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With the continuous rise of large-screen phone, the screen size is increasing, but in terms of appearance design, OPPO R815T has its own very unique design, the overall shape is very delicate, and can show a little more dynamic in which, compared to "design" models, R815T apparently first impression give yourself extra points a lot.

OPPO R815T appearance

OPPO R815T positive use of the very level design, the glass part of the entire screen is raised, and are surrounded by a curvature of the excessive, the overall visual effect is more prominent, and pearl white design with black screen with the Find 5 interest-screen aesthetics shadow.

The back of the oppo R815T very sense of design, the edge of the back cover of the machine has a certain degree of curvature, coupled with the pearl white color, like a shell in general, this design inspiration indeed from the back shell, the shell gentle curve into the phone, curve dynamic, not only the visual look slim, more comfortable grip, pearl white color but also to the whole look simple, elegant, simple without losing the atmosphere.

OPPO R815T shell-like curve design also allows the aircraft's grip greatly increased, more fit hand, comfort is very good, and pearl white back cover feel superior, not only feels smooth and delicate, and There are features of this anti-fingerprint, and the little pearl does make R815T texture and visual effects even better, they are also have to say the highlight of the aircraft design.

Body details

OPPO R815T in the overall appearance of the superior, very creative, In addition, it also constantly in the details of the pursuit of the ultimate, whether it is the details of the design and workmanship are more in place. The oppo R815T top of the screen near the border place is a bar handset, light / proximity sensor and the front camera, the bottom of the screen are three touch buttons, namely the Menu key, Home key and back key, the bottom also OPPO logo are convex front face design that allows the aircraft is very stylish.

The OPPO R815T the back of the top of a 500-megapixel camera, below is a LED fill light, surrounded by a circle brushed metal outside, very significant level, the middle part of the fuselage is a OPPO logo, and the bottom of the is composed by a number of round holes speaker also has a Find 5 shadow.

Oppo R815T top of the back is a 5-megapixel camera, below the LED fill light, the middle position is a OPPO logo at the bottom of a long strip of the speaker, in addition to the sophisticated appearance, R815T same interior design a certain level of industrial design, the left and right were two SIM card slot, card 2 is the MicroSIM small card design, the middle is a TF card slot, the bottom two speakers, which is R815T very special dual audio technology, which joined the dual power amplifier, dual speakers, dual independent sound chamber and dual acoustic materials, with Dolby sound, the sound of the impact is stronger, superior appearance.

The oppo R815T The top of the fuselage has a 3.5mm headphone jack, the bottom of the fuselage has a MicroUSB interface and microphone the, OPPO R815T left side of the fuselage is a power button, a volume control button on the right side of the fuselage, and silver circle around the body "waist" for the machine to play a very good modification.

4.3-inch IPS screen

The OPPO R815T used is a 4.3-inch IPS screen resolution of 800x480 pixels is not high, but with 16 million color IPS screen, the actual experiences should be relatively satisfactory, then this screen is a concrete manifestation of how, such as the , let's test some pictures .

Through the above picture we can see that the performance of the Oppo R815T still worthy of IPS screen, although some slightly whitish in color reproduction, but the overall color is good, and not people kind of obvious discomfort, excessive and expressive color is also very good.

In the viewing angle the OPPO R815T performance is generally satisfactory in most angles can restore the content displayed on the screen, which is one of the traditional strengths of the IPS screen, this screen does not use full-fit technology, but the overall visual effect is quite good, WVGA screen resolution makes the screen grainy, but under normal circumstances does not affect the user experience.

Android 4.2.1 and music performance

OPPO R815T Android 4.2.1 operating system, and the depth of customization Among the many Android models or leading, with many Real-series models, R815T entire UI is now very vibrant use of color is also very bold, strong visual impact.

The oppo R815T UI advocated the personality of young people, most of them with a high-contrast, clever, high purity of color, and some also graffiti entities combine to enhance the sense of design of the plane, and the like unlock animation The design is very dynamic, very personalized, The OPPO R815T also supports very much the theme of change, allowing users to have greater choice.

Oppo R815T desktop plug-in also has its own characteristics, weather, clock, photo album plug OPPO exclusive customized, full of fun, and very good fluency, the entire system operation is very smooth, touch and with the degree of hand are very satisfactory optimization see the OPPO under no small effort.

OPPO phone's traditional strengths, music performance R815T have to say, OPPO R815T Burr-Brown DAC grade fever independent audio chip, up to 106dB signal-to-noise ratio, plus dual audio system (dual speakers, dual The independent sound chamber, dual amplifier) ​​have a very good effect, with Dolby sound, stereo better, whether it is loud speaker or headphones to listen to music.

