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2GHz dual-core Lenovo K900 finally debut
January this year, CE S2 013 for the mobile phone lovers and not bring too many surprises, but even a flat light show still set off small waves. Although the CES focus has always been in the field of home appliances, but it is undeniable, Intel and Lenovo as rumors CES2013 jointly issued a new processor platform with the new flagship product is really amazing. It can be said, the Lenovo K900 became a the CES2013 blockbuster, as domestic brands, Lenovo also own glory bloom CES this arena.

Of course, fresh understanding of this phone may be derived from the hot movie "encounter Seattle, as the secret weapon of the heroine Wen Jia Jia, Lenovo K900 also broke into the circle of young artists. Obviously, the quality appearance of the Lenovo K900 is fresh are a great tool to attract Wen Qing, but the technology is not so good house flicker, the Lenovo K900 hardware shows the advantages of where is it

Lenovo K900 superior appearance, performance?
The first comprehensive look at the configuration of the Lenovo K900. First 5.5-Inch 1080p screen is obvious, in the large-screen high-resolution into the mainstream of today, Lenovo K900 With this configuration can be said is reasonable. In addition, Lenovo K900 is also equipped with the latest Anroid 4.2 Jelly Bean system, with a 300 million pixel back-illuminated Exmor sensor, combined with dual flash for low light shooting.
Of course, the Lenovo K900 is still the biggest bright spot is that the processor. This year's CES, Intel released a new of Clover Trail + platform, also launched a 2GHz dual-core processor, the first mobile phone platform is this the limelight recently Lenovo K900. As Lenovo K800 Intel Medfield platform first product, this time Lenovo has become the first person of Intel's new platform camp. The new machine is equipped with the Intel Z2580 dual-core processor, combined with 2GB RAM and 16GB memory of the fuselage . The Lenovo K800 professes the a single nuclear enemy dual-core Lenovo K900 is not dual quad-core nuclear enemy? Today's evaluation will tell you the answer.

Fuselage tough line filling sharp gas field
Man of few words said, above all, to look at the appearance. Lenovo K900 body design is very modern, this contemporary corner comes from the tough body lines and sharp slim body side. Most of the big-screen smart phone using the rounded corners, the Lenovo K900 opposite approach is not only large quantities of cross-border products , and also provides users with a number of different visual experience .
Earlier we introduced the Lenovo K900 screen configuration, may also wish to look at the the Lenovo K900 narrow frame design. Although the 5.5-inch giant screen, but I personally feel, Lenovo K900 holding in the hands of the feel is good, and not because the screen can not be single-hand grip. Perhaps this is due to the the Lenovo K900 able to keep the secret of the "body".
front camera with metal mesh earpiece

the screen virtual buttons turns off the backlight completely hidden

Lenovo K900

Front of the screen design is very simple, which is consistent atmospheric style of the whole body. Top of the screen only Lenovo logo front camera, metal handset. The bottom of the screen button turns off the backlight can be completely hidden, do not see the slightest traces of the keys.

6.9 mm ultra-thin machine body and your spirit greatly increased

right side of the body the power button and the SIM card slot design side-by-side

From the side view, we can see the body material of the Lenovo K900. One-piece mold of the metal texture exudes a strong sense of fashion, 6.9 mm slim body but also to the original spirit is full Lenovo K900 gas field some more. Lenovo K900 power button and volume keys key way moderate, the press feel pretty good, especially the volume keys through two small protrusions to replace the usual plus and minus signs, looks simple yet beautiful. Lenovo K900 SIM card slot on the bottom of the power button, card check card need to take card pin, of course ordinary pin bends about the same effect.

