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Lift the Lenovo smartphone , perhaps the first time we think of now is selling Lenovo K900 , stainless steel slim and powerful Intel dual-core four-thread processor gives the left a deep impression. Lenovo smart phones in addition to flagship high-end flagship K-series, there is a main fashion S series, P series featuring focus on business, aimed at the cost-effective entry-A series, today went to Zhongguancun online phone evaluation room is the A series New Products A850 , this product is claimed to be redefined in 2013 Qianyuan Ji smartphone, then we see if it is real.

Lenovo A850 Specification

Evaluation before the official start, let us first for Lenovo A850 This smartphone has a preliminary understanding, this product screen size to 5.5 inches, the screen is made of IPS, which Qianyuan Ji smartphone market is not much See the screen resolution of 540x960 pixels qHD level.

Its body placed back with a 5 million pixel camera, front a 3megapixel camera, running Android  4.2 intelligent systems, equipment, a 1.3GHz frequency MediaTek MT6582M quad-core processor with 1GB RAM memory and 4GB storage space, has a SD expansion card slot, expandable up to 32GB .

Moreover Lenovo A850 is also equipped with a 2250mAh battery, support China Unicom 21M high-speed 3G network, also has GSM / WCDMA dual-mode dual card, Bluetooth 3.0, wireless WIFI, proximity sensor, light sensor, gravity sensor and other functions and equipped also readily available.

Men like huge body

Next we look at Lenovo A850 Appearance section, Lenovo A850's overall physique is not small, reaching 79.3 mm body width, length 153.5 mm, a thickness of 9.45 mm, so that the child's body size for little hands friends who may experience some inconvenience on the one hand, the author meters in height, palms not too small, but the single-hand operation was somewhat difficult.

Lenovo A850's power button is designed in the top of the fuselage, so the index finger is more convenient to press the power button, volume buttons on the right side of the fuselage, with the thumb operation is very convenient. Distribution of the bottom of the screen from left to right menu key, Home key, back key three touch keys. Its front camera of the handset is placed in the right side of the back of the bottom there was a camera LED fill light, headphone jack is a standard 3.5mm size, data line interface to Android common Micro USB standard.

Lenovo A850 back cover of plastic material, but also into the piano paint technology, the body looks very clean, but the piano paint also relatively easy to leave fingerprints, so it looks dirty. In addition, as Lenovo A850 with GSM / WCDMA dual sim dual function, so we can open the battery compartment after seeing two standard SIM card slot, an SD card slot next to the expansion card slot, can insert 32GB of SD expansion card.


Part of the interface in the system, Lenovo A850 interface layout and before our evaluation of several Lenovo smart phones (such as Lenovo P880 ) does not make much difference, the machine does not use the traditional association Clover interface UI, but the UI interface characteristics are also very obvious, and its rounded program icon has a relatively high degree of recognition, and the flagship Lenovo K900 is not much difference.

Lenovo A850 Desktop and Programs page

Lenovo A850 dial, SMS interface

Lenovo A850 calculator, desktop editing page

Because Lenovo A850 is equipped with a 5.3-inch screen is a large screen, so UI interface also embodies the "big" element, the spacing between the program icons are very large, making the interface looks very skilful. In the desktop case, you can right click on the menu button themes, wallpapers, applications, desktop, and quick to set up and change, and Lenovo A850 also provides a massive online resource themes, wallpapers, applications.

Extend the use of intelligent life saving

And other Lenovo smart phones , like Lenovo A850 also has a lot of "Le Apply", the music store offers a huge number of applications, music calendar can help you effectively manage your schedule, upgrades can make your music mobile phone to maintain the latest system version, the music notes can help you record the life and work of important matters. And music is the Lenovo smartphone security very useful piece of software, it has a virus killing, mobile acceleration, secure backup, mobile security, privacy, guest mode, child mode, online shopping security, traffic surveillance, harassment interception, smoking costs nemesis, privacy protection which 12 feature comprehensive enough to protect your phone.

Lenovo smart power

Lenovo Power is a smart phone developed by Lenovo power management software, first it has alarm mode, the call mode, Internet mode, custom mode four power management scheme, the user can according to their own situation to choose different power modes, This makes it possible to achieve the most efficient batteries. Also here we can also see the software, hardware, power consumption situation and charging protection function maximizes battery life.

Photos Proficiency Test

Then there is the Lenovo A850 ability to take pictures section, the aircraft is equipped with a 5 megapixel rear camera, although the camera is not the main function of the machine, but Lenovo A850 can support is still very much camera features, including panorama mode, multi-angle mode, HDR, face beautification, smile shutter, best photographs, shooting, face recognition, etc., and we can also right white balance, color effects, shooting mode, exposure settings.

