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THL candied fruit phone very rapid development momentum in recent years, along with its product line gradually enriched, whole candied fruit THL mobile phone brands have become more and more mature. She was about to end, the eight-core Throughout 2014 and is definitely worthy of the self-popular keywords, and earlier exposure THL T100S Iron Man is an organic combination of the two together, today, this The new THL T100S Iron Man has reached ZOL evaluation center, then let's take a look at how the aircraft strength in the end.

THL T100S Iron Man modeling two very simple, and keep a generation of angular characteristics of the T100S Iron Man King, which has a majority of THL Mobile candied fruit contrasts, and the machine compared to the previous generation, the whole line is more tough, to people with a clean, neat feeling.

THL T100S Iron Man front with a three-stage design, although the upper and lower parts of the space occupied by relatively small, but the actual visual effect does not seem to make a positive monotonic machine, adds a certain sense of design. In the top of the screen, a 1 megapixel front camera is very prominent, there is a more detailed interpretation of the earpiece and light sensor settings + from more conventional special evaluation on this later in the. In the bottom of the screen, THL T100S Iron Man has三枚touch buttons, respectively menu key, Home key, back key.

THL T100S Iron Man uses a 5-inch IPS screen, the screen resolution of 1080P level, the pixel density of up to 441PPI, and fit with a full OGS technology, whether it is the fineness of the screen, or the permeability of the screen are very Yes, viewing angle, color reproduction and screen brightness are also traditional strengths IPS screen. It is worth mentioning that, THL T100S Iron Man uses the third-generation Corning Gorilla Glass, even better use of the screen has a protective effect in everyday environments.

THL T100S Iron Man also uses the back of a very simple design style, the whole machine back shell with a matte texture, feels very good, very delicate, somewhat similar to the kind of skin coat effect, the anti-skid , feel and visual effects are very good.

In the details section, above THL Monkey King back are getting an 13 megapixel main camera, the bottom is LED flash, the camera has a certain part of the settlement can effectively protect the camera from being scratched, candied fruit in the middle of the THL Mobile 's logo, the lower back is the brand's interpretation of THL candied fruit, the lower left corner is a speaker.

THL T100S Iron Man around the body design is very characteristic, with the top of the top of the fuselage with a grid Obscure patterns, textures and visual effects are good, but the aircraft MicroUSB interface on top of the fuselage slightly inconvenient, I think it is more convenient at the bottom. On the left side are the volume keys on the right side of the fuselage is the power button, power button feedback is good, right and left sides of the fuselage also have some curvature, improved comfort when gripping.

Open the back shell, we can see THL Monkey 2 fuselage interior design is very neat, the upper part with two SIM card slot and a Micro SD card slot, it supports TD-SCDMA + GSM dual network cards dual standby function, and can also be used in foreign countries WCDMA networks. It is noteworthy that the machine card 1 using conventional SIM card, using a MicroSD card 2 card, also known as the small card slot on the side of the metal contacts NFC coil. THL Monkey 2 uses a 2700 mA battery when the volume is small and does not increase the thickness of the body, in this context, apparently to provide more effective protection for the life of the aircraft during 2700 mA.

THL candied fruit phones have been using the system until the jelly beans, although a good performance in terms of user experience and user-friendly, but the UI is still some lack of its own characteristics, recognizable be improved. But the author of this and Iron Man "close contact" only to find the machine UI interface look, it was because Iron Man jelly beans equipped with a new system, not only on the operating experience even better, and UI interface is also more style.

The new system UI style jelly beans

The biggest change in the new system than to change its Jelly Bean UI interface, THL Monkey King 2 icons are designed with a rounded rectangle, and the icon of the four sides also have a certain arc, looks "fat" very cute, this design style and Ubuntu  Mobile is somewhat similar, but richer color jelly beans system looks more visual impact.

More colors added to the visual impact of a stronger

Although the new system to maintain the materialized Jelly Bean design style, but the whole icon and interface are very simple, and does not make people feel cluttered, and the whole style is very uniform color jelly beans systems, visual effects, looks very comfortable. The new system eliminates the application of jelly beans drawer design, all applications on the home page, which makes the entire menu structure is more simple logic clearer.

UI design more humane

Slip on the home page to the left or press the Home key will enter the program management interface, the user interface can not only clean up the daemon can view the data flow, the remaining power, alarm management and other operations, highlighting humanity. In addition, the drop-down menu functions jelly beans and more powerful system, the switch interface, users can manage many functions, and also can adjust.

Built-in support for feature-rich replacement theme

The new system compared to the past for Jelly Bean has a very huge change, this change is not just the UI, the entire interactive experience, the new jelly beans have a more excellent system performance and user-friendly and functional are very powerful, for Iron Man, the emergence of the new system also allows the machine jelly beans have a more comprehensive upgrade.

In the camera is definitely Iron Man where the highlight had to say, the machine uses a dual a 3 megapixel camera, luxury features, and to note that, whether it is front or main camera, the aircraft are used the Sony IMX135 sensor stack, aperture have reached f/2.0, and have adopted the 5P glass lens and blue filters, the ability to deal with complex light better.

Monkey King II viewfinder interface

Support "Chasing focus" feature

On camera interface, Iron Man more minimalist, at the top of the screen you can select the camera mode, the camera can switch the bottom right corner of the screen, adjust the flash, etc., at the bottom of the camera and the camera shutter, the lower left corner is a set menu in the menu Options can be adjusted quite rich. Focus speed and performance as well as focusing accuracy is satisfactory.

