Xiaomi Mi 4 Review

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Xiaomi Mi 4 Review
At 14:00 on July 22nd, 2014, Xiaomi 2014 annual conference held at the Beijing National Convention Center, this conference Xiaomi total number of new releases, but the most interesting or Xiaomi whole new generation models - Xiaomi phone 4, in fact, before the conference, Xiaomi nor escape by playing a little mysterious invitation, this piece of austenitic 304 stainless steel is also really let our body material Xiaomi phone 4 have more expectations, Zhongguancun online mobile phone division has received this model, now let us take a look at the Xiaomi phone style 4 bar.

In fact, although Xiaomi attention has not been lost on other competitors, but from Xiaomi 3 start, one of their biggest competitive Xiaomi phone - price is becoming less bright, and Xiaomi and Qualcomm aspects of starting cooperation seems to have encountered some obstacles, which will undoubtedly make significant decline in the attractiveness of the product itself, so that the Xiaomi phone 4 for Xiaomi itself also has great significance.

From the outside, Xiaomi phone 4 (hereinafter referred to as Xiaomi Mi 4) still did not escape the traces of imitation, the whole design of the device and the device contour are associated with iPhone has a high degree of similarity. In fact, from a piece of steel conference invitations, we can estimate the body size of Xiaomi Mi 4, although the entire body is smaller than 3 meters smaller circle, but because the border narrowed a lot, so the screen size does not change .

Ultra-narrow border design

Xiaomi Mi 4 uses a 5-inch IPS screen, the screen resolution is still maintained at 1080P level, probably did not rush to adopt 2K-level screen depending on the size and cost considerations, the screen supplier is still familiar to us "old friend" Sharp / JDI, the entire color performance and visual effects still has a good performance, and because of the size of the control in the 5 inches, so the PPI still reached 445, sophistication also be guaranteed.

Three touch buttons at the bottom of the pattern varies

In detail, Xiaomi accounted for four of the entire screen is still very high, both sides of the border around the screen is relatively narrow, the width of the entire body is 67.5 mm, and Xiaomi Mi 4 on the border with the chamfered design, see together with the iPhone is very similar, but in the field of PPT in Xiaomi Lei Jun also take with iPhone 4  4S were compared. Xiaomi three touch buttons 4 was changed before the red rice Note design style, and it is worth mentioning that, Xiaomi Mi 4 is no longer a panda color, white and black colors to white models panel also white.

Before Xiaomi Mi 4 has not yet officially released, because the invitations piece of austenitic 304 steel's sake, people have speculated Xiaomi Mi 4 will use the metal back cover, but in fact not the case, only the entire body of Xiaomi Mi 4 in the box with a metal material, while the back cover with a grating pattern, the entire back cover has some curvature, grip still acceptable.

Xiaomi Mi 4 on the back of a certain curvature

A 13 million pixel camera

Xiaomi familiar logo below

In the details section, the top four on the back of Xiaomi is一a 13 million pixel camera, equipped with LED flash, and the position of the camera back to a central, Xiaomi logo on the lower position is still back in the device. It is noteworthy, Xiaomi four from Xiaomi three double flash and flash back to a single design.

Top of the device is an infrared interface headphone jack

The bottom is a speaker and a microUSB port

Xiaomi side of the four can be said to fully reflect the location of the piece of steel that is in the box, we can see the Xiaomi four device frame is very straight, canceled the curvature of the design, and the combination of both at the front and rear panels with a chamfer design, it also allows the machine adds a little texture. To be honest just from the point of view of the device frame and Xiaomi four really nice, texture is also very good, but I personally back against the design is not very fond of, this would require a matter of opinion.

Volume key and power key

SIM card slot on the left side of the device

Slot is metal material

9V 1. 2A fast charger

Xiaomi device top 4 has a 3.5 mm headphone jack as well as an infrared module, supports a variety of devices remote control functions, while the left at the bottom of the device is a microUSB port on the right is the speaker hole array microphone which should also be hidden in . On the left side of the device above the SIM card slot, while the right side of the device is the volume keys and power button, power button, and the key feedback process still has a good feel. Xiaomi Mi 4 with a small m 3 , as does support memory card expansion, remove the rear cover such tools you need to borrow sucker. In the battery Xiaomi Mi 4 with a lithium-ion polymer battery 3080 mA when, it is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi standard charger 9V 1.2A output support, can effectively improve the charging efficiency, from the point of view PPT conference Xiaomi Mi 4 should be to support Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology.

