Lenovo S890 Rom, Official Version

Lenovo S890 Rom, Official Version S890_S122_121031
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Pantech Vega Iron, Samsung Galaxy S4 eater!

According to foreign media broke the news that South Korea's third largest mobile phone maker Pantech will launch next week a super narrow quad-core Android flagship Vega Iron.

Vega Iron ultra-slim bezel design, hardware configuration is very good. Can see from the exposure of the conference Pantechs, the The Vega is Iron should be a Founder new phone , with the rounded shape of the phone is very different, but some Nokia Lumia shadow.

Lenovo S920 Images & Photo Gallery

Lenovo S920 Review


In 2012, the major mobile phone manufacturers frequently force quad-core smartphone market, after a variety of quad-core phone listed for sale, such as the HTC One X, Samsung GALAXY S3, Lenovo has launched the Lenovo K860 K860i two quad-core smart phone, launched at the end K860i is called "quad-core Terminator, the overall performance is very strong.

Lenovo K900 Review Video & Photo Gallery

Lenovo K900 Review Video(short version)

Photo Gallery

Lenovo K900 Review

2GHz dual-core Lenovo K900 finally debut
January this year, CE S2 013 for the mobile phone lovers and not bring too many surprises, but even a flat light show still set off small waves. Although the CES focus has always been in the field of home appliances, but it is undeniable, Intel and Lenovo as rumors CES2013 jointly issued a new processor platform with the new flagship product is really amazing. It can be said, the Lenovo K900 became a the CES2013 blockbuster, as domestic brands, Lenovo also own glory bloom CES this arena.

Lenovo K900 Specification & Images

Basic parameters
Release Date: 2013
Phone type: 3G mobile phones, smart phones, camera phones, tablet phone
Designs: candy bar
The main screen size: 5.5 inches
Touch screen: capacitive screen, multi-touch
The main screen material: IPS
Network type: WCDMA
Network mode: GSM, WCDMA
Data business: GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA
Support band: 2G: GSM 850/1900/2100
3G: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz
Phone Weight: 162G

Jiayu G4 Extreme Drop Test & Screen Scratch Test Video

Jiayu G4 Specification

Lenovo S820 Specification Preview (Leaked)

Lenovo Mobile has always been known to machine sea tactics, a variety of quad-core smartphone market this year, most of them chose MTK platform, another late Lenovo A830 A820E several new machines in preparation for the Listing. A red light show body exposure in early March, Lenovo quad-core new machine, the new quad-core Lenovo S820 particularly conspicuous, this new machine has recently MIIT network license, will soon be listed. In addition to the already widely circulated spy operation of this phone demo video exposure, more configuration information also surfaced.

Let's look at a real machine demo video of the Lenovo S820:

Jiayu G4 Antutu Benchmark Score

Antutu Benchmark Score for Jiayu G4

Jiayu G4 Photo Gallery Part1

Jiayu G4 Photo Gallery Part1

Xiaomi M2S Hands On Video

Short Hands On Video of  Xiaomi M2S

Xiaomi M2S Specs : http://droidcn.blogspot.com/2013/04/xiaomi-m2s-specification.html

Xiaomi M2S Teaser

Xiaomi M2S Specification

Xiaomi Mi2s The New generation performance Monsters!
Powered by the New Qualcomm SnapDragon 600 quad-core 1.7Ghz 25% increase in overall performance. 1.7Ghz chip strongest execution efficiency, reaching beyond the limits.