In addition, the OPPO R815T Dirac HD Sound and Dolby dual audio, in addition to music, watching movies also has a top audio-visual experience, it is worth mentioning that R815T with music phone features in the system integrated full-page plug-in, which is this page desktop outside can enter the menu, enter the shortcut buttons below the program is a complete player, not just one player plug-in. This also is not difficult to see, the OPPO R815T did exactly the point where the combination of hard and soft.


OPPO R815T appear on the hardware configuration is quite mainstream, the aircraft equipped with a MediaTek MT6589 quad-core processor, clocked at a 1.2GHz locked in the aircraft in terms of memory 1G RAM +4 G ROM combination , which is currently a number of the entry quad-core models common configuration.

Then the this OPPO R815T performance in the end what, let's test by several software to run sub.
(1) Quadrant Advanced : CPU, memory, I / O, 2D and 3D graphics performance, a key to complete testing. Mainly used for the overall performance of the test equipment.

(2) Nenamark2 : hardware acceleration benchmark for Android devices to test the graphics capabilities of the phone screen shows a real-time rendering.

(3) Antutu : of memory performance, CPU integer performance, CPU floating point performance, 2D and 3D graphics performance, database I / O, SD card read and write speed 8 performance test to test the overall performance of the phone. Authoritative running classification software.

Among the results of these tests, we is not difficult to see, OPPO R815T hardware performance with many models equipped with MT6589 performance at the same level, which in many quad-core models should belong to the end of the performance, in addition sake resolution R815T also GPU the test amazing 61.6FPS, of course, because the relationship of the resolution have a certain influence on the score, but it does reflect the aircraft powerful graphics processing.

In addition, the the OPPO R815T play video capabilities is also worth for sure, MP4, RMVB, AVI, etc. many video formats are no problem, and overall performance, the 1080P video completely stress-free, smooth playback, adjust the progress. Caton, and with dual speakers, outstanding video experience.

Two games to test, test them, whether it is the loading speed of the game, the game screen fluency, OPPO R815T performance was very good, these two games is not the traditional big game, but for the whole GPU performance are certain requirements, but also have some convincing.

5-megapixel camera

OPPO R815T uses a 500-megapixel camera, and is also equipped with a flash, in addition, the machine also has a front facing 2.0 megapixel camera, sounds 500 million pixels have a certain gap with the now mainstream models , but the camera is good or bad eventually imaging response.

OPPO R815T camera interface remains the OPPO has always been simple, fresh style, and in addition to the ordinary camera, smile group shot, panoramic camera, the ultimate beauty features are readily available hardware problems aside aside for the moment, at least, OPPO R815T soft power is still very competitive.

OPPO R815T handling performance was quite satisfactory, the focusing speed and imaging speed is not too fast, but are within the acceptable range of, although they can not be compared to high-end flagship, but among the many models should be able to be considered on and other performance.

OPPO R815T the overall color of the screen in the actual imaging is still relatively good, strong color reduction ability, but because of the lack of pixels congenital, reducing power in the details and the ability to capture still slightly lacking in the white balance the R815T performance fairly and not often appear overexposed or insufficient, so on the whole, as a record around interesting or occasionally play a recording function camera OPPO R815T competent.

Endurance tests and summary

The oppo R815T with a capacity of 1700mAh battery, compared with the most current models, the the R815T battery capacity is not dominant, but the battery capacity is not a measure of the sole criterion of the mobile phone battery life, the habits, the hardware power consumption and system optimization will affect the life of the phone, so next we have a life test of the aircraft.

First, the small part I will OPPO the R815T transferred to flight mode state, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth and other wireless connectivity turned off, then OPPO R815T screen off, enters the standby state, the testing process does not light up the screen in deep sleep hours later, the power of the OPPO R815T decreased from 100% to 99%.

After that, turn off flight mode, the same OPPO R815T WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and other wireless connection is turned off, is not open network connections, then OPPO R815T screen off, enters the standby state, the testing process does not light up the screen in standby near 11 hours after the power is also decreased from 100% to 99%.

From the above data, the OPPO R815T really done a good job in terms of hardware and software combination, and Cortex-A7 architecture MT6589 quad-core processor power consumption also performed well, I also need to consider is the user's habits, If you frequently use the phone at a high intensity, I believe The R815T should capable of a day's work, if it is the medium or the use of low-intensity believes hang on until two days is no problem, so OPPO R815T in life should still be reassuring the.

Read the above evaluation for OPPO R815T, I believe we have more understanding of this model has oppo R815T Although the hardware can not be called the top level, but definitely in a handy enough, and thus the performance and power consumption balance, in addition, very inspired design and full of personality UI design also makes the R815T have their own characteristics and continuity of the traditional strengths of the OPPO in music, so OPPO R815T - more pragmatic, balanced performance in all aspects and very personalized models, such models are often more favored by consumers.

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