Lenovo A850 camera interface

Then take a look at the functions and parameters of the actual photo proofs Lenovo A850 bar, The proofs are all shooting using auto ISO, auto white balance and exposure compensation 0 ( automatic mode) shooting, and all proofs have not been post-processing ( including any late intervention color and size adjustment), and interested friends can watch the original image, this weather conditions when shooting outdoors on sunny days, the sun is strong.

Photo Sample

Outdoor proofs performance from the whole is worthy of recognition, and does not appear too much white, discoloration, the shutter speed is fast enough vehicles on the road are also no ghosting condition, but because of Lenovo A850 effective megapixels, so enlarged detail general.


With HDR

In addition, Lenovo A850 also has HDR mode, this feature is very useful, can be very strong contrast of light shooting environment, the use of multiple shots of the principle of photo synthesis, so as to achieve better picture quality, 4, and proofs from the proofs 5, we can clearly feel the HDR effect brought about, proofs left part of the floor of the lawn, wall plants are relatively clearer.

In the indoor environment, Lenovo A850 proofs performance is relatively satisfactory, and better than many thousand Yuan smart phones a lot stronger, it is worth mentioning that Lenovo A850 Macro somewhat contrary to the author or the ability to take pictures surprisingly, the shortest focus visual distance of 8 cm. And in the night environment, Lenovo A850's performance can only be described as like a general, noise control is not good enough.

720P/1080P Video Player

In the video, the first author of the Lenovo A50 720P video playback capabilities were tested, I chose the five segments of different formats, 720P video bit rate, and ultimately Lenovo A850 successfully passed the test, five video segments do not have any problems , fluency is also very high in the dragging fast forward, rewind, there was no Caton phenomenon.

Lenovo A850 video player interface

720P video to play perfectly

1080P video playback problems

As for 1080P video playback, the test video clips used in paragraph 15 are basically passed the test, but the 9th video during playback, there have been painting silent phenomenon, the 10th does not use the system comes with video player to play out, but After the player with MXPlayer or no picture appears sound condition, in addition to video playback at the beginning of the 13th when there is a modicum of Caton phenomenon, even after using MXPlayer player does not change.

MediaTek MT6582M platform testing and evaluation summary

Lenovo A850 This is the processor choice is MediaTek MTK platform, but not everyone is familiar with MT6589T, but MT6582M, this processor is not in the parameter MT6589T so nice. The processor is based on 28-nanometer process technology, with a quad-core ARM Cortex A7 architecture, clocked at 1.3Ghz, integrates a Mali-400MP graphics processing unit that can support 8000000 / a 3000000 pixel high-definition camera, support qHD level resolution screen (MT6582 supports 720P level screens), in addition to this processor is also the first time the TD-SCDMA and WCDMA dual-mode integrated in the same single chip.

CPU-Z detects hardware information

Benchmark Summary

Lenovo A850 from a performance point of fact, is not good, the data points are able to run on the eye-catching performance, because Lenovo A850's screen resolution is only 540x960 pixels qHD level. But part of it in terms of video playback, MT6582M's performance is quite good, 720P video is no pressure to it, and most of the 1080P can also this product on a smooth playback. Another point to note is the price of this product is only 1,299 yuan, in combination with the aircraft GSM / WCDMA dual-card dual-mode functionality, usability, and cost are highlighted good.

System performance testing -

AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark is a dedicated to the Android system phones , Tablet PC hardware to run the software points, it can run a full test a key project, through memory performance, CPU integer performance, CPU floating point performance, 2D, 3D graphics performance database I / O, SD card read and write speed and many other performance tests, and the phone's overall and individual hardware performance score. Also upload your score and see the device in the world rankings.

Quadrant Advanced Edition

Developed by the Aurora Softworks Quadrant, is a veteran of the mobile device performance testing tool, it tests include 12 CPU test, a memory test, four I / O test, a 2D graphics tests, three 3D graphics test items, and finally a feedback device under test integrated results. GPU unit is not equipped with a device can not run the software. Theoretically, the higher the score, on behalf of the comprehensive performance test equipment hardware stronger.

Basemark OS

BasemarkOS is a device for measuring the overall performance of the system-level software testing projects including system test (in accordance with standard applications, messaging services, Java, file operations, storage, database, compression and decompression, Bluetooth, dialers, etc.); Graphics test (2D imaging, graphics scaling, JPEG, PNG and GIF encoding and decoding, 3D game test); Example test (calendar, contacts, etc.).

