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iOcean X8 Review : iOcean X8 is an effort just launched this year, this machine is the main design and exquisite workmanship, it is just a release from the X8, I have been concerned about, two days before the official forum fortunate to be X8 tasting local friends , have to say, I did just get the machine to give it a stunning, double-sided glass with metal frame in the end there where it amazing? With the view of it. Man of few words said, now let diagram.

iOcean X8 is equipped with 5.7 inches of OGS 1080P full lamination screen, and combine three generations of Corning Gorilla glass, not only in the sun can get a better display, but the screen is more wear-resistant draw more compression. Get real machine really put me and my little partner shocked, like interest rates next screen too, almost the entire front panel with integrated screen, black is very thorough, Is this the legendary screen aesthetic interest.

Light up the screen, font color permeability is very high, thanks to 1080P resolution and full fit screen fonts pictures show a little feeling of floating on the screen to look very comfortable seductive.

Side is aluminum-magnesium alloy metal frame, that is strong and looks pretty generous, great texture.
Only SIM card slot on the left, it looks very simple, SIM card slot is a Micro sim slot, one Nano sim slot

The right is the volume keys and power button, power key positions just thumb can easily press that switch the screen is quite easy, the keys feel very soft and comfortable, cut very fine, and very closely with the border.

3.5MM headphone jack is at the top

The bottom is the power connector and MIC hole, also on the bottom of the loud speaker

The back is 13MP camera and a full glass cover, looks quite beautiful, crystal clear. Back shell with a material having said that the gorilla glass panel, very strong resistance to scratches, looks quite beautiful, and feel very good, the disadvantage is relatively easy to leave fingerprints.

Let me feel: feel extremely comfortable! How a comfortable method? I do not really describe it! Is holding a handy!

5.7 inches screen, you'll definitely want to issue one-hand operation. Because of the official system, the system is almost native Android 4.2, not after the operation and use of optimization. I, as a 1 meter tall and 8, square men's weight 100KG, the one-handed operation a bit strenuous. You bigger than my hand, it should be competent with one hand! But most people still do not think a one-hand operation.

The 1080P screen DPI 480, although not the best! But also considered in the upper reaches of the! Viewing angles are also very good.

page text zoom 100% restore a true DPI screen performance is very good, but I have this machine inside there is a white screen. Later issues will gather to organize into a post, so that everyone with the official view. Five, running and all kinds of evaluation software.

X8 selection MTK6592 eight-core chip clocked at 1.7G, now up to eight cores using homemade chips! Red rice note enhanced version, Cool Great God / god of F1, Jin Elife, glory 3X so many are using this CPU. Under 16G +2 G memory combinations (32G it would have been good?), Then various software bombing, 2GRAM is already a standard, right? Let's quickly disappearing 1G it! 16G of memory is enough for me, everyday use. Network standard of WCDMA / GSM, no 4G, no mobile 3G, my city of Shenyang, mobile 4G signal has full coverage, but I chose China Unicom 3G. A very simple reason ...... speed enough for everyday use, the package is too expensive to move. . . . That's a bit more on the evaluation of various software chart:
The following is a screenshot Antutu Benchmark.
system without making any treatment, directly run of the proceeds!

video playback capability. In this test, there is 720P, 1080P, 2160P, 4K, 3D, there are about a different rate in different formats to test! The purpose of the test is just to study what can be achieved X8 level playing ability! Play software testing using Mxplayer, Andrews used all know it! Play hard time solutions and software solutions. Hardware solution can not be played when the need to use software solution. In daily life, there is no download 1080P movies every day who look at it? Handset memory is also too much ah ~ ~ directly on the map on a video recording of video is not very good, is intended to allow everyone to see the play, fast forward, rewind, load, switch the video when fluency. Limited, please generosity!
First video:

Video playback capabilities Summary: iOcean X8 competent enough ability to play all types of everyday life video files

Sound quality is great room for improvement. . . . After all the questions individually tested open stickers, first recorded it.

game performance.
The test Tencent game game has universal World War II aircraft, cool running every day, every day for Speed.
There are two fairly large game: 2K14 and Urban GT 8 video input text in Chengdu 6 affirmed here, the need to re-upload the modified video, do not get up again. Originally also tested dungeon 3, Spiderman HD, and several other large game Need 13. Since the tragedy, I put the camera's memory card (video tests are on the inside) to toss lost. . . . Before testing the video is not in the game up too much space rom, are deleted. . On temporary measure several bars. . My memory card ah. . . . . . . .
Let me talk about the problems encountered in the game:
1: Touch delay. Originally did not play the game not found, the test finished only to find the problem. Evaluation of the first game game World War II aircraft, completely exposing the touch delay this issue. This should be a system problem, should be able to solve. After previously licensed note2 friend is the problem, and brush the bottom package rom solved. This will wait for the official to resolve it.
2: Game Caton: This issue only cool running every day. . Cards death. . I play will be prompted to enter a smooth mode.
See video below: insert a word: hate ads, please search video ad filter guru! Computer watching video artifact ah. Accounting for less memory, but also to skip most ads, always look at what's Youku potatoes loaded one. Small Braille avoid advertising suspects!

The ability to sum ​​up the game: probably because of the system, there is a small part of the game situation Caton. There are reasons for the delay in touch, the impact of the experience of the game. Big game run without pressure, are able to run perfectly, only two major video games, tested probably more than 10 big game. Urban GT 6 (instead of 8) The reason is probably because the resolution, the display is not perfect. Other new, updated the game almost perfect run, but also very smooth. Official attention to what I hope to optimize the system! The touch-screen delay this issue resolved as soon as possible.

phone evaluation purpose is to inform you that the most simple way to shoot the best photo, X8 truly macro function, long press the screen He can track the motion picture image, the picture will not be timely vague tremor, simple operation is the phone's advantages, lifelike picture, other phones can do it? (The flowers of their own lies, without any added, but unfortunately the photo quality is compressed)

I first participated in a similar evaluation activities, I was from a consumer's point of view, to show consumers that other features of the phone phone said 1000-10000, are nothing more than communication and photographs, this two main functions, a lot of people do not understand its list and there is no necessary data, not as good as, and true reflection of the value in use of mobile phones, angles may be different. I am a consumer, I am on your side.

iOcean X8 excellent industrial design and production processes, so that it gives the feeling of a very calm atmosphere in appearance. OGS 5.7 inches large screen, ultra-narrow frame design, slim 7.7mm thickness, let X8 amplified exquisite beauty. This really surprised X8 received, although the engineering machine, but the work is very satisfactory, as no previous X7 various cracks of various leakage concerns iOcean also has more than a year, really feel that they have been in progress.
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