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Lenovo Vibe Z also known as Lenovo K910 is a dual sim smartphone that targeted for high end user, the specification is quite impresive. Packed with a Snapdragon 800 CPU clocked at 2.2GHz + 2GB RAM, 13 Megapixels rear camera with F/1.8 aperture and also the baterry has 3050mah capacity.

5.5" Full HD Display with Wide Angle View
Lenovo Vibe Z (K910) has a quite impresive design with silver colored metal frame surrounding it also the phone is slim enough measured at 7.9mm thickness.

In 2013 large display smartphone become a trend with average display size of 5". Lenovo Vibe Z has 5.5" screen display with full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 the ppi is 403. Using the latest generation of IPS panel technology it's bring more wide angle of viewing up to 178 degrees, brightness up to 460nit, high contrast screen, the color is very vivid and gorgeous.

Top of the screen we saw a front camera, its pixel values ​​up to 5 mega pixels, in today's mobile phone industry in a more leading position. Virtual keys below the screen still maintained a Lenovo smartphone consistent design style, in Settings - Display - button lights up menu the user can adjust the time the button is lit the lamp.

Nanometer process imitation fabric panel is very special
Flip the phone back up, Lenovo VIBE  Z design highlights are concentrated here. It uses the association VIBE X same 3D laser engraving imitation fabric texture + nanometer process, hand feels, I feel like most of the cloth, but also quite far looks metallic, this design in other brands of smart phone which is unique.

Meanwhile, the resilience of this back panel of fingerprints and other dirt strong, the author is a relatively easy oil, although many times in two days time playing Lenovo VIBE Z, but almost no traces of fingerprints.

Lower back association VIBE Z is a silver-plated area of the speaker is located in this area. Upper left corner of the design and the Lenovo K900 is quite similar, we saw a 13 million pixel main camera and dual LED flash. While this camera is equipped with a super camera 3.5 features, performance pictures about it later, we will have a detailed description.

Nowadays most of the flagship-level smartphones with a unibody design, the Lenovo VIBE Z as well. By taking the card pin SIM card holder can be removed. We see Lenovo VIBE Z supports WCDMA + GSM dual SIM (otherwise CDMA2000 + GSM dual SIM version), while supporting the double-pass, but it needs attention SIM card specifications for the micro SIM card. Non-removable battery capacity 3050 mAh.

Feature-rich smart somatosensory
Lenovo VIBE  X, like Lenovo VIBE Z equipped with the Android  4.2.2 system, while the built-in Lenovo's new VIBE ROM 1.0 UI. Desktop overall style is fresh, original Clover style has disappeared, all applications are arranged on the desktop.

Click on the menu button, users can phone themes and wallpapers for replacement. Lenovo aspects built a wealth of themes and wallpapers for users to choose, of course, if they can not meet the needs of users, consumers can also be networked through online way to download massive theme wallpaper, I believe you will always have a favorite.

It is worth mentioning that Lenovo VIBE Z rich smart somatosensory function, flagship phone is now increasingly value interactive experience, Lenovo be walking in a leading position in this regard. Tones like pocket maximum, pick up tones weaken these features are alone. I also shot a video to show the association VIBE Z smart somatosensory function.

Mercury keyboard function is inconvenient for large-screen phone controls specifically designed, this feature is turned on, the dial pad tilt angle as the user holds the phone occur. Under the left hand control habits, dials the left-leaning, right under the control dial pad is the right, the consumer does not have to worry about the situation of his hands out of the reach of small dialpad occurred.

Support swinging lock screen and the volume keys lit screen

Feature-rich smart somatosensory

Swinging the lock screen and side buttons bright screen function is also very practical. Only need to gently swinging the phone, you can achieve a black screen, while the side buttons bright screen feature allows the volume keys also have the same power as the key to light up the screen functions.

"Ethereal touch" feature a new floating window on the screen, such as integrated floating window screen brightness, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS fast switching, data, etc., we can add the application to which aspects of fast manipulation phone.

Multi-window feature allows two applications can coexist on the same screen

Lenovo VIBE multi-window feature is also a major feature of the function of Z, this feature is turned on in the settings menu, we can select any two applications on the same screen. For example, select the video side, while select UC browser , so that you can very easily achieve while watching the video side of the Internet.

Lenovo Music Series Application powerful features
Lenovo smartphone music series in association VIBE  has a complete built-in Z. A collection of contemporary popular music stores and popular applications, but also capable of mobile phone applications preinstalled upgrade prompt. Le safe use, the user can always phone the "health" of a "physical", some of the features built inside the tool is also worth mentioning.

Le Applications

A wide range of security features music

Private space to open a secure password after setting the music

Before using these features tools we need to set up a secure password music, set after the completion of these features can be turned on. In the guest mode, contacts, call history and other information are in a hidden state, the user can be assured that lend the phone without having to worry about information leakage. User privacy can be considered a privacy information stored encrypted, and only the correct password to enter the music safe access to this information, to ensure that users of information security.

Lenovo VIBE Z also built a music voice, this is a voice assistant software category, check the weather, flight information and other functions that are able to achieve for us. Bored and even accompanied us to chat boredom children, intelligent beyond your imagination.

Voice music degree of intelligence is evident

a variety of power-saving power-saving mode

Power Saver shows the phone list of the most power-hungry applications, allowing users a glance. While providing up to four power saving modes, including alarm mode after the application close all calls and text messaging network, to achieve the ultimate power.