Metal back cover
Lenovo K900 back of the fuselage looks more sense of design, evaluation Lenovo K900 with a brushed metal back cover, in addition to Lenovo's own logo, the bottom also comes with Intel Inside logo. General phone may want to try to hide own screws and other small accessories Lenovo K900 openly the four screws in the four corners of the back cover, not only the matte texture of brushed metal back cover with the upper and lower ends separately, add a little more unrestrained feeling this carved phone.
Lenovo K900 back cover with brushed metal design

13 Megapixel Camera

Main camera with two flash

Lenovo K900 is equipped with 13 megapixel main camera used to meet the daily needs of the user, Fengyun camera with f/1.8 aperture, dual flash-assisted low-light shooting, the image quality is indeed worthy of our expectations. Photographing function, Lenovo K900 and other Lenovo Mobile as built-in super camera , a total of basic settings, advanced settings, set a three-column option is subdivided into a number of different items, including lens effects, filters , color effects, and other late effects settings for the user, not only excellent configuration is also very powerful, very good. Lenovo K900 camera test can also be seen later in the article
The Lenovo K900 bottom of the fuselage into both ends of the metal speaker

The back of the Lenovo K900 very interesting point is that the back cover of the collision of the two styles of stitching, the ends of the matte texture is like for the body to add a hat and base, while the speaker is located just on the location of the "base". The Lenovo K900 speaker with a metal mesh design to be cut off in the middle, so that the speakers and the body has also been a feeling of stitching. Although four screws in the rear fuselage, but if we take it apart this evaluation will become disassemble part of the appearance will stop here. Very strong sense of design of the Lenovo K900 metal, brushed silver back cover looks simple yet stylish atmosphere, is actually very suitable for young groups or business people.

Metal wind UI away from the traditional four-leaf clover

Let's look at the Lenovo K900 interface. CES2013 first appearance, Lenovo K900 does not use the original Clover UI, the theme looks preset phone have a great sense of science and technology, and good body metal design echoes.
Lenovo K900 main screen to unlock the interface

First glance looks, the Lenovo K900 UI gives us the impression the past are very different, icon discarded circular design, all with soft square design, in addition to unlock the interface, there is little to let and Clover link elements. Lenovo users do not know whether habits after seeing this interface.
Long press the screen to add widgets or settings screen effects

Add applications or widgets in the home screen is very simple, just long press the screen, the main screen will become like shown in the figure above, click on the appropriate application icon or widget and drag it onto the main screen on it. Another point to note is that the general An droid phone in the application menu long press an application can also be added to the Home screen, Lenovo K900, so long only after the application icon to uninstall operation.
Lenovo K900 add up to 9 home screen

Built-in themes and wallpapers

Stay on the screen in the main interface option key, if we press the bottom of the screen will pop up a small menu, basically similar to before the press and desktop pop-up menu, you can add the desktop wallpaper, you can also manage the screen. Lenovo K900 supports up to the user to add nine main screen, built-in theme also gray metal wind the full sense of science and technology, but recommended interconnection wallpaper categories is still very much fresh and can sprout, but with this metal machine The body is somewhat illegally and
Small pop-up menu in the application list

Adjustment icon sort / hide specific icon

Application Settings can choose a variety of animation

Lenovo K900 application interface, press the option key on the bottom of the screen will pop up a small menu, you can sort of icon, hide, and application settings. Icon Sort well understood, here we do not much to explain. Icon to hide is something we do not want others to see the application icon to hide the icon after check hidden from the application interface hour, unless the user after uncheck.

Of course, scroll style of the application interface also can apply the settings to adjust flipbook, for example, a single application list, there are more than 10 different animations can choose, evidently Lenovo K900 sense of technology intended to penetrate into the phone every detail.

Built-in somatosensory operation with children / guest mode
Let's look at some of the features of the Lenovo K900 little feature. The Lenovo K900 interface is divided into three columns, including commonly used settings, feature set, and all the settings. Typically, such a classification feature set will bring us some surprises, but also proved Lenovo K900 does have some small features can be opened here.
Lenovo K900 supports gestures, somatosensory operation and interaction screensavers

Lenovo K900 also has some basic sense of body gestures. Shake the lock screen and percussion bright screen for the operation of mobile phones become more interesting. Do not have to press the power button, as long as we gently shake the phone will be able to turn off the screen, finger double tap the screen, the phone screen can also turn on automatically, which also reduces the power button may cause damage in use, it can be said It is a very intimate details of the design. Also Lenovo K900 think the 5.5-inch large screen, a new use - screensaver. Total kaleidoscope screensavers, photo table and frame three modes, if there is no operation for a long time screen, the screen is not directly extinguished, but the screensaver state, that with some of the tablet is still very much alike.
Lenovo K900 In fact, you can expand the drop-down notification bar 15 round buttons

