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Jiayu S2 Review

For smart phone , the user's requirements has always been straightforward, no matter what kind of appearance, a few basic configuration seems to be the bottom line when the user selects a cell phone. Screen, processor, camera, these factors determine the user evaluation of a mobile phone, but also determines the positioning of a mobile phone in the market. Jiayu S2 is perhaps the needs of users for several major launch of a high-performance smart phone products, from hardware, it is difficult to see what it has deficiencies, "a mainstream configuration smartphone" seems to be our The first impression of this product.
Today came ZO L Mobile Communications Division, Jiayu S2 in the overall size has a very good size to get started, five inches 1080p display that meets user needs for a detail of the screen, users can meet the most simple one-hand operation request. S2 gives the feel Jiayu is still very good, it is also very visually metallic exterior design is quite easy way out.

5 inches 1080p screen Jiayu S2

Jiayu S2 in the overall size has a very good size to get started, five inches 1080p display that meets user needs for a detail of the screen, users can meet the most simple one-hand operation request. S2 gives the feel Jiayu is still very good, it is also very visually metallic exterior design is quite easy way out.

Jiayu S2 Specification :

screen size : 5 inches
screen resolution : 1920x1080 pixels
Screen technology : ning Gorilla Glass, OGS full lamination technology
Network Type Dual SIM
3G Network WCDMA, 2G GSM
Operating system : Android OS 4.2
Number of cores : True eight-core
CPU Model : MediaTek MT6592
CPU frequency : 1741MHz
RAM capacity : 2GB
ROM capacity : 32GB
Battery capacity : 2000mAh
Camera Type    Dual cameras (front and rear)
Rear camera    : 13 Mega pixel
Front camera : 8 Mega pixels
Phone Size    139x67.5x6mm
Body Material    Metal body

Other hardware configuration, Jiayu S2 are still impeccable. For most valued partner for small hardware, 1.7GHz eight-core processor clocked MT6592 is still very attractive. The phone is also divided into high version of the standard version and the two versions, the standard version is equipped with 1GB  RAM and 16GB of storage space body, high version is equipped with 2GB RAM and 32GB of storage space body. For love taking pictures of my sister who, front 8 Mega pixel camera you use self-sufficient, the rear of the 13 million pixel main camera is now the mainstream smartphone camera configuration. When 2000 mA battery in response to high-intensity use does have some reluctance, ordinary, everyday operations can still insist on the day

Slim Alluminium Body Design

Here we take a look at the design of this product, the front five inches 1080p display occupies most of the space, the space reserved for the top and bottom of the screen is still relatively narrow, so cameras, sensors, etc. The design is also more compact. Top of the screen you can see the mobile phone handset with 8 million pixel front camera, later on we will also test their self-expression to some.

8MP Front Camera

Bottom of the screen are three Android buttons

5-inch screen is actually a sort of a small size, screen size, unlike the hundreds of 6 inches or more of those products so rich, but not five inches below the product so stretched. So some people like to put the screen Android buttons, some people like to keep these three buttons below the screen to stay secure. Jiayu S2 uses a form most users loved, still the key design in the bottom of the screen, the screen itself does not take up space, but also from the body size, the location is also three buttons with the thumb can touch us the location, or better operation.

Headphone jack and take card pin on the left side of the device

Buttons and two SIM card slots are on the right side of the device

The right side of the card slot can be removed by taking the needle

From just 6 mm thick body side we can see Jiayu S2 uses a stainless steel frame, not only feel superior, but also adds a stylish texture. And the phone's internal device frame, buttons also are stainless steel, not only solid body, it also brings good cooling performance. Very interesting thing Jiayu S2 will also be placed in the headphone jack side of the device, and will take the card pin design became headphones stuffed style. However, when the user uses headphones to listen to music, the headphones plug into what should go, is really a problem, I do not know there is no Jiayu for the headphones in the headphone plug online to find a resting-place.

Design top and bottom of the device is actually relatively routine, here we do not do too much, simply show it. Since the slot and buttons are designed in the side of the device, so the top is very smooth, without any interface or button design. The bottom is relatively conventional, is Jiayu S2 data interface and call the microphone, while charging the use of mobile phones there is no obstacle.

