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At first glance Huawei glory 3C and the "enemy" red rice phone looks similar the overall design of square angular. Slightly hand? No, although the angular design, but back to the body frame with a curved arc design, it does not feel there will be slightly hand.

Huawei glory 3C Body Size of 139.5 * 71.4 * 9.2mm, due to the Design of the Fuselage on both sides of the back Folded, so it does Not seem as thick imagined 9mm. Includes Battery Weighs 140 grams, the Phone Dian Dian still Relatively light. Working on the use of Magnesium Materials Aviation Aluminum frame, frame Magnesium Alloy Front shell and Integrated Molding, but to put on the sentence, the Fuselage frame and cover the gap Slightly Wider, Relatively easy to get into Ash.

720p screen resolution and more brightness than the red rice
Huawei has been Not on the Screen resolution "me TOO" vendors, Huawei released this year Mate , Huawei P6 and Huawei Glory 3 is Not used in Mainstream 1080p Screen, Huawei glory 3C Same. 5 inches 1280 * 720 resolution in this Figure is now smart phones Seems to be some "non-Mainstream" Flavor in the Circle, but with Yu Chengdong saying, "720p and 1080p Screen to the Naked Eye can see what is the Difference?"

Screen Visual Effects in FACT this is very Desirable, under normal use Almost from the existence of a Pixel see Particles. entry. Meanwhile OGS full Lamination Technology makes this More translucent Screen display is as particularly Realistic Effect.

In this Part of the Screen Color display with Huawei glory author Also 3C and red Rice phones Come Zhongguancun Online Testing Center SHOT Conducted under a black light. By the Size of the Two Screens, I think we can distinguish Between Two phones, you can see the Huawei Glory 3C compare the performance of the three primary colors accurately, colors more rich, but in the green test chart when shooting seemingly appeared moiré.

The upper right corner of the screen is a 5 megapixel Camera, the bottom is three virtual keys. But a place to tucao is Not even Equipped with the virtual keys Backlight, so at night when the Phone operator May be Slightly inconvenient. By the way, the same is not equipped with red rice phone button backlight.

Button layout, Huawei glory 3C and red Rice Phone Surprisingly consistent. Volume keys and Power button on the right Side of the Fuselage is Almost Not changed, and the Top and bottom of the Headphone Jack USB interface is Also just changed a bit to the Left and right.

Class paint handling / slim design battery
Came back, we found that the Traditional "HUAWEI" and Daisy logo is Gone, REPLACED by the glory of "honor" logo, which is the Huawei Glory Brands Operate Independently logo. Of Course, I Believe that Consumers will be able to see it or touch it up with Huawei.

8-megapixel main Camera

Back Overall Design simple, using a Texture Paint Design Class, but Relatively easy to leave Fingerprints. The Lower Left corner is the Location of the Speaker, and in the back we see the Top of a 8 Mega Pixel Camera and Flash.

Personally, I still PREFER the Design of the REAR cover can be opened, although Unibody Design has More and More. Huawei Glory 3C is used to Open the back cover and a Removable Battery Design. Open the back cover we see that Because of its use of the unique C-type board Design, so the shape of the Special Battery is quite elongated Strip Also, the Capacity of 2300 mAh. The Evaluation supports TD-SCDMA + GSM Network standard, Dual Micro SIM Card slot, while the right Side Provides a Micro  SD Card slot, supports up to 32GB of Expanded Storage space.

New Emotion UI 2.0 First Experience
The author is itself Huawei cell phone users, and therefore feeling Emotion UI is good. This time, Huawei glory 3C equipped with a new Emotion UI 2.0, a lot compared to the previous version of the modified icons and themes design, we take a look.

Prior to the launch of Huawei's Mobile Phone They use a Similar Native Android  4.0 Annular Screen Unlock, although Quick Access to specified functions, but I saw a Lot still Feel a bit Tired. Huawei Glory 3 C Way to Unlock a Lot of Fashion, Portrait paddling unlock the screen directly, while in the lock screen can also be pulled out to pull down the notification bar.

Desktop wallpaper can be timed to replace

Flattening icon has Become a Trend, Emotion UI 2.0 icon Design Also Followed this Trend. Click on the menu button to the Desktop at a time interval to Automatically Switch Certain wallpapers, Eliminating the need to manually Update the Trouble, but on the Screen Transition Effects have windmills, pushing and other special effects.

Easy Desktop

It is worth mentioning that the Emotion UI 2.0 adds "Easy Desktop" selected, the Desktop will Keep some of the functions of the Basic Phone, while a large Size, light Colors Similar to the Windows  Phone system, Magnetic Stickers Show the form. I think this is actually similar to the kind of "old model", after all, many of the older mobile phone users have presbyopia, the font is too small to read, and usually really inconvenient to use.

Although only a thousand Machines, but still supports intelligent Huawei glory 3C somatosensory operation, of Course, on a Relatively small Number of Features: Flip mute and Shake align Desktop icons, but Also a very practical SENSE of the Body to Operate.

Smart somatosensory / one-handed control mode

Huawei Glory 3C 5-inch screen is not really just giant screen, but it still provides support for one-handed mode position dials, and other input methods are set to enter the arrow, clicking on the keyboard will automatically shift to a side for easy input.

