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ZTE Nubia Z7 Max Review

Basic Configuration
Recently nubia officially released a new Z7 series, bringing Nubia Z7, Nubia Z7 Max and nubia Z7 mini three models. Three models biggest feature is support for dual card and 4G / 3G full Netcom, as well as stunning shooting stars and the Milky Way can be a powerful ability to take pictures. nubia Z7 is equipped with 2K screen and the flagship of all top-level configuration, and Nubia Z7 mini places high cost 1,499 yuan to get a lot of attention, then the 1999 yuan of Nubia Z7 Max exactly what this model attractive features and functions it ? Let us work together to uncover the mystery.

Configuration, nubia Z7 Max equipped and nubia Z7 same screen size of 5.5 inches, but the resolution of 1080P. Built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974AC) quad-core processor, clocked at up to 2.5GHz. With 2GB RAM and 32GB of storage space body, can support memory card expansion. 13 million pixels rear +500 pixel front camera, built-in battery is 3100mAh. Also supports dual card dual standby, TD-LTE / FDD-LTE / TD-SCDMA / WCDMA / CDMA / GSM support all standard. Priced at 1999 yuan.

Nubia Z7 Max Specification
Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974AC) quad-core 2.5GHZ
Support 32GB memory card expansion
5.5 inches 1080P resolution Sharp screen CGS technology, New Mode2 wide viewing angle technology
13 MP Rear ( Sony IMX214 , f/2.0 aperture) + 5 MP Front
Operating system
Based on Android 4.3 custom nubia UI 2.0
SIM card type
Dual card slots Micro SIM card
3100mAh non-removable
Network standard
Size & Weight
152.7x76x8.7mm 160g
Selling price
1999 yuan

Body Appearance
Exterior view, nubia Z7 Max and nubia Z7 is quite similar, the same 5.5-inch screen size. But nubia Z7 uses 2K resolution screen, and the use of metal frame integrated design that looks great on the higher. The protagonist of this evaluation nubia Z7 Max then go the civilian route of the high price, the price of 1999 yuan powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 13 million-pixel camera, 5.5 inches large screen, as well as to the power of 4G dual card full Netcom, it can be said that the release of three new machines, nubia Z7 Max users have a very big attraction. Here we take a look at how its body design.

Nubia Z7 Max continues the most prominent feature of nubia, is the iconic red circle, which is the home key. In addition, the fuselage is almost no difference between nubia Z7, very much alike. Front cover 5.5 inches of screen, although one-handed operation a bit difficult, but one-handed mode of adding or better solution to this problem. Also take 160g of body weight is also quite a sense of weight in your hand.

Top body design

Body button design

Nubia Z7 Max positive all-black design, the relatively narrow around the border, while the upper and lower part is a bit lenient. Small red circle is still eye-catching addition to respiratory effects, still in the lock screen to unlock added ripples ripple design, more pleasing than the previous product.

Body back

The bottom of the fuselage

The back of the class skin designed plastic cover, feel good, compared to lacquer personally prefer the back cover of this material. If positive, like nubia Z7, so the back is magnified nubia Z7 mini. The position of the camera is quite appropriate, can not easily be obscured fingers, and there are no bumps.

13 mega pixel camera

Camera with 13 million pixels camera, Sony's latest 2nd generation IMX214 sensor, equipped with F2.0 large aperture five separate lenses, the entire camera module with nubia Z7 is almost the same, but the lack of optical image stabilization component. As nubia proud shooting ability ho, we went to the talks below.

Body key button

As for the keys, all located on the right side of the fuselage, and the back cover color using the same design, the key process properly, feel relatively simply, no cozy feeling. In addition, after all, due to the different positioning, not equipped with the same entity nubia Z7 camera shutter.

Removable back cover, the battery can not be removed

Nubia Z7 Max and nubia Z7 mini, as the back cover is open. You can see the 3100mAh battery built into the fuselage has been closed, and can not be replaced. In addition, as the back cover can be removed, so that subsequent nubia also provide colorful cover for replacement.

Dual SIM full Netcom + 4G

There are two aspects of the slot Micro SIM card slot, as well as an SD card memory expansion. Dual card + 4G full Netcom is nubia Z7 Max killer, just put a lot of domestic mobile phone this design is very far away. As for how to place and use the slot, spoke in more detail below.

Excellent screen display
Screen performance:
Nubia Z7 Max uses Sharp 5.5 inches IPS screen, 1920 x1 080 resolution, pixel density of 403 PPI . And the use of OGS fit the whole process more transparent screen display; New Mode 2 also features wide viewing angle technology, larger viewing angle; third generation Corning Gorilla glass covering. Here we use the same is nubia 5.5英寸1080P screen Z7 Max and OPPO Find 7 test screen performance.