No buttons on top of the device or interface

You can see the bottom of the microphone and call data interface

Jiayu S2 rear of the device is still the same metal design is exactly the same as using a stainless steel frame and the rear casing. Conform to the back of the phone and now the fashion trends, conduct three-division, the overall look is very simple, the design is very appealing form.

Metal body shell after

13-megapixel main camera

Speakers at the bottom of the shell

While the front camera has reached 8 million pixels , but the Jiayu S2 main camera is still relatively mainstream with a 13 million-pixel standard. Of course, such a pixel level for everyday shooting is already more than enough. You can see the back of the central Jiayu handset 's logo, the bottom of the bottom right of this phone is the speaker. Jiayu S2 with integrated design and therefore can not remove the rear cover and battery, so for the phone's internal structure and design, we now see it.

Gesture / Suspension Button Features
Next we look at the interface, Jiayu S2 's UI although a certain degree of icon redraw, but the basic mode of operation with the native Android difference is not great. The phone is equipped with Android 4.2.2 system to support a separate application and widget interface, which also forms the interface to unlock more traditional.

Jiayu S2 main screen and unlock screen

Left slide to unlock screen widgets can be added, can be directly photographed right slide

Applications and widgets are still single interface

Unlock interface support our Jiayu S2 or sliding around in a different screen to add widgets or directly into the corresponding application interface. Of course, add support to unlock the interface widgets type is still limited, but the slide to the right into the camera's speed but added quickly, or when you need to quickly capture can play a role. Application interface to be switched by sliding around, but will add applications or widgets to the main screen still requires a long way by adding the application menu. In fact, this way when we first come into contact with the more common Android device, but now it do not get to see such a mode of operation of the vintage.

There may be a floating window open button at the top of the screen suspended

Video / audio can be suspended as a small window

Usually in a phone's settings menu, we can see the point of this phone is its own features, Jiayu S2 suspension added to the phone button will appear on the screen after you open an interface has been suspended in the top of the button, point We can then open the video, music or inbox as a small floating window on the main screen, as a common mode of operation is very fast and convenient.

Gesture sensing allows you to operate the phone without touching

Jiayu S2 also provides users with a gesture mode of operation, but is limited to only the most basic and down, or left and right waving to operate. We can gallery, music player, camera, etc. The application comes with the phone to operate this function to achieve the same purpose as we add more channels, the user according to their preferences to decide whether to use enough. For example, when we do not want to eat greasy hands touched the phone, to answer the phone by gestures is very convenient.

Jiayu S2 camera interface screenshots

Photographs should be said that Jiayu S2 flagship of a strengths, 8,000,000 pixel front camera with 1 megapixel main camera, looks can be considered biased mainstream hardware level on it. Especially in this phone 's rear camera uses a Panasonic CMOS sensor, with 5P lenses, blue film filters, wide-angle lens has a large aperture F/2.2, the effect of shooting better.

Jiayu S2 preset a few simple filters

13 million pixel main camera, face recognition

In fact, you can see the Jiayu S2 is not too much to change on the camera, which preserves the native Android filters and a variety of setup options. Also supports face recognition and tracking focus. When taking pictures as long as we press for focus, the camera will automatically focus for us to complete the chase.

Jiayu S2 Self proofs and beauty options

Basically every time I show proofs will first say, "Because the weather in Beijing because of the color proofs looks relatively bleak", but it really is the fact that the weather for outdoor performance or proofs had a great impact. Overall Jiayu S2 outdoor proofs restore our basic human eye can see the scene, although a bit gloomy but it really is true. Indoor proofs part of Jiayu S2 color representation is very natural, not over bright, the same scenes were compared to the actual height reduction. Minimum focusing distance macro aspects of Jiayu S2 is probably about 6 cm, bokeh obvious, pat plants and flowers in this season is still very appropriate. We may as well say that after the last pre-self-performance 8-megapixel clarity fact is beyond doubt, but one of the beauty mode function is relatively simple, can adjust the color and degree of skin resurfacing, and open the relative beauty model speed camera will be slightly affected if this part can be optimized more in place better

Users are most concerned about the large screen than the phone 's multimedia performance, we still used by the evaluation section 15 paragraph 6 1080p video and audio test, look Jiayu S2 in particular in the face of these fairly common audio and video formats . Of course, in this respect, it mainly depends on Jiayu S2 comes with its own multimedia player for various formats are supported, if the user needs to install a third-party player.