When the self-timer can be adjusted rich options

When the self-timer, Iron Man pictures can be turned voice, when the user says "pictures" or "eggplant" when the camera will automatically take pictures, you do not have to click the camera button, and after open beauty mode, the settings page Users can also adjust the level of their own beauty, giving users the freedom is still high.

Skin effect is obvious and very natural

First, let us look at self proofs, proofs from the front of the camera, we can see that, because the use of reason Sony IMX135 sensor stack, Iron Man is not just pulled pixels so simple, whether it is quality or the details of expression, the aircraft has a very high standard.

Iron Man because the use of stack sensor and large aperture f/2.0, so the amount of light and the overall picture still has a good performance. In the rear camera proofs we can see, the details of the entire scene, the performance of the texture are in place for the control of light and shadow is relatively good, and true color reproduction, visual senses is good.

In macro terms, Iron Man also showed good strength, because of the large aperture sake, bokeh capacity is still quite good, focusing accuracy is satisfactory. In terms of THL night Monkey 2 seems quite satisfactory, sometimes in the dark light may appear diagonally allowed the situation, but it may also be because of engineering machines, hope has been optimized in the official version, but stacked camera and a large aperture brings advantages are obvious, clear layering of the entire screen, and the screen brightness high, in fact, high-speed shutter can maintain picture detail.

On the hardware side, Iron Man can be said to be very powerful, the machine uses a MediaTek MT6592 recently introduced eight-core processor, which uses the Cortex- A7 architecture, clocked at 1.7GHz, supports eight cores simultaneously work, the processor also integrates a graphics processor Mali-450MP4 performance should not be overlooked.

Although Iron Man can not be said MT6592 first test, but Iron Man is indeed one of the first release of several equipped with MediaTek MT6592 products, so this model still has extraordinary significance, since this model strength so strong, and also joined the ClearMotion technology (enhanced video fluency), we must have curiosity compared to its multimedia capabilities, then the author is ready to test the machine's strength in terms of how multimedia.

In the video, the author of the standard 15-segment 1080P video copy to Iron Man, during playback, because there are individual video encoding and other issues need to use a third-party player to normal play, but all the videos and fluency screen performance is very good, fast forward, rewind, and drag the progress bar and other operations are no Caton phenomenon, with 5-inch 1080P screen machine, the visual effect is satisfactory.

Players can specify a separate folder

Fresh interface style EQ adjustment support

In addition, I also Iron Man tested the audio side, the test I would aac, mp3, ogg, wav, ape and flac total of six kinds of audio file formats Kaoru THL Monkey King 2. After testing machine supports all six kinds of audio formats and is worth one, THL Monkey player 2 is very user-friendly when you first open the music will prompt the user to confirm the folder, which is really very thoughtful consideration.

CPU performance tests -


CPU-Z is a well-known computer terminal detection software, which is able to detect the name of the main CPU, code, core voltage, process, cache, bus speed, socket type, and so forth, and later joined on the motherboard, memory , graphics and other information detection feature, is a very comprehensive PC hardware detection software to enable users to clearly understand the situation of their own computer hardware.

Comprehensive Performance Testing -

AnTuTu Benchmark

Super Rabbit System Evaluation AnTuTu Benchmark is a dedicated to the Android system, mobile phone , tablet PC hardware running of the software, it can run a full test of a key project, through memory performance, CPU integer performance, CPU floating point performance, 2D, 3D graphics performance Database I / O, SD card read, write speed and many other performance tests, and make the overall score and individual performance of the hardware of the phone. Meanwhile upload scores and view the device in the world ranking.

GPU graphics test -


Futuremark 3DMark was originally introduced in the PC graphics performance of a dedicated measurement software, but with the change of version, 3DMark has been gradually transformed into a measure of the overall performance of the software, in the minds of fans is to establish a benchmark test image. February 2013, following the 3DMark 11, a new generation of products to "3DMark" blockbuster debut this retro name, in addition to the Windows platform, but also added a new applied Android, iOS and Windows RT three versions. 3DMark desktop platforms, there are three different load scenarios, which is designed for high-end products based on DirectX11 graphics design FireStrike, supports DirectX10 hardware CloudGate mainstream and entry-level devices to create DirectX9 IceStorm. In the Android version of the iOS version, only IceStorm a scenario.

Browser Testing -


Vellamo is Qualcomm (Qualcomm) developed a benchmark application (like Neocore), which lets you phone browser performance and stability tests, including performance as Java script, rendering, networking and user interface. The results of this tool also includes a number of children, but we just take the total score, the higher the score indicates higher degree of optimization for mobile phone browsers, Web browsing experience better.

Vellamo as a mobile web Ruler tool, has now expanded to include two major modules. HTML5 mobile module can be used to evaluate the performance of a web browser, while the CPU module can Metal mobile processor subsystem performance measurements. Click on the test suite that is used, convenient, sub-module management, Vellamo can scroll zoom, 3D graphics, video, performance, memory read bandwidth for peak performance, and many other aspects to be evaluated.

Summary :
Compared to a generation Monkey King , Iron Man can be said to have greatly improved, although the camera remains a dual 1 3 million pixels , but added stacked photosensitive elements allowed on quality has been greatly improved , and in this era of emphasis on the self, 13 million pixel front camera stacked undoubtedly have a very strong strength.

On the other hand, MediaTek MT6592 performance is satisfactory in terms of the strength of the new revision of jelly beans system also allows users to have a more excellent experience. Throughout all aspects of product configurations are very balanced, it can be said Iron Man in all respects with good strength, the overall cost is very high.

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