Two machine screens are all excellent workmanship, so the performance of the three primary colors are very accurate, but nubia Z7 Max's screen is relatively Find 7 lightly armed version is also lighter, which also displayed comparable, very transparent and bright and clean.

Both screens display color very tension, nubia Z7 Max screen default higher saturation point, the image looks more eye-catching. The system is set terms, nubia Z7 Max is also set to standard, soft, vivid several models to meet different user's preferences.

System description:
Nubia Z7 Max running nubia UI 2.5 version, which began beta testing since March, and now continuous improvement and debugging can already be found in the system have been greatly improved stability and ease of use. Flat, minimalist design style is now the design trends.

Operating system first impression, the operating switch effect is more beautiful, but also very smooth. Although tend to flatten the System icon, but it is different with pure flat, some more shadows and modification, integration materialized and flat features, the visual effect is very lovable. In addition, as a larger screen, so Nubia Z7 Max can put down five icon.

System Settings interface using parallel folding design, the sliding effect is very smooth, looks and feels more at a glance. And this design only on nubia Z7 and Max Nubia Z7, Z7 Nubia mini -screen due to the smaller, still the traditional design.

Since the two buttons at the bottom of the Home key nubia Z7 Max next are small dots, not like most of the phones that are designed to return and menu key style, so nubia Z7 Max can customize the buttons at the bottom. Xiao Bian still really like this design, because certainly there are a lot of users tangle distribution position of these two keys. Meanwhile nubia Z7 Max provides a wealth of somatosensory gestures, such as double-click the bright screen, three-finger screen shots, three-finger switch applications are all very practical.

Single-handed mode and split-screen mode since nubia X6 start much nubia respected, so these two functions are certainly retain, and further optimization, especially when the split screen, switch more smoothly, while benefiting from a powerful hardware, double screen to run the program also feel Caton.

Nubia nubia electrician is one of the more remarkable system applications, power settings and modes richer than the average cell phone battery applications and detailed. Also, you can view real-time temperature inside the phone, as well as intelligent FM frequency of CPU to extend battery life.

Dual card dual standby + 4G / 3G support full Netcom is nubia Z7 series the biggest selling point, but also with other phones opened differentiate the best entry point. I believe this feature alone, it has been enough to attract some users choose nubia Z7 series. In nubia Z7 Max in slot 1 is to support Mobile, China Unicom, the three major telecom operators in 2G / 3G / 4G network-wide, but should pay attention to slot 2 supports Mobile, China Unicom's 2G / 3G / 4G network-wide, insert telecommunications card, then the system will prompt you to insert errors. That slot 1 and slot 2 are supported Mobile, China Unicom blind mating, and telecommunication card can only be inserted in a slot in the main slot that.   Understanding of the use of slot, we take a look at network standard. Literally there may be misunderstandings nubia Z7 Max users can achieve double 4G standby, but according to current technology is almost impossible to achieve. So nubia Z7 Max uses a 4G + GSM way, and like other 4G dual-card machines. So a card inserted in the card slot can be opened 4G or 3G networks , while slot 2 card can only use the GSM network.

Top with hardware performance
Performance testing:

Nubia series in addition to the full Netcom and photographed two trump card, there is a high cost, Nubia Z7 mini and nubia Z7 Max are two thousand yuan within a very competitive product. Nubia Z7 Max powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, one of the most high-end MSM8974AC, clocked at 2.5GHz. Also equipped with 2GB RAM running memory and 32GB ROM storage space body. With 13 million pixel camera and 3100mAh battery. Detailed parameters can refer to the following screenshot.

Most of sensors, including a gravity sensor, electronic compass , gyroscope and other commonly used are equipped, in addition to support NFC functionality. Let's look at the performance test cases nubia Z7 Max's, for reference.

Antutu Benchmark run points to reach 34,121 points, the overall level in the upstream.

Each run sub-score results demonstrate software, powered by Qualcomm 801 core nubia Z7 Max hardware level at the advanced level, high-standard configuration has been sufficient for most daily use. And with respect to the reduced frequency of Nubia Z7 mini speaking, nubia Z7 Max nubia Z7 equipped with the same core, the pursuit of performance for users who clearly more attractive.

A powerful camera capability
Camera features:

Slogan nubia series since the "phone SLR" Xiaolong, to "shoot the stars can phone" and then to the Z7 series can beat the Galaxy mobile phone, camera has been a proud part of nubia. And nubia Z7 Max camera parts and nubia Z7 same, using 13 million pixel camera, Sony's latest I MX2 14 2nd generation sensors, equipped with F2.0 large aperture five separate lenses, and add blue glass composite IR filter, built new NeoVision4 .0 camera technology, but the lack of OIS optical image stabilization support.

Nubia Z7 Max continuation of the camera settings before using Auto (Normal), Pro (professional), Fun (fun) mode interface, three modes in different scenarios have different functions. Pro mode can be used to focus the separation of professional metering, white balance, separation, and a variety of