Lenovo Camera Experience
Lenovo VIBE  Z equipped with a 1 megapixel camera, the camera uses Sony While the latest stacked CMOS, aperture to F/1.8, compared to a small aperture lens into a higher amount of light in the dark light and night shooting scenarios performance is more excellent..

Highlights more than that, While the main camera equipped with a closed-loop motor, compared to ordinary VCM motors, closed loop motor coordination in the large aperture has a higher AF accuracy, while focusing faster, power consumption is relatively Low.

Before Lenovo 3.0 super camera body we have an insight into its strong shooting capabilities, and Lenovo Ultrabook camera 3.5 supports richer shooting modes, the richness of features has even surpassed many consumer-grade digital cameras.

Lenovo VIBE Z support before and after the camera while shooting

Lenovo VIBE Z to shoot up to 4160 x 3120 resolution still images, such as sensitivity, white balance and other parameters can be adjusted. While in the extended lens functions, the panorama, HDR, Super Night and PIP functions are also supported.
Without HDR

With HDR

Lenovo Super Super Night camera 3.5 new features that can enhance the brightness of the night shooting photos, more details in place for the show. PIP function can be achieved before the camera overlay shooting.
Fish eye effect

Shift effect

Scetch effect

Today's camera phones is also increasing emphasis on entertainment and playability, Lenovo VIBE Z built 24 models of creative filters , fully able to meet the family's needs love to shoot. I also try to use some of these filters photographed, photographs greatly enhance playability.

High Image sharpness  / excellent noise control
From the outdoor, indoor, macro and night perspectives on Lenovo VIBE  Z ability to take pictures for a lot of testing. All proofs are shot using auto ISO, auto white balance and exposure compensation 0 shooting photos retain the EXIF information for analysis. Meanwhile, all the proofs were not through post-processing (including any post-intervention color and size adjustments), and interested friends can click to view full size.

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/1.8 ISO Sensitivity: 100  
Exposure time: 1/2057 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/1.8 ISO Sensitivity: 100  
Exposure time: 1/169 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/1.8 ISO Sensitivity: 300  
Exposure time: 1/24 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/1.8 ISO Sensitivity: 100  
Exposure time: 1/50 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/1.8 ISO Sensitivity: 100  
Exposure time: 1/306 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/1.8 ISO Sensitivity: 700  
Exposure time: 1/8 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/1.8 ISO Sensitivity: 500  
Exposure time: 1/22 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Proofs from the actual shooting, we can see that Lenovo VIBE Z outdoors in fine weather photos show amazing sharpness, detail under the original size of the image can be obtained more fully reserved. Ability to inhibit glare interior scenes quite good, the scene can easily create a macro outlook bokeh theme clear situation. In the night shooting scene, because large aperture F/1.8 help, you can see the brightness significantly enhance the photo, on the whole is relatively clean, the noise is more scarce.

Smooth playback of 1080p video
Lenovo VIBE  Z music player built into Baidu online music, the latest and most popular music will not be missed. Function in the settings menu is also very rich, 1-90 minutes sleep mode supports automatic shut player, shake to change songs feature is also available.

Built-in Baidu Music

Adjustable EQ / Sleep Mode Support

Supported music formats, such as ape, flac, ogg, wav formats are supported, such as music playback, you can pull down the notification bar to play the music in fast operation.

Lenovo VIBE Z suspension also supports video playback, click on the upper left corner of the video player interface button, and the floating video can also drag and drop the video window and move the location.

floating video

floating video adjusted position

Snapdragon 800 processors respond to 1080p Full HD video is naturally mention, so I also try to test video playback capability 1080p video with 15 segments, results in the following table.
Red marked should be use MX Player

Full HD video playback

After testing, 15 of 11 video segments can be used to open the native video player, including nine segments smooth, paragraph 2 Caton. Unable to play four sections by means of a third-party video player MX Player can achieve relatively smooth playback.

Lenovo Vibe Z with Snapdragon 800 Benchmark performance / Summary
Performance, Lenovo VIBE  Z built Snapdragon 8974 quad-core processor , Adreno 330 GPU, clocked at up to 2.2GHz, while equipped with 2GB  RAM +16 GB ROM
Snapdragon 800 diagram

Snapdragon 8974 processor belonging Snapdragon 800 series, Snapdragon S4  Pro processor basis, the performance boost of up to 75%, and the process technology to further enhance the 28nm technology node HPm. In the field of multimedia Snapdragon 800 series processors capable of shooting, playback and display UltraHD Ultra HD video.

I use Antutu 4.1 Vellamo browser performance test software and graphics test software 3DMark for Lenovo performance VIBE Z were tested while selecting some of the current market mainstream products to compare performance data, and interested friends may wish to Click (Note: millet phone 3 Nvidia Trgra 4 version).

Antutu Score

Summary: As the latest generation of its flagship model of Lenovo, Lenovo VIBE Z either performance, appearance or internal interaction design, are all indicative of a pioneer, technology, the future of this major advanced concepts. Xiaolong 800 processor performance, no doubt, a 3 megapixel camera + F/1.8 aperture for night shooting big improvement is obvious, rich interactive features and Lenovo's own application for the user's daily life provides a great convenience. I believe Lenovo VIBE Z will be the flagship of the next period of time the phone benchmarking.

1 Snapdragon 800 processor Extreme performance
2 feature rich smart somatosensory
3 large clear aperture 13MP camera imaging

Inadequate: video playback capability needs to be strengthened

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