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In 2012, the major mobile phone manufacturers frequently force quad-core smartphone market, after a variety of quad-core phone listed for sale, such as the HTC One X, Samsung GALAXY S3, Lenovo has launched the Lenovo K860 K860i two quad-core smart phone, launched at the end K860i is called "quad-core Terminator, the overall performance is very strong.

Lenovo K860i strong overall performance, but for consumers like thin, the machine body thickness of 9.6 mm and a body weight of 194 g or slightly thick. , 2013 on the beginning of the year, again on Lenovo will launch a quad-core smart new machine - Lenovo S920. The phone body thickness of only 7.9 mm, body weight, compared with 56 grams (including battery), compared to Lenovo K860i is clearly thinner and lighter.

With the level of progress of Lenovo, Lenovo S920 not only thinner, lighter, and more quad-core mobile phone screen size compared to the previous 5.3 inches, flat with the Samsung GALAXY Note, be regarded as a range of mobile phones cross-border and tablet products, the price of the machine is only $360, relative to Samsung and other manufacturers of large-screen quad-core phone, the price is clearly more user-friendly.

Lenovo S920 now advance to the Testing Center of China Mobile. Lenovo S920 smartphone users interested in buying or want to know more information of this phone a friend may wish to follow the author below on this review, some in-depth understanding of this phone.

5.3-inch large HD screen
Lenovo S series smartphones, the latest flagship product, the Lenovo S920 uses the same touch screen candy bar design, the overall shape of the continuation of the S Series slim stylish characteristics, fuselage length and width dimensions of 154 mm x 77.7 mm that weighs only 56 grams, giving the most obvious feeling is thin atmosphere

The Lenovo S920 has a 5.3-inch touch screen, Lenovo quad-core smartphone screen size, can provide users with an extremely wide field of view, and its resolution, compared with HD (720 x 1280 level of pixels) HD display is clear. It is worth mentioning, even in sunlight, the the Lenovo S920 screen also visible.

With today's other flagship phone, the Lenovo S920 is also equipped with dual cameras, built a 200-megapixel front camera, which in the upper-right corner of the front fuselage the aircraft can provide a clearer picture, belongs to the level of today's high-end to meet the needs of the user self-portraits or video chat

At the bottom of the screen, the Lenovo S920 is equipped with three common Android touch buttons, from left to right menu key, very Lenovo logo the home Ho me the key and return key, touch sensitive keys, and is equipped with backlight , easy night manipulate

Of course, for such a large screen phone with one hand or a little bit inconvenient, but the hands manipulation is very convenient, you can enjoy the benefits of high-definition display and fun.

8-megapixel rear camera
The Lenovo official information, the Lenovo S920 only white models, of course, white is also more in line with S series thin " fashion "qualities. The front of the body, we can also see the large black panel, while the back of the body is the body of the pearl white ceramic effect, very beautiful, and feel smooth, very comfortable.

Up position at the back of the fuselage, Lenovo S920 built a 800-megapixel rear camera, the camera slightly raised, surrounded by a ring of metal material wrapped, next to an LED flash, the overall shape chic and may have been similar. As for its real effect, I will be introduced later in this paper.

The back of the fuselage in the down position, this phone is designed a speaker exports, and is equipped with a metal protective net, exquisite workmanship. Overall, the Lenovo S920 fuselage design is simple, sleek, great texture.

The Multifunctional volume control keys
The previous text, the author said, Lenovo S920 body thickness of only 7.9 mm, and the machine is also equipped with a quad-core processor, 8-megapixel main camera and 2250mAh large capacity battery, other configurations with Lenovo K860i same or similar, and thin body thickness is 1.7 mm, we can see that the progress of Lenovo in the smartphone R & D and design.

Fuselage design, the Lenovo S920 around the fuselage design is still very smooth, arc-shaped design, there is no trace of edges and corners, making natural and comfortable grip of the phone. Body around the buttons and interface design, this phone also has a unique place.

Top of the fuselage, Lenovo S920 with rich interface and buttons, including a 3.5 mm headphone jack, power button, and the mainstream nowadays MicroUSB data interface provides a convenient for users to charge the phone or transmit data.

In the right side of the fuselage, this phone is equipped with an integrated volume control keys, key white, almost blend in with the side of the fuselage. As for the left side of the fuselage and bottom not place any key or data interface. It should be noted that, although the aircraft is not equipped with a single camera shortcut key, but users in the camera interface, press the volume control keys can also focus shooting.

It is worth mentioning that, in the lower-right corner of the fuselage, Lenovo S920 design a shell open slot, user-friendly open the fuselage shell. Yes! Although the phone's body thickness of only 7.9 mm, but the back cover of the machine can be opened, but is also equipped with a removable battery.

Introduced over the appearance, let us talk about the performance of this phone system interface, performance and picture.

New convenient control experience
In terms of systems, Lenovo S920 among the latest Android 4.2 operating system, and the second development, a lot of Lenovo's feature set and applications compared to native Android 4.2 is not quite the same, but the interface style continuation of the native system simple and fresh.
 mobile phone main desktop and desktop settings interface

"Long press" desktop space, could be released very unique desktop settings menu, which includes adding, special effects, themes and wallpaper four options. Through which the user can add applications on the desktop, folders, etc., and change the desktop interface to switch between effects. In addition, the machine comes with three sets of stylish themes to meet the individual needs of different users.
 theme settings interface and pull-down notification bar interface

The same time, the Lenovo S920 still supports drop-down notification bar shortcuts, which protect the WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, data connection, as well as commonly used settings of the profile set switch, to provide for the day-to-day operation of the user's convenience. It is worth mentioning is that the drop-down notification bar in the phone's interface, the aircraft also joined the "Settings" quickness, user-friendly call at any time.
 common settings and features settings interface

Speaking of "set", the Lenovo S920 settings interface is very special, Android smartphone with our day-to-day to see the settings are not the same interface, which includes the commonly used settings, feature set, and we often see. " All Settings "three tabs.

