z7 Max Review

ZTE Nubia Z7 Max Review

Basic Configuration
Recently nubia officially released a new Z7 series, bringing Nubia Z7, Nubia Z7 Max and nubia Z7 mini three models. Three models biggest feature is support for dual card and 4G / 3G full Netcom, as well as stunning shooting stars and the Milky Way can be a powerful ability to take pictures. nubia Z7 is equipped with 2K screen and the flagship of all top-level configuration, and Nubia Z7 mini places high cost 1,499 yuan to get a lot of attention, then the 1999 yuan of Nubia Z7 Max exactly what this model attractive features and functions it ? Let us work together to uncover the mystery.

Lenovo K920 Specification

ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini Review

ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini Review
Most flagship nubia Z7 in hardware performance, operational function, and other aspects of daily photographs show impressive levels. At the same time, nubia Z7 has a little brother, it is nubia Z7 mini, as nubia Z7 mini version of the product, nubia Z7 mini in many respects has nubia Z7 figure, such Snapdragon 801 platform + 4G Dual Card so equipped, but nubia Z7 mini sells for 1,499 yuan (aaround $241.59), which is the cheapest 801 platform Qualcomm Snapdragon smartphone , together today to know about it.


Closer look at the current smart phone market, the homogeneity problem is intensified in the monotony of the industrial scene, how to win the favor of consumers and the market has become a smart phone manufacturers urgent problem. Faced with this problem, the association once again gives the answer, S850 appear peach pink with a touch of sparkle to allow consumers to illuminate their hearts.


Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 Review
: Since the launch of mobile phones from red rice, thousands of intelligent machines has been a topic of hot debate netizens and consumers, and when the red meter Note appear thousand machines in this pushed to the cusp, the strength of the other domestic manufacturers have invested to which this thousand eight nuclear "war", the association is very competitive as domestic manufacturers naturally will not give up this opportunity, Lenovo is the Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 is the latest of a thousand eight-core models, Zhongguancun Online has taken the lead got this model, let's take a look at how his performance.


The list below is all quad core android smartphone based on new Mediatek MTK6582 quad core cpu and compatible with most GSM Networks which is 2G : GSM : 850/900/1800/1900MHz, 3G : WCDMA : 850/2100MHz.


NBA Gaming Test on the new iOcean X8 with Mediatek MTK6592 Octa Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 1080p 5" display.

iOcean X8 Review Slim Rear Glass Casing

iOcean X8 Review : iOcean X8 is an effort just launched this year, this machine is the main design and exquisite workmanship, it is just a release from the X8, I have been concerned about, two days before the official forum fortunate to be X8 tasting local friends , have to say, I did just get the machine to give it a stunning, double-sided glass with metal frame in the end there where it amazing? With the view of it. Man of few words said, now let diagram.

Jiayu S2 Review Aluminium Body Octa Core CPU

Jiayu S2 Review

For smart phone , the user's requirements has always been straightforward, no matter what kind of appearance, a few basic configuration seems to be the bottom line when the user selects a cell phone. Screen, processor, camera, these factors determine the user evaluation of a mobile phone, but also determines the positioning of a mobile phone in the market. Jiayu S2 is perhaps the needs of users for several major launch of a high-performance smart phone products, from hardware, it is difficult to see what it has deficiencies, "a mainstream configuration smartphone" seems to be our The first impression of this product.