Browser Test


Vellamo by Qualcomm (Qualcomm) developed a benchmark application (like Neocore), it allows you on the phone browser performance and stability tests, including performance as Java script, rendering, networking and user interface. The tool also includes the results of multiple sub-items, but we just take the total score, the higher the score indicates that mobile phone browsers higher degree of optimization, web browsing experience better.

Vellamo as a mobile web Ruler tool, has now expanded to include two major modules. HTML5 module is used to assess the performance of the mobile Web browser, and Metal module for mobile processor of the CPU subsystem performance measurement. Click on the test suite that is used, convenient, sub-module management, Vellamo can scroll zoom, 3D graphics, video performance, memory read and write bandwidth, peak performance, and many other aspects of evaluation.

HTML5 test - Fishbowl (set to 50 fish)

Fishbowl literally "fishbowl", by definition, is through the web which a fish tank filled with pictures to HTML5 performance test equipment, which you can set the number of fish during the test fishbowl fish are kept swimming in the different devices in the same number of fish in the case of the swim faster, that the stronger the HTML5, while on the left side will give the corresponding scores, the same, the higher the score the better.

HTML5 is the next major revision, it is still in the development stage. Its main benefit is to strengthen the performance of a Web site's performance and provide better search engine optimization, web development based on HTML5 APP has a shorter start-up time, faster networking speeds, especially for mobile users with better Image download speeds and more beautiful web animation.

GPU graphics test

Futuremark's 3DMark was originally launched on the PC side of a special measuring graphics performance of the software, but with the release of the change, 3DMark has gradually transformed into a measure of overall performance of the software, but also in the hearts of enthusiasts establish a benchmark test image. February 2013, following the 3DMark 11, the new generation of products to "3DMark" the name of this retro blockbuster debut, in addition to the Windows platform, but also added a used Android , iOS and Windows RT three versions. Desktop platform 3DMark There are three different load scenarios, including DirectX11 graphics card designed specifically for high-end products based on the design of FireStrike, supports DirectX10 mainstream hardware CloudGate DirectX9 as well as entry-level devices to create IceStorm. In the Android version and iOS version, only IceStorm a scenario.

IceStorm Extreme IceStorm and animation for testing while varying complexity, but the content is the same, the three tests are included - Graphics test 1 (graphics test 1), Graphics test 2 (Graphics Test 2) and Physics test (Physical test). First two graphics tests animation major test of the device's GPU performance, including reducing the pixel graphics test a load, while more emphasis on vertex shader; Graphics Test 2 Test the focus is biased in favor pixel rendering and post-processing, test animation than the number of vertices and triangle graphics test 1, a substantial reduction, while the number of pixels is increased dramatically. Third paragraph of the physical tests to minimize the impact of GPU sucked, the main test of CPU 's physical properties. Physical testing using a static picture animated backgrounds, but also to minimize the load on the GPU, mainly on CPU physical properties.

Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji

Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji is a graphical test software, which uses a pre-designed screen scene girls play ball to the three-dimensional graphics performance test equipment, test equipment which can be understood in the context of the game and the graphics speed of execution more quickly.

CPU Performance Test


Linpack in the international arena has become the most popular high-performance computer systems for testing floating point performance benchmark. Through the use of high-performance computers, using Gaussian elimination method for solving one yuan N times dense linear algebraic equations test, evaluate high-performance computers floating point performance. Relative computer terms, An droid phone version of the Linpack software is relatively simplified some, the latest version contains only single-threaded and multi-threaded two tests. As the name implies, the processor 's computing power is stronger, the higher the score, dual-core and even the future of multi-core processors in a multi-threaded test section to be reflected in the test results in floating-point operations per second (Flops) is given.

AndEbench (divided AndEMark Native and AndEMark Java two scores)

AndEBench is the 2012 release of a software, which provides a way to evaluate the performance of the Android platform, to test CPU and Dalvik (Dalvik is the virtual machine in Android system is responsible for an Android device running the application software equipment, Android therefore the main part of the whole) performance, and compare the different devices in different local and Java performance. The test software can also prove a platform for multi-threaded performance, its final run sub-divided into a pre-installed application for local execution efficiency (AndEMark Native) and separately install third-party applications for the execution efficiency (AndEMark Java) two aspects.

RAM performance testing -

Memory (Stream)

Memory (Stream) is a memory test software, through which the Copy (data replication), Scale (capacity), Add (add) and Triad (integrated) and the consolidated results of several sub-test scores can understand the level of mobile phone 's memory management performance level, the higher the score, prove that the better the performance of the device's memory management.

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