August 16, 2013 MIUI V5 officially released, as opposed to previous versions, it will undoubtedly have a reborn MIUI V5 change, either from the UI design, user experience is still a considerable degree of completion of satisfactory performance. But unfortunately that is the MIUI 6 (the conference has identified the name) 4 released together and not with the Xiaomi, we need to wait until August 16 to formally meet with it

MIUI V5 4 of a certain change

MIUI version is indeed high

We got on Xiaomi four evaluation machine is still equipped with MIUI V5 version of the operating system, version of MIUI 4.7.21, based on Android  4.4.3 version of the system customization, it should still be the latest MIUI V5 system, in fact, for it is our familiar, and in UI design, ease of use and the degree of localization considerations has indeed reached a very good level. So I do not much go into details here, and interested friends can look at this " speed significantly improved Xiaomi 2S brush MIUI Android version 4.4 V5 "

MIUI V5 System Interface

Xiaomi remote control and security center

Although this conference did not officially released MIUI 6, but we also saw some on MIUI 6 features, such as if in full-screen games or watching videos state if a call comes in, MIUI 6 conference will be reminded in the notification bar instead of immediately as before switching to full-screen interface.

Yellow Xiaomi more feature-rich (Quoted from Xiaomi official)

Visualization menu

MIUI 6 will be released on August 16 (quoted from Xiaomi official)

In addition, the added visual menu allows the user to dial the service number when you do not have a lot of waiting voice message, in accordance with the actual situation, saving 10 seconds is not a problem, it really is a very intimate functions. Of course, step outside Di Xiaomi and Xiaomi strategic investment Yellow Pages telephone help is also important to mention, Xiaomi Yellow Pages Support phone recharge, express queries, booking, on behalf of driving, registration and other services, and does not require installation, and free WIFI and the numbers marked function also can help us solve a lot of trouble thing in everyday life, as the last six MIUI other changes we will have to wait until August 16 to unveiled.

In the photo, Xiaomi Mi 4 +1 with a 8,000,000 3,000,000 pixels dual camera combination, front camera uses a Sony IMX219, 5P lens group and F1.8 large aperture, with a 80-degree wide-angle design. While 13 million pixel camera uses a Sony IMX214 stacked camera, using the 6P lens, aperture reached F1.8, and support for hardware-level real-time HDR and 4K video recording. On the parameter still looks current top level, let's take a look at how the actual performance of Xiaomi Mi 4.

Xiaomi Mi 4 little change camera interface

Dynamic tracking AF function

You can quickly adjust the exposure compensation

At the press conference, Lei Jun Xiaomi specially emphasized the startup speed and focus speed camera 4, in actual use, although I did not use a stopwatch to measure, but the actual experience indeed is relatively fast, it is useful to capture it. In addition, Xiaomi Mi 4 also supports High Dynamic Intelligent Flash, dynamic recovery coke and after the first camera focus function, the relative Xiaomi three terms on the performance of the function is more powerful. As for the dynamic recovery coke, speed and focus speed camera starts and so has demonstrated in the video.





Real shot in the outdoor proofs, we can see four or Xiaomi overall performance worthy of recognition, the entire white balance and color performance is satisfactory, which in many carrying IMX214 stack type camera models have been verified, In indoor scenes, Xiaomi performance 4 is also good color reproduction and white balance performance is satisfactory, the details of the reduction is relatively in place.



In macro terms, because Xiaomi Mi 4 While 13 million pixel camera with a large F1.8 aperture, so bokeh's performance is amazing, shallow depth of field also allows users to easily highlight the subject, it is worth mentioning that when shooting macro proofs Xiaomi focusing speed is really satisfactory, focus the success rate is not bad. In the night, the performance of four, although Xiaomi did not give us too many surprises, but also in line with IMX214 level, whether it is noise suppression or for screen brightness controls are worthy of recognition.

Xiaomi Mi 4 uses a 5-inch 1080P screen, although there is not much change in the general specifications of the screen, and the screen size is not increased, but the video test we are still to be carried out, and believe that most current users will still choose to use Mobile view videos.

