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Closer look at the current smart phone market, the homogeneity problem is intensified in the monotony of the industrial scene, how to win the favor of consumers and the market has become a smart phone manufacturers urgent problem. Faced with this problem, the association once again gives the answer, S850 appear peach pink with a touch of sparkle to allow consumers to illuminate their hearts.

Lenovo launched recently introduced self artifact S850 smartphones, its slim, stylish design aesthetic, speed and smooth operation experience, professional powerful camera directed at urban women user groups. Difficult to see the face of increasingly serious homogenization, the smart phone market segments become straw vendors seek to differentiate and target groups, etc. Watch product strategy is also increasingly apparent.

Today, the smartphone is Lenovo S850 visiting YORK mobile channel, which is a touch of peach pink sparkling under what kind of hidden strength, but also let us go and see.

Extreme 8.2mm slim design
Lenovo S850 designed to highlight the features produced specifically for women, pretty pink peach color so that women seductive, SAN FRANCISCO girls have said that the machine is very beautiful, people have the desire to buy.

Lenovo S850 device equipped with a 5-inch IPS HD screen resolution of 720p level, display fine, pleasant, whether micro-Bo or watching movies, women can give users a good experience. Top of the screen, with a voice handset, 500w front camera and sensors arranged in turn, has a fine hole handset baffle, listen not only give users a clear effect, can effectively prevent dust entering the body, located below the earpiece lenovo logo highlighting the phone for the wealthy. Bottom of the screen are three keys Lenovo traditional touch buttons, from left to right are for the menu, home and return the keys, in line with the mainstream Android phone key way, no change bad habits also changed phone experience.

Turn to the back of the phone, peach pink color Lenovo S850 to female users is quite shocking, meet the definition of female mobile phone. Lenovo S850 cambered crystal glass backplane design, more fit hand in hand, for the small hands of female users can provide better sense of grip. In the arc of glass surface, with a layer of electroplated coating mirror effect, the layer can let the phone in the sun like a pearl effect micro-color, very pretty eyes. Back left corner, with 1300w pixel rear camera with LED fill light, the girl who loves the camera is the best choice. Backplane Central, LENOVO's Logo is very shiny, but it also has a little secret. In normal use, the logo showing a silver mirror effect, if at the time of charging, the Logo that is transformed into a 一枚 charging tips breathing light can shine while charging, this design is the association for the first time used in the phone's features.

Side, Lenovo S850 edging design using electroplating, metal powder in the pan in color, soft phones to bring some tough and personality. Interface, the top has a 3.5mm headphone jack and micro-USB port, SIM card slot and the left speaker to the right of the power button and volume buttons at the bottom of the call mic. The right of the power button to allow users to more quickly distinguish the keys, and the design of a recess, the finger can very quickly find the power button and switch screen operation.

Qian Zhi Bai Women Charm exclusive theme

Operating system is Lenovo S850 different from Lenovo's other smart phones rosy place the product, its charm Bai Qian Zhi theme allows users to see at a glance which is designed for women to create exclusive fashion phone.

Lenovo Lenovo S850 using VIBE ROM 1.5 operating system, which based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat depth optimized operating system, Lenovo adopted earlier signs Clover UI, even more fresh and smooth. For VIBE ROM I believe we are not unfamiliar, including Lenovo VIBE Z, Legend Gold fighter S8 models, including a number of best-selling phones using this operating system, in the previous review , we have them too in-depth reports.

Lenovo S850 lock screen and home

Lenovo S850 VIBE ROM based on the initial depth is performed again on the landscaping, not only will the clock weather became cosmetics creative design style, which takes to build into the system icon Bai charm Xianzhi style, each one application corresponds a Xianzhi painting, quite female taste.

Lenovo S850 Features

In addition to the aesthetics of a significant landscaping, operating experience Lenovo S850 still under the foot effort . Lenovo VIBE ROM drawer canceled the traditional program design, all programs will be displayed directly on the desktop, greatly reducing the complexity of the operation. In the Settings menu, Lenovo S850 also simplifies the design of VIBE ROM previous three-page menu, retaining only the setting system settings and features to facilitate female users.

Lenovo S850 menu settings

Four nuclear waste refuse Speed ​​Performance

Designed specifically for women as a smart phone , Lenovo has not as S850 with mainstream thousand machines MediaTek MTK MT6592 true eight-core processor, but use a more conservative MT6582 quad-core processor. After all, for female users, performance is not the primary factor in the purchase of mobile phones, many people the concept of the number of processor cores are also in the ignorant state, as long as the appearance of good, strong photographs can be completely accepted.

Lenovo S850 system parameters

MediaTek MT6582 is in the third quarter of 2013 improved processor, such as Lenovo's A850, S930 and other smart phones are used Fengyun quad-core processor as the power source. Lenovo S850 inside the device Fengyun MT6582 processor based on 28nm process design, using ARMv7L instruction set, built-in four Cortex-A7 processor, running at up to 1.3GHz. In terms of performance than the previous generation thousand Yuan major force MT6589 strong on the phone a lot.

