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2013, Lenovo (lenovo) products on the phone frequently force, swept away before the operator custom machine black, ugly, heavy image and has made considerable progress. Earlier this year at CES 2013 K900 expose edge on, give us a little surprise, round the hearts of the metal body dream. Of course, Jiuye system optimization, engineers can still expect some effort under multi-ah

With the "light wind" blowing the phone again No minimum thickness to be refreshed, then Iphone4S 9.3mm chasing their stature in today seems to have slightly bloated. We can see that there are 7.6mm thick ZTE nubia Z5, even 6.18mm Huawei P6, domestic machine is in the brush with his life "thickness" ah. This time I had the honor to get the same pursuit of "thin" wind S960 engineering machine, which is just at the Berlin IFA 2013 exhibition posted code Vibe X the machine, gossip less mention goes to S960 Smart journey.

Lenovo s960 is a located in the fashionable younger user groups of products, the body of one molding process, thin and beautiful, the thickness of only 6.9mm, weighs 121g. The machine runs Android 4.2.2 operating system, equipped with MediaTek MT6589T , 1.5GHz quad-core processor; built-in 2GB RAM and 16GB  ROM memory portfolio, does not support memory card expansion; equipped with a 5.0 inches 1920 × 1080 resolution IPS touch screen ; equipped with a 13 million pixel main camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera; single-card dual-use microSIM card, support GSM / WCDMA network standard; built-in 2000 mAh battery is not removable.

Lenovo s960 Specification :

Basic parameters
·         Exposure Date : 2013
·         Phone type : 3G mobile phones , smart phones , camera phones , tablet phone
·         Designs : candy bar
·         Main Screen Size : 5 inches
·         Touch screen : capacitive screen , multi-touch
·         The main screen material : IPS
·         The main screen resolution : 1920x1080 pixels
·         Screen pixel density : 480ppi
·         Network mode : GSM , WCDMA
·         Data services : GPRS, EDGE, HSPA
·         Support band : 2G: GSM 900/1800/1900
3G: WCDMA 2100MHz
·         Key Type : touch keys
·         Phone Size : 144x72x6.9mm
·         Phone Weight : 121g
Hardware parameters
·         Operating system : Android OS 4.2
·         Cores : Quad-Core
·         CPU Model : MediaTek MT6589T
·         CPU frequency : 1536MHz
·         RAM capacity : 2GB
·         ROM capacity : 16GB
·         Memory card : do not support capacity expansion
·         Battery Capacity : 2000mAh
Basic functions
·         Input Method : Sogou input method, HW input method, input information to fly
·         Input Method : Handwriting
·         Call records : has received + missed calls dialed +
·         Contacts : card storage
·         Themes : support skin
·         Electronic Dictionary : Support Youdao Dictionary
SMS (SMS) MMS (MMS) recording function Flight mode scenariosalarm clock function calculator memo calendar calendar function
Product Features
·         GPS Navigation : Built-in GPS , support A-GPS
·         Map software : support high moral navigation
·         Sensor Type : gravity sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor
Gyro electronic compass
·         Camera : Built-in
·         Camera Type : dual cameras (front and rear)
·         Front camera pixels : 5,000,000 pixels
·         Rear camera pixels : 13 million pixels
·         Flash : LED fill light
·         Image size : maximum support 4128 × 3096 pixel photo shoot
·         Video capture : support
Entertainment features
·         Video Player : Support 3GP/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 etc.
·         Audio Player : support MP3/AAC/MIDI/AMR other formats
·         Graphic format : Support JPEG / GIF / BMP and other formats
·         Social applications : Built-in QQ, everyone, happy network, microblogging Tencent
·         Application Features : Youku, Sohu news, i pleasure reading, public comment
Radio eBook
Data Function
·         Bluetooth : Bluetooth support
·         WLAN features : WIFI , WAPI
·         Browser : WAP 2.0 browser support
·         Data interface : Micro USB v2.0
·         Headphone jack : 3.5mm
Wireless AP
Business functions
·         Office tools : support Kingsoft Office
·         Data Backup : Export Phonebook
E-mail World Time
Mobile Phone Accessories
·         Packing list : Host x1
Data cable x1
Headphone x1
Charger x1
Charger x1
x1 phone sets
screen foil x1
x1 battery cover film
screen wipe x1
CD x1
Warranty card x1
Manual x1