Video playlist

Video playback Screenshot

In the test, I chose the 15 segments of different formats 1080P video playback one by one, after the actual test, with only a need to use a third-party video player to play outside, all are capable of very smooth video playback. And Xiaomi Mi 4 video software has extensive online resources, which for those who like to watch TV or movies users very practical.

4K video without pressure

And I also intended to be used to test 4K video processor performance 4 Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi 4 in the test can be no pressure to play 4K video, and no Caton, dropped frames and other phenomena, even if progress is also reflected directly adjust very quickly, which also verified Xiaolong 801's strength.

Music player interface

Equally rich online resources

In addition, I also tested for Xiaomi four audio side, the author will mp3, wav, ape, flac, ogg and aac format audio copy to six Xiaomi Mi 4, after the actual playback test, the six formats All audio files are compatible and MIUI music and Baidu music collaboration, we can use this application to listen to a wealth of online music.

In the hardware configuration, Xiaomi Mi 4 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor speeds up to 2.5Ghz, with a Krait 300 architecture, 28-nanometer process, integrated Adreno 330 graphics processor, and equipped with 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM, although Xiaomi four in the hardware configuration of the previous episode's no aura, with the configuration of competing products very much, but we have to deny Xiaomi Mi 4 is still the most powerful hardware level, then let along "pro, run a sub it!. "


CPU-Z is a well-known computer terminal detection software, which is able to detect the name of the main CPU, code, core voltage, process, cache, bus speed, socket type, and so forth, and later joined the motherboard, memory , graphics and other information detection feature, is a very comprehensive end computer hardware detection software to enable users to clearly understand the situation of their own computer hardware.

CPU-Z screenshot

Antutu Benchmark
Super Rabbit System Evaluation AnTuTu Benchmark is a dedicated to the Android mobile phone system, Tablet PC hardware running points of software, it can run a full test of a key project, through memory performance, CPU integer performance, CPU floating point performance, 2D, 3D graphics performance Database I / O, SD card read, write speed and many other performance tests, and make the score as a whole and the individual performance of the hardware of the phone. Meanwhile upload scores and view the device's ranking in the world.

Antutu Benchmark 4.5

Antutu Benchmark 5

GPU graphics tests - 3DMark
Futuremark's 3DMark was originally launched on the PC side of a specialized graphics performance measurement software, but with the release of the change, 3DMark has gradually transformed into a measure of the overall performance of the software, in the hearts of enthusiasts is to establish a benchmark test image. In February 2013, following the 3DMark 11, a new generation of products to "3DMark" the retro name blockbuster debut, in addition to the Windows platform, but also added a new applied Android, iOS and Windows RT three versions. 3DMark desktop platform, there are three different load scenarios, including DirectX11 graphics card designed specifically for high-end products based on the design of FireStrike, supports DirectX10 hardware CloudGate mainstream and entry-level devices to create DirectX9 IceStorm. In the Android version of the iOS version, only IceStorm one kind of scenario.

3DMark GPU graphics tests score

Browser Test - Vellamo
Vellamo from Qualcomm (Qualcomm) developed a benchmark application (similar to Neocore), which lets you mobile browser performance and stability testing, including as Java script performance, rendering, networking and user interface. The results of this tool also includes a plurality of sub-items, but we just take the total score, the higher the score indicates higher degree of optimization for mobile phone browsers, Web browsing experience better.

Vellamo Score

Vellamo as a mobile web Ruler tool, and now has been extended to include two main modules. HTML5 module can be used to evaluate the performance of a mobile web browser, the CPU module can Metal mobile processor subsystem performance measurements. Click on the test suite that is used, convenient, sub-module management, Vellamo can scroll zoom, 3D graphics, video performance, memory read bandwidth peak performance and many other aspects to be evaluated.

Summary :

The Xiaomi phone 4 is no longer focused on the performance and run-thirds, the more playing the look, feel, design and other elements, but we still see the Xiaomi is currently still did not escape the shadow of imitation, put aside this Xiaomi four issues aside and not as class-leading rivals in the hardware as in the past, so much more like Xiaomi four Xiaomi 3 S. Although the performance of four of objective performance worthy of Xiaomi, work and raise a lot of texture indeed, but expect it to rice Xiaomi Mi 4 does not seem so perfect.

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