In order to reflect the association S850 impartial authenticity can we help of several performance evaluation software for Lenovo S850 actual test (test results for reference).

An evaluation AnTuTu Benchmark Bunny System is a specialized system for Android phones, Tablet PC hardware running of the software, it can run a full test of a key project, through memory performance, CPU integer performance, CPU floating point performance, 2D, 3D graphics performance, database I / O, SD card read, write speed and many other performance tests, and make the overall score and individual performance of the hardware of the phone. Meanwhile upload scores and view the device in the world ranking. In theory the higher the score, the stronger the said properties. Lenovo S850 system evaluation after security Bunny got 17,673 points, though, and true eight-core, but the phone is still at the same level the first column.

Vellamo is a web benchmarks, it can very comprehensive web browsing capabilities of the strength of the test equipment, including web rendering capabilities, and so many loading speed test, is a more professional software. Lenovo S850 after Vellamo test, HTML5 score 1577, METAL score 617.

In addition to web browsing outside, watching videos and playing games I believe we also frequently used functions. NenaMark2 provides hardware acceleration test is a professional software that can test the phone's graphics capabilities. Lenovo S850 test results for 55.2fps, enough to support the female players to see videos, play games.

Performance of waste has become one of the players a hot topic in recent years, whether PC or smart phone, have generally emerged performance wastage. Lenovo S850 was selected MT6582 MT6592 quad-core processor instead of eight-core processors, one for showing the attitude that it does not follow the crowd, the other is to ensure that the performance is not wasted, quad-core processor has enough users.

5MP Selfie Camera

Self love beauty since ancient times, pictures can be described as female users of smart phones and even the largest single demand, many women in the purchase of a cell phone user can ignore performance, regardless of experience , but make sure to take pictures powerful. Lenovo S850 as an urban fashion for women to create a smart phone, the camera experience naturally not neglect, followed by pre-set 13 million pixels and 5-megapixel camera combination is sufficient to reflect its sincerity lies. Meanwhile, with the Lenovo exclusive super camera to take pictures and voice application technologies, making Lenovo S850 has an excellent camera experience.

Lenovo S850 camera interface

Lenovo S850 is 13MP rear camera support, including normal facial beautification, best photographs, panorama camera exposure compensation, PIP, self-timer and macro other eight camera mode, allowing users to freely take pictures of each face environments and scenarios. In PIP mode, the user can use the rear camera separately and front camera shooting background with PIP, the system will automatically stitched together two photos. In macro mode, the user can use the phone to normal state can not shoot to shoot macro images.

Lenovo S850 eight kinds of camera mode

Lenovo S850 PIP mode

More specifically, the Lenovo S850 camera features a built-in voice-activated when the user switches to the front camera, voice-activated camera to open, just shouted "eggplant" or "pictures" and the password, Lenovo S850 will automatically take the picture directly address many pressing the shutter button because the point of the problem caused by the camera.

Voice camera

Of course, most women are not concerned about the user to use the camera so many different models, we only care about the beauty of the basic functions. Here, we invited YORK digital editing help with camera test exactly how beauty effect, or the need to speak against the real force.

Lenovo S850 Selfie proofs

While Lenovo S850 camera beauty and beauty is not as level as other beauty set the phone, but the actual effect of beauty, Lenovo S850's self is still very good, face often appear yellowish, lines, acne, etc. A perfect resolve the problem, the goddess of the self-sufficient competent artifact.

Enjoy smooth video experience with ease

If the self is a woman smart phone users are most concerned about is the most commonly used functions, the video can definitely came in second overall. If you are careful enough, you can easily find on the subway, bus, there is a large number of movies, dramas, variety shows enthusiasts, which which went mostly female users. It is undeniable, videos, games and other recreational activities have become an integral part of many users daily, a number of mobile phone users are not likely to take a few phone calls a day, receive a few messages, but it will spend a lot of time on the phone pastime on.

In theory testing phase, Lenovo S850 get results fairly passable, but the performance appraisal can not just stay in the theoretical stage, how the actual performance of the Lenovo S850, is the question we are most concerned about. Here, we select the number of segments encoding format 1080p full HD video clips were on Lenovo S850 turns playing test results with some reference nature.

 Video playback test shots

From the test results, relying solely on Lenovo S850 comes with the system players will be able to a variety of formats to encode full HD video playback, and playback fluency is very impressive, enough to support the daily entertainment.


In smart phones growing homogenization of today, seek product differentiation is a priority, in this context, the Lenovo S850 emerged. Lock the target population, the specific needs directly, Lenovo S850 with its slim, stylish design aesthetic, speed and smooth operation experience , professional powerful camera and many other advantages captured the urban fashion female users of consumer psychology. For female consumers, Lenovo S850 appeared also adds a touch of color for a living, peach pink color brisk enough to make you become the focus of everyone's attention in the crowd
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