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TCL idol X + (Also Known As ALCATEL Idol X+) hardware equipped with MT6592 eight-core processor from MediaTek, and frequency soared to the highest in the 2GHz; paired with 2GB  RAM and 16GB ROM, the screen is configured as five inches 1080P IPS screen , a 13-megapixel camera; specially built in audio decoder chip ES9018. Inside the phone there is 2500mAh battery, supporting of dual sim card dual standby network, and also using music frog OS 5 interface.

Three Color To Choose

There are many similarities Appearance of TCL  Idol X + with the previous idol X, but there is slightly different; The TCL idol X + uses three color blue and lemon yellow, as we get the navy, pure white, the sea-blue models with black panels and rear shell with blue, white and pure white color is the pros and cons.

Although the two back cover are came with the same design, but the material are completely different; sea blue models with a matte texture coating, and pure white with coatd glossy paint materials. Such processing also allows a model to the consumer with two completely different feel to choose from.

Sea blue and pure white TCL idol X +
TCL idol X + is still using the 5-inch screen, 1080p resolution with ppi level reached 441. Bezel frame still as before idol X gives very narrow distance, so it is high enough proportion of the screen; at the top of the screen equipped with 2.0 megapixel front camera.

But TCL idol X + virtual "back button" keys still on the far left side, this approach is quite bad, the right-handed users want To touch to the left of the "back button" is still not easy.

Rear Side
As for the rear of the phone there is not much different design, the obvious place is only around the back to make thin to fit the palm of your hand; on the rear there is 13 MP main camera with flash lights and TCL logo . Although it looks on the rear left there is a gap to the front panel, but it is not removable.

Dual speakers with smart wristbands

Slim body is one of the selling point idol X, which is still preserved on the idol X + and slim TCL  Idol X + device comes with built in 2500mAh capacity battery, the upper left and right part of the device has a SIM card slot, it supports microSIM cards.

As for the headphone jack, volume control button and switch these configurations, TCL idol X + basically the same as before the idol X.

The speaker placed at the bottom, with a built-in decoder chip HIFI models, TCL idol X + gives loud optimized output for headphones and dual speaker, there were professional amp amplifier and external speakers As support. Guarantee a double sound.

In addition to phones outside the TCL idol X + in conjunction with the release of accessories is a smart bracelet, called Boom Band; paired with the phone at the same time, it can play incoming SMS alerts and other functions, and in terms of personal health Monitoring can also play a role in movement and monitoring of sleep, we will detail their interconnection later.

Lewa OS Android 4.2 Based

TCL  Idol X + abandoned before their own based on Android  4.2 operating system customized UI, to carry the depth of customization Le Frog OS; So over the past few square icon, unified into a rounded rectangle Le Frog OS default theme style icon, lock Prior to the main screen and the screen is also different from and more biased in favor of the native Android system.

If the basic functionality with other OS is not much difference, then this "bird's eye view screen" Le Frog OS interface is fairly special place among the comparison; its slide from the main screen to the right and pull out, you can achieve a background program management, systems Flow Quick View, and other power-saving mode and the alarm quickly open the system a key optimization and flashlight functions.

Especially on the left side of the back-end application management capabilities, in addition to a key emptied them, you can also slide the lock icon to the right of the application do not let it be removed from the memory, or slide to the left icon to delete them one by one.

Of course, in order to highlight personalization, a third-party OS themes are generally very rich, TCL idol X + among music frog OS5 also provides a wealth of online theme, "Xpress" for a more detailed meet your wallpaper, fonts, etc. by Item customization needs.

TCL idol X + also provides a security center such protection, but the exterior looks functional modules is not much more significant is that the virus protection and spam cleaning, security, blocking, respectively, for viruses, junk files and spam SMS phone for protection or excluded.

In addition to music with frogs OS also has a super power-saving features, the principle is very simple, that is to close some unimportant or not commonly used WLAN, Bluetooth and other hardware and software; according to the system predicts that we measured at a charge under Probably the available time is 11 hours, but after power-saving mode, the available time is about 17 hours.

Multimedia, TCL idol X + as equipped MT6592 platform, so the platform with Clear Motion display function, you can put 15/30 fps video frame rate 60fps automatic octave to play, make video smoother, clearer picture, moving pictures without blurring, no jitter.

Top decoder + HIFI system professional amp

In the sense of hearing, idol X + and even built a top Hi-Fi decoder chip - ES9018, while using Nautilus side speakers and a sound professional amp with Maxim 9720, four times higher than the perfect sound CD's can provide users with to extraordinary music to enjoy.

But at the same time the music player can not support online music is a pity.

Here we follow the convention to 1080p HD video with paragraph 15 of the TCL  Idol X + decoding capabilities to be a simple test, tests show the native decoder for MPG, RMVB support is not good, most of the other format is basically no pressure through.

15 format of 1080p video test results

A 13-megapixel camera photo proofs

As before, TCL  Idol X + is still using a 13 million pixel camera, built-in closed loop vibration motor lens focusing system to provide rapid focus only 13 milliseconds; Moreover the application of the body's internal gyroscope to achieve stabilization features to This to ensure the screen is clear and stable.