Concise of Huawei 's own application
Huawei Glory 3C built some of Huawei's own applications, application market (Newell cloud) which built the massive application of various categories, but also prompts the user to time the phone has been installed program updates. Mobile housekeeper functions is quite rich, mobile phones accelerated space bleaching allows users phone is no longer regularly Caton, power management built into the three power saving modes: Intelligent power-saving, long standby and normal power, users can Choose the actual situation.

Newell cloud / mobile butler

Virus killing / three power modes

Voice assistant is also a more practical procedure, check what the weather will not have to search the Internet, and say a word to get. Of course, if there is saying you can tease Xianxin fun children, it reacts fairly intelligent.

Quite intelligent voice assistant

Of course, in addition to Huawei's own applications, as some users usually used mobile QQ, weather, Sina Weibo guiding spirit, also has pre-installed, pre fewer overall program, the user will not take up too much storage space.

Native Browser Test

Also in the native browser testing session, open environment in WIFI Zhongguancun online faster, flash can fully display, Youku online video playback is very smooth.

Independent Metering / 360 panoramic photography
In Huawei Glory 3C on the conference, Yu Chengdong also carried out a number of camera length introduction. Like the screen resolution as Huawei Glory 3 C on camera pixels are not hurricane, instead of using a 800-megapixel setting. Although the pixel value is not high, but Sony's second-generation back-illuminated CMOS sensor + large aperture F/2.0 is still able to provide some assurance of image quality. Meanwhile Huawei glory 3C better use of translucent glass lenses and double-sided antireflective film + anti-fingerprint film three lens coating process.

Huawei Glory 3C camera interface

Metering dark dark sky

Changing the metering area to enhance the brightness of the dark

On Camera, Huawei glory 3C's Performance is quite good. Independent Metering can be Said to be a Major Highlight, by Moving the Location Metering Area, you can control the Exposure of the Whole picture, and will appear overexposed or Not Insufficient.

360 degree panorama mode proofs

No HDR mode

HDR mode (note the picture brightness changes)

360 degree Panorama mode Enables shooting without dead ends, from the Point of View Proofs and no Obvious signs of stitching. HDR Function to Detail the Performance of a Relatively dark significant role, but REMAIN sound Camera can record a voice while taking pictures.

Camera Photo Sample
The next part is the actual proofs show the following proofs have not been post-processing, and interested friends may wish to click on view full size.

By Proofs can be seen, the normal mode into glory 3C some Slight over-Exposure outdoors, of Course, you can Fine-Tune the Metering Area to resolve. Ability to suppress glare interior Scenes still, MOST Recently Focusing Distance of 4cm when shooting macro photography is very Effective. But the Overall Focus slower, Easier to shoot Film Paste, users need to Pay Attention when using it.

Perfect support for 1080p video
Next is a Multimedia test, first Look at the Audio PORTION. Huawei Glory 3C can be the perfect Support for Mainstream music Formats (AAC, APE, FLAC, OGG, and WAV). Huawei's music Player interface Followed a consistent Style and Support DTS sound , and can Support 1-120 minute Sleep mode. Drop-down menu for Quick manipulation of music playback.

DTS audio support

Sleep Mode / pulldown notification bar quick manipulation

Test video link is still using 15 Sections of full HD video Zhongguancun Online Testing Center for testing, the results Surprising. In Addition to a video no sound, a video can Not Fast forward and rewind Addition, Huawei Glory 3 C 13 Segments perfect Support full HD video playback, the performance can be described as stunning.

1080p video test results

1080p video test results

Summary: red rice biggest rival
I believe a lot of attention to performance also Huawei glory 3C users concerned about aspects of our evaluation of the Huawei Glory 3 C using the recently released MediaTek MT6582 quad-core processor, built-in 2GB  RAM +8 GB ROM, clocked at 1.3GHz .

MediaTek MT6582 quad-core processors based on 28-nanometer process technology, with a quad-core ARM Cortex  A7 architecture, clocked at 1.3GHz, integrates a Mali-400MP graphics processing unit that supports 8000000/1 3000000 pixel high-definition camera, support 720p resolution screen, the other for the first time MediaTek MT6582 TD-SCDMA and WCDMA dual-mode single-chip integrated in the same.

Of course, the light enumerated parameter obviously do not have much convincing, here we are with the actual running of the data to see how the performance of Huawei glory 3C, and with red rice phone comparison. Emphasize again that Huawei glory 3C of this test is 2GB RAM version.

From a practical point of view the results of running sub Huawei glory 3C performance and red rice basic phone at the same level, not only security Bunny is almost the same run of results, and the results Vellamo browser testing is also very similar.

Summary:. Thousands phones has Always been the MOST Competitive battlefield, before the Release of red Rice Phone with Outstanding value for Money in firmly gripped thousand Machines imperial throne . But Clearly, it encountered Since the Birth of the Strongest Opponents - Huawei Glory 3C In the Evaluation, we can see the Screen Huawei glory 3C, Performance and Other aspects of the Phone to be red Slightly better compared to Rice, which will undoubtedly intensify Competition thousand Machine Market. But no matter who wins, for Consumers, this is a good thing , after all, more options for consumers to have a room that can be selected.
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