Lenovo K900 ROM Official, SD Card Upgrade Method

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Before upgrading SD card should set aside at least 1G space
Make sure the battery is fully charged

SD card upgrade procedure :

(1) first create folder named with "sdfuse" in the built-in memory card;
(2) extract K900_1_S_2_009_0117_130417_DVT3_CPUsign_SD.tar.gz file.  decompression file name will be K900_1_S_2_009_0117_130417.inb, copy to the built-in memory card sdfuse folder
(3) the phone is turned off, press and hold the volume up button (volume + key), then press the power button, the phone will enter the SD card upgrade mode, the upgrade screen appears, release the button;
(4) with the vol keys to select the upgrade interface fourth SDUPDATE, "at the bottom of the screen you can see the progress and status of the upgrade;
(5) see SDCARDUPDATE SUCCESS!!! "Said the upgrade was successful;
(6) when the upgrade prompt success, will skip the reboot and restart the machine, press the power button to enter the system.

Resumeable Download Links :

  1.  http://megafiles.se/jcs0brtzokm3
  2. http://mightyupload.com/4ult70ui31ct/K900_1_S_2_009_0117_130417_DVT3_CPUsign_SD.tar.gz.html

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