Lenovo K900 drop-down notification bar is also a mystery, in compact mode, we only see a row of five radio button, click on the icon in the upper-right corner, all 15 buttons presented in front of us out. Where we can see child mode and visitors mode. In fact, these two modes of operation principle is the same, we need music security set a password, and then enter this password to the child mode or guest mode, exits these modes also need this password. We can according to different needs in child mode with guest mode disables some applications, these applications disabled, we will no longer see the main screen or in the application list of these applications icon. This prevents misuse of children can also be placed on other people feel free to browse our mobile phones.
Le security password is entered in the Children mode / guest mode disabled up to 10 applications

Lenovo Power Save rare charging protection and intelligent learning function

Finally, look at the the Lenovo power saving features, although called "Lenovo power saving, but in addition to the several different power-saving mode, this application also includes a charging protection function, which in the other phone or in sleep application is still rare. The Lenovo K900 charging process to go through three stages, the first rapid charging full 80%, the remaining 20% ??after full charge, and to low three stages, the phone will be a tiny current to continue charging to maximize battery capacity to extend the standby time. In the same time, Lenovo power saving with intelligent ability to learn, you can learn the user's usual habits, so that the life time of the phone inferred more accurate.

13 Megapixel Super Camera
Lenovo K900 is equipped with camera components the same as Sony's Exmor RS stack of 3,000,000 pixels , Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4 are the same specifications, with f/1.8 aperture and the OPPO Find 5 ; stacked CMOS sensor can support more good HDR shooting HDR video recording. Lenovo K900 phone is equipped with dual- flash for low light shooting, as well as a front camera for self-portraits or video calls.
Lenovo K900 camera basic settings

Of course, the camera features Lenovo K900 also has its own "super camera as an auxiliary; named" super ", in fact the function is very powerful and rich, from the previous models such as Lenovo K860 can be seen above. In addition to the basic camera features support for fine-tuning the parameters of brightness, color, sharpness, Advanced Settings allows experienced users to more detailed adjustments such as white balance, shooting the color temperature of the ambient light conditions, to choose appropriate white balance.
Lenovo K900 camera Advanced Settings

Course, which contains the previously super camera inside the "special effects" are Lenovo K900 which has been involved in, is divided into the direction of the lens , color and other purposes, following the sub-scenes look at the Lenovo K900 1300 main camera photo proofs, proofs last We have a simple trial effects.
Lenovo K900 camera effects settings

Daylight outdorr photo sample

Lenovo K900 outdoor proofs or partial eyes style, the first proofs orange red color saturation is high, the green part is relatively bright; addition to exposure are also very accurate. In the second macro conditions, f/1.8 aperture for the scene outside the focus has played a good role in the virtual, the prominent theme to good effect; suggest that you take the time to actively select manual focus, able to receive unexpected large aperture blur effects.
Macro Photo Sample

Indoor environment and macro shooting ability is also very good, color-rich scenes are able to restore the site colors, macro proofs to detail characterize the fine conditions for objects outside the focus blur effect is good; slightly under fluorescent white balance performance
Low Light & Night Photo Sample

Lenovo K900 expressive acceptable low light conditions, in addition to the local details of the screen has lost a very dark environment, the other part is still relatively good save gradation and details; night performance of the outdoor environment in general, and by the different light sources the influence of light, the ability to control glare inadequate.
Photo Effects Sample

Special effects, more emphasis on playability, the richness, the effects of which Lenovo K900 is already covered for the realization of the shift, the fish-eye effect lens effects for color change and artistic creation " magic effects "and used for a variety of LOMO style color effects, the overall replayability or higher.