Feature set interface, this phone has joined the somatosensory and gestures setting options in the interface, the user can open the "pocket mode" (cell phone in your pocket, when there is an incoming call ringtone is automatically enhanced) and pick up the ring weakened, to obtain the use of human experience.

As a smart phone, the Lenovo S920 has built-in a variety of popular applications nowadays, such as mobile phone QQ , Sina microblogging , UC browser , public comment , the high moral navigation, Mito Xiu Xiu , Kingsoft WPS, and Temple Run 2 and FIFA Soccer, to meet a variety of entry-level users daily entertainment needs.
 list of applications and music store interface

The same time, this phone also built the multiple Lenovo characteristics applications, such as music stores, music security, power-saving music, music Notepad, musical voice, music synchronization, eggplant fast pass. Experienced users can download other applications or games through the music store, such as micro-channel, Baidu input method, fishing people to meet more demand.
 Le secure interface

"Le security" is a mobile security software with a key experience, virus killing, harassment interception, privacy protection, phone anti-theft function, but also has a children's mode, and other personalized features guest mode, users can information security escort.
 music notebook interface

Music Notepad is a portable notebook software, support handwriting, but also add pictures, sound recordings and other files into a single Notepad file. More importantly, it can achieve cloud storage, permanent preservation, and support for computers, mobile phones and other access methods, design is very user-friendly, the new notebook model of the mobile Internet era.

It is worth mentioning, Lenovo S920 also comes with the Lenovo custom Sohu video client, S920 mobile phone users for the the Sohu video of premium channels free use for six months. Sohu video client, this also supports the "suspended play" feature, users can chat while watching the video.

Quad-core performance benchmarks
An Antutu Benchmarks (v3.2.1) test, the Lenovo S920 benchmark run sub-score easily over a million, and reached 12,789 points, the success of the running sub-rivaling 2012 mainstream quad-core processor, of course, belongs to the normal level of the MT6589 quad-core processor.

You seen benchmarks run points, we say that the aircraft's actual control experience. The use of the author a few days, the aircraft's day-to-day control experience natural flow, can easily cope with the temple to flee such popular 3D mobile games, but also does not appear to crash or restart the phenomenon equally satisfactory stability.

In addition, high-definition video playback, Lenovo S920 can smooth playback of 720p resolution HD video resolution 1080p full HD video can also be smooth playback. For such a smart phone has a 5.3-inch high-definition screen, use it to watch movies obviously could not be better, high-resolution, large field of vision.
720p video playback interface

 1080p video playback interface

Camera interface and Photo Sample
I said, Lenovo S920 is equipped with dual cameras, front camera 2 million pixels, a 800-megapixel rear camera, belongs to the level of today's high-end preceding paragraphs. Camera settings, this phone has a rich set of options, such as on or off the guide lines and shutter sound.

It should be noted, by default Lenovo S920 output size of 600 million pixels. If you want to get the bigger picture camera, you can set the option to adjust the photo size of the output. In addition, although the aircraft is equipped with the latest Android 4.2 operating system, but does not support the the spherical camera mode.
camera settings interface

As for the rear camera of this phone imaging results, a plurality of really making proofs can be brought by the author to the following to understand.

100% zoom effect shots

100% zoom effect shots

You can see from the above two sets of proofs, close-range vision, proofs 100% zoom, noise is not obvious, the content is still clearly visible on the photo, and you can see more details, we can see the aircraft in the The details capture more place.

More photo sample and Summary

Backlight Photo 

Overall, this phone proofs colors bright, full color (such as two proofs of the bottom of this page), also has a good performance even under backlight conditions, corresponding to the configuration of the camera hardware of the machine, meet the user's daily The camera needs.

It should be noted that, the Lenovo S920 also supports fast continuous shooting function, and continuous shooting, up to 99 photos to help users to seize the moment in the life.

2250mAh battery and summary
As a domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Lenovo is obviously well aware of the needs of domestic consumers. In addition to those described above, Lenovo S920 also supports WCDMA + GSM dual card dual standby function to meet the multi-card user's needs. It is worth mentioning is that the machine uses the standard SIM card slot that can support standard SIM card (kcal), eliminating the need to cut card.

At the same time, this phone also supports MicroSD card expansion. In addition, Lenovo S920 is equipped with a 2250mAh large capacity battery (removable) for this large-screen mobile phone mobile experience life.

After I tested standby overnight (about 9 hours), the aircraft's power loss of about 3%, which is normal. Under normal use, the Lenovo S920 original battery can adhere to day life. Course for severe mobile phone users, can then the aircraft is equipped with an original battery, in order to ensure longer-lasting mobile Internet experience.

Lenovo S series flagship product, the Lenovo S920 in the design, hardware and software configurations have reached a new height, 5.3 inch large touch screen, quad-core processor, 7.9 mm thin body, as well as Android 4.2 operating system features applications It is the highlight of the aircraft. Lenovo S920 is indeed a good choice for young fashion people, not to mention the price of the machine is only $360.

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