Second, the appearance of the presentation
"People rely on clothes horse saddle," excellent industrial design often determines the user's first impression of the product. In just got S960 when the heart wells up out of little surprise, the whole machine work is tough and firm, do not see a screw, compared to the past Lenovo's products has greatly improved, 6.9 mm slim machine body, holding in your hand a kind of comfortable feeling.

 countless people before being tucao lenovo LOGO in this Lenovo S960 who finally becomes small, decorated in the bottom of the handset. Body with a 5.0 inches 1920 × 1080 resolution IPS touch screen, covered with the third generation of Gorilla Glass, take a narrow border approach, in line with current mainstream design.

Lenovo S960 took a screen 2.5D curved design, wrapped around bright silver metal frame, also chrome plated, making the whole body is very sleek, water Lingling. But in this mobile phone was found on the border between the glass and the discovery has serious light leakage and hope that this only happens when the body works, the official release should not have this symptom.

Lenovo S960 front top of the handset, but also integrated speakerphone feature, we can imagine that this loud sound. Both sides of the handset light sensor, proximity sensor, and a 5MP front camera.

Lenovo S960 the power button located on the left side, the right side of the fuselage has been used for the operation of the user lock screen may be slightly accustomed to, key touch more rigid.

 Lenovo volume keys on the right side of the fuselage, key position is more reasonable, the thumb can easily control, key feedback and power key as rigid.

uses a MicroSIM card slot, remove the card slot and less trouble.

Lenovo S960 microusb bottom is the standard interfaces, microUSB interface, next to the microphone, the body followed by three buttons below the set key, HOME key and back key.

body back to take a frosted plastic material, can well prevent fingerprints leaving their traces on the body to take a more curved design fit the palm, 6.9mm body makes the camera slightly raised inevitable, which makes the camera easy to wear.

body thickness contrast. Left Iphone5, body thickness of 7.6mm; intermediate Lenovo S960, body thickness of 6.9mm; right side Iphone4s, body thickness of 9.3mm

weighs only 121g, easy to get comfortable in the hand.

5.0 inch not look bloated, stuffed into a pair of jeans, walking up and no pressure

the system features
Lenovo S960 runs Android 4.2.2 operating system and the latest version of Le desktop. New version of the music on the desktop in the first people to produce a sensory illusion MIUI, compared with the original music desktops, in addition to two menus, operating logic is more concise.

MediaTek MT6589T overall good performance of the system has brought enough fluency. Lenovo S960 also added some more useful features such as: double-call screen, shake the lock screen, black screen unlock, mercury keyboard, etc., the actual experience is also obtained good results. But the system overall impression is still much room for improvement, Lenovo needs to do a lot of things. A lot of good things to learn others serious study to create their own personalized experience.

It is unlock the interface and the main interface, unlock the interface with transparent effect with slightly literary digital clock, making the overall impression is more comfortable. Unlock pull into the main interface, MIUI style more similar to the menu in addition to two more in line with the majority of the user's operating habits.

desktop editing page. Long press the desktop space to enter the edit page, users can add their own small plug required to manage the application icon, add the required number of pages.

desktop settings interface. Click on the menu button in the main interface, can be wallpaper settings, screen management, access to system settings, desktop settings, etc.; desktop settings can be set desktop effects, desktop software update.

theme settings interface. Music theme desktop support replacement, the user enters Theme Settings can replace favorite theme, support online download beautiful themes.

Management and pull-down taskbar. Press the Home key to exhale admin interface, click on the small icon broom a key to clear background process, a single program pulls up to close the program, a single down to lock the program running in the background; taskbar in the drop-down at the top of each function quick start icon, slide to the left there are more choices, top right, click the icon to view all shortcut settings. Used MIUI friend is not on this interface and operation there is a feeling of deja vu it?

Lenovo S960 categorized folders, users can create folders, classification application easy to use. It is worth mentioning that, open the folder, the association also joined as ios7 the zoom function, excessive good results.