Let's take a look at TCL idol X + proofs performance, due to time reasons, daytime outdoor proofs needed later to add.

You can see the TCL idol X + + this 13 million-pixel imaging f/2.0 aperture combination is satisfactory, indoor debut proofs color performance is good, a few outdoor proofs significantly brighten the screen brightness, glare control comparison place, just slightly more noise.

MT6592 platform to resolve the highest frequency

TCL  Idol X + is the biggest selling point from the true eight-core MT6592 processor, and before the release of several 1.7GHz frequency different from the eight-core platform products, TCL idol X + for the first time mentioned the frequency 2GHz, and therefore the performance has also been relatively significant response. MT6592 based on 28nm process technology, with eight ARM Cortex- A7  CPU, and can run simultaneously, a single CPU core clock speed up to reach 2.0GHz.

In addition, MediaTek MT6592 processor also integrates a Mali-450 MP4 graphics processing unit, clocked at up to 700MHz, Fengyun belong Utgard GPU architecture, according to ARM claims that its performance is twice the previous generation Mali-400 MP4 is, however, Mali-450 MP4 still belongs to a low-end mobile GPU, its performance and the best current Adreno 330 is not a small gap.

According to generally test our site, TCL idol X + running at 30,823 points, with a conference call at around 32000 roughly close; due to the reason engineering machine, there is room for improvement in the scores.

Performance Testing and Evaluation Summary

Finally, by convention we use Antutu , Vellamo and 3DMark respectively TCL  Idol X + overall performance, network performance and graphics performance to be a simple test.

Ice Storm mode can not run, so the only Ice Storm Extreme term results

Intelligent Partners  TCL  Boom Band wristbands

In the pre-release attention idol X +, while a lot of people have been claiming that the site will be synchronized launch smart wearable devices attractive. Microblogging among good men, "Zeng Yin" is also a blueprint, the wrist bracelet to wear blue has a clear TCL LOGO. Combined with earlier Baidu 's dulife just released Boom Band bracelet, many people have speculated that the Internet giant TCL smart wearable product launch is this bracelet.
TCL & Dulife smartphone rings

Smart Phone is very Compact and seamless host can Effectively Waterproof Design

Wrist band with the theme of a combination of design, the need to charge separation operation

Sure the conference site in the introduction, after idol X +, TCL cooperation with dulife bracelet officially unveiled, and before we guess no different. The wristbands support waterproof function, using materials made Phiten, and has white, blue, yellow, pink and rose pink this elegant five different colors. Although the site claims that in the early TCL idol X + and matching bracelet will be sold, and the positioning of 1,999 yuan according to staff. But dulife site which saw the price of this bracelet price alone is 399 yuan, a result more idol X + price.

Wrist band with the theme of a combination of design, the need to charge separation operation

Alone sells for 399 yuan

It should be noted that TCL & dulife smart bracelet is not picture them as one structure, which uses a separate host and wristband design, interactive and mobile phone Internet host is a small black bars, the overall effect is seamless, not display numbers or text messages, but you can achieve the effect of vibration and flashing lights to inform the user of appropriate action tips and charging status. Host also does not have any buttons, but support surface Double-click operation, to be able to automatically echoes the phone into sleep mode.

Boom Band Mobile Internet trial resolved

TCL  Idol X + phone which has built dulife application, users need to connect when you first open the phone Bluetooth, and smart wristbands require more than 60% of the electricity, and then follow the prompts to complete the interconnection. After entering an account you can register or login in order wristbands can accumulate more accurate your data.

And the need to open the Bluetooth phone connection

In terms of functionality smart wristbands to support healthy pedometer, edit the bracelet worn on the wrist, either brisk walking or jogging or sprints etc, can be synchronized in time out corresponding data in the phone dulife interface which let you know yourself more clearly the movement is how many steps and how many calories consumed to walk many kilometers. While another features a sleep mode, you can at night, by wearing your wrist bracelet, accurately determine and record the quiet sleep, stand up, briefly waking and other sleep state, and ultimately give you precise feedback sleep improvement plan based on these states.

Two health pedometer and sleep function

Also in the setting in which there are "remind me" option, it is also among the smart phone by the completion of the bracelet and interactive. For example, anti-lost figure, when the bracelet with the phone apart 10.75m, wristbands will be reminded three times shorter shock. And you can also add contacts to set reminder calls, when the phone when a call is incoming, wristbands will be reminded of six continuous vibration. Of course all of these these also have to be able to share them Weibo or circle of friends through a key.

Useful Reminder / Double-click bracelet ENTER Surface Phone will Automatically mute to Sleep

Wearable devices are very popular this year, it's not just the kind of thing or large equipment, as well as such small accessories like bracelets. Worn on the wrist by the body's movements, which can be synchronized with the mobile phone application detects the appropriate action, which in turn gives the user more precise and practical services.

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