Jiayu S2 video player interface

Jiayu S2 video playback (yellow part requires a third-party player software solution)

As we mentioned in the previous section describes the UI, like Jiayu S2 video player can be suspended as a small window at the top of the main screen, and full-screen playback in the form of common and there is no problem. In the test, we can see that the Jiayu S2 comes with the player is able to support most video formats, but MPG, RMVB and MKV format or partially through a third-party player software solution to smooth playback, otherwise there will be an audio missing or video phenomenon. Of course, this should be for the user and not a big problem, after all, most users have their own love with a player, even if additional downloads are not too much trouble.

Jiayu S2 music player interface screenshots, can pull down the notification bar shortcuts

Jiayu S2 audio setup options

Audio, mp3 Jiayu S2 can support us used in the test, ape, m4a, flac, ogg and wav audio format of these six, but the function itself is not too many players that can support Android native comes with sound regulation , a good album cover display settings, but unfortunately when we play music, do not appear to unlock the interface is the music player widget, Jiayu S2 itself does not support the music player widget is fixed as the unlock screen the. Of its supported formats, we did not make too much need to download additional music player, Jiayu S2 comes with the player has been able to respond to most of us may be downloaded to the audio format.

Finally, run points of view, this evaluation we used the high version Jiayu S2 , in addition to five inches 1080p display, 1.7GHz eight-core processor clocked MT6589, is also equipped with 2GB  RAM and 32GB of storage space body. From the performance, Jiayu S2 MT6592 eight-core processor or strong enough, and the specific run of performance, we can look at the screenshot below.

CPU-Z detected phone information

Run of test items, the first look at AnTuTu test results. AnTuTu Benchmark is dedicated to the Android mobile phone system, Tablet PC hardware running of the software, it can run a full test of a key project, through memory performance, CPU integer performance, CPU floating point performance, 2D, 3D graphics performance database I / O, SD card read and write speed and a number of performance tests, and make the score as a whole and the individual performance of the hardware of the phone, while upload scores and see the equipment in the world ranking.

Good run of 25,274 Jiayu S2 AnTuTu

Futuremark 3DMark company was originally launched a dedicated PC platform graphics performance measurement software, establish a benchmark test image enthusiast. February 2013, a new generation 3DMark addition to the traditional Windows platform, added a new Android, iOS and Windows RT version three mobile platforms to achieve a cross-platform test comparison.

3DMARK test results

Android and iOS version of 3DMark by IceStorm two load scenarios with IceStorm Extreme graphics processing capability of the device to be tested, each scene by two animated test GPU graphics processing power, while an animation rendering capabilities to detect physical CPU's, GPU graphics test a larger proportion of the total score.

Vellamo is Qualcomm (Qualcomm) developed a benchmark application (like Neocore), which lets you phone browser performance and stability tests, including performance as Java script, rendering, networking and user interface. The results of this tool also includes a number of children, but we just take the total score, the higher the score indicates higher degree of optimization for mobile phone browsers, Web browsing experience better.

VELLAMO test results

Vellamo as a mobile web Ruler tool, has now expanded to include two major modules. HTML5 mobile module can be used to evaluate the performance of a web browser, while the CPU module can Metal mobile processor subsystem performance measurements. Click on the test suite that is used, convenient, sub-module management, Vellamo can scroll zoom, 3D graphics, video, performance, memory read bandwidth for peak performance, and many other aspects to be evaluated.


Jiayu S2 from the configuration, in fact, nothing critical, with thousands in his early priced this configuration can be considered affordable in fact, coupled with the gestures and other features, which can be considered a highlight. UI and other aspects of its software, but still worthy of the optimization and upgrading of the place, but we still used for evaluation of engineering machine, so we can have the retail version of the final listing of more expectations. For most users, a limited budget, Jiayu S2 can be considered a good choice.
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