System Settings interface is divided into three small interface, common settings, feature settings, system settings. Common settings usually chose some users frequently used settings, can fast turn the corresponding function; feature set, Lenovo added some more practical for small features, such as intelligent answer, no need to click on the screen to answer an incoming call, simply phone to your ear, you can directly answer the phone; Double bright screen, this is a very user-friendly features, simply double-click on the lock screen when you wake up the HOME key to unlock the phone to enter the main interface for large-screen mobile phones, HOME key closer to the finger control area, no longer need to click on the keys to unlock the mobile palm; black unlocked, this feature is what I know to open the wrong way or engineering machine imperfect, tried many times without success once; system settings on the handset within not much to do all the settings described.

Lenovo S960 runs Android 4.2.2 version of the operating system; supports quick search dial contacts, enter the desired phonetic alphabet can find contacts quickly find aside.

Built-in 2GB RAM/16GB ROM, 16GB memory space can basically meet the needs of the average user, but does not support external SD memory card expansion, make some heavy mobile phone users more tangled.

music player. Support local playback and online music, online music song library rich in content, have recommended the album, fine radio stations. Music Settings screen. Users can set the equalizer, download manager, online music, online music supports Internet radio songs. (As for the music recognition feature song probably because the engineering machine's sake, one click led to the collapse of the entire music player exits.)

Music Voice:
Lenovo S960 comes with a happy voice assistant, users can voice control mobile phone, currently only recognizes some of the features in the figure above, the voice recognition rate is more general.

Car navigation:
Lenovo S960 built-in car navigation software, with a high moral map database, because the test version, no database, so no tests. Navigation supports voice control, you can make calls, send text messages, navigation traveling, playing music, user-friendly driving.

the video experience
Watch the video is one of the functions we used, then the following one specific manifestation S960 look up how?
This is the author tested several films, playing software MoBoplayer. As can be seen, Fengyun MTK6589T 720P video or respond properly properly, 1080P, then it is a bit difficult. Sound side, do not know because the earpiece and speaker integrated with sake, a bit thin, not honest.

the camera experience
Lenovo S960 is equipped with a 13 million high-pixel main camera and 500-megapixel front camera, with Lenovo "super camera." Or for us with a good shooting experience, super camera built a variety of shooting modes, as well as a variety of filters to improve the playability of the camera. High pixel front camera, seems to be slowly started to become a mainstream, but it is also a necessity, if the arrival of 4G networks faster, that the front camera is not just only the function of the self-timer. As part of the knowledge of the camera is not enough, not too timid, but the overall feeling is still able to meet the daily needs of the majority of users.

Lenovo S960 main camera interface, top to bottom, left to right: Camera Settings button, front camera switches, LED flash settings, special effects filters set, extended lens settings, photo album, shutter button, video switching. Click to expand inside the lens has a variety of modes to choose from: burst mode, panorama mode, HDR, macro and so on.

Lenovo S960 built-in 24 filter effects to enrich the user's shooting gameplay; settings interface can be set according to the shooting needs resolution, white balance, ISO, GPS location so a variety of options.

Lenovo S960 camera interface, support 1080P video recording, click the Settings button to set the desired shooting options.

Proofs show:
Followed by: HDR photography, macro photography, panoramic photography

panoramic proofs, there are more obvious signs of stitching. Above S960_S109_130802 internal testing system version and not listed models imaging results.

Antutu Benchmark :
Lenovo S960 security Bunny run points, total score: 11770. Better performance out of the MediaTek MT6589T comprehensive level.


Lenovo S960 user market as a product for young, thin and beautiful body line with the general public's aesthetic. Not much in the hardware specifications of the color of the place, but the system is running smoothly, play some big games more smoothly, 1080P display clear, colorful, but slightly dim. 1300 megapixel main camera showed only a moderate level. Overall system optimization there is room for improvement, but has been able to meet the user's daily use. The aircraft is expected to sell in the not yet known, but the contact S960 facing an opponent too much, if any, millet 2S , Meizu mx2 such excellent domestic products, but also to weather the release of the siege of international manufacturers, in order to kill the Red Sea in such a bleeding path, not very easy.

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