Intel Atom Z2580 advantages and summary
Lenovo K900 is the first equipped with a code-named Clover Trail + Intel Atom Z2580 dual-core smartphone processor , clocked reach the 2GHz, supplemented 2GB DDR2 run the memory . The GPU graphics processors compared with PowerVR SGX 544MP2
K900 System Info

Intel Atom Z2580 processor with 2GHz frequency, using the 32-nanometer process technology, with 14 mm × 14 mm packaging technology. GPU support EGL 1.4, OpenGL ES2.0, OpenCL 1.1e, OpenVG 1.1, 1080p video encoding and decoding capabilities. System memory using a dual-channel 32-bit LPDDR2 interface, with a total capacity of up to 2GB. Rear camera support 16 million pixels, you can achieve zero shutter lag and time-lapse shooting.

Medfield platform is designed for smart phones 32nm Atom Soc (System on Chip), Clover Trail + same 32nm Atom SoC addition to Windows 8 tablet can be used on the phone work properly.
Intel smartphone platform Roadmap

Clover Trail is still used in Intel's Medfield platform, just by adding a second CPU core combination of dual nuclear power plant thread. Introduced the Intel Atom Z2580 processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology (Turbo Boost), can not only take advantage of the thermal headroom to deliver the highest frequency, but also allows the CPU Turbo-accelerated completion of the work back to the idle state.
Clover Trail to contains a Z2580/Z2560/Z2520 of three products

Hyper-Threading is Intel Atom Z2580 must mention the technical features, simple explanation, Hyper-Threading technology is the use of special hardware instructions, the two logical cores modeled as two physical chip, a single processor can use thread-level parallelism, thus compatible with multi-threaded operating system and software to reduce the CPU idle time, and ultimately improve the operating speed of the CPU

Intel Medfield mobile platform characteristics:
1 unique bus design and memory management technology, significantly increase memory read speed, improve the overall performance and reduce power consumption;

Super multimedia capabilities: full the HD 1080p _AT_ 30fps compiled / decoding capability, unique high-performance built-in image processor: Support up to 24MP camera, continuous shooting up to 10 frames per second support two built-in display (single screen up to 1280 * 1024) and an HDMI (1080p).

For Intel Atom Z2580 processor, the user is still most concerned about its performance to run sub-how. From the test results from the point of view of the security Bunny v3.2.1 version, Lenovo K900 achieved excellent score of 26,944, has gone beyond the market most of the ARM platform quad-core phone, even overshadowed before we profiled the Xiaolong 600 processing device.
3DMark Android test results

In addition, before we in the test 3DMark Andrews version also found in fact the Xiaolong 600 processor Krait300 architecture is equivalent to or exceed the performance of the Cortex-A15 architecture of the ARM platform, so we can conclude that: Intel Atom the Z2580 architecture performance run points from the point of view must be beyond the A15 architecture. In the the 3DMark test session, the Lenovo K900 Ice Storm Standard Edition 7300 score of The Ice Storm enhanced version of the 4395 results. This performance and security Bunny as eye-catching as test scores, only in the middle level of the high-end smartphones.

Lenovo K900 combines the dual elements of the business and fashion

And popular king before Lenovo K860 Lenovo K900 also has the body shape of the atmosphere, but this time on the basis of the atmosphere and adding a lot of detail elements to grasp, this 5.5-inch large-screen phone demonstrated a coarse fine sense. Software is by virtue of the music family the richness and practical application so that more consumers can quickly get started. The performance is the Lenovo K900 biggest advantage. As the first Intel dual-core mobile phone , it has not lost on the quad-core processor performance level. From the initial Lenovo K800 Lenovo K900 to today's Intel chips for application compatibility has reached a relatively stable level, so consumers do not need to rigidly adhere to the choice of products ARM platform, if you want to buy a full business sense large screen smartphone with a dual-core Intel Core Lenovo K900 will be your new starting point.

The atmosphere, the business sense of the full metal body; · 5.5-inch 1080p screen, outstanding visual effects, Built-in many music family, started simple; · Intel The dual-core processor performance is strong, with good compatibility.

The fuselage design style is more biased in favor of male users,
with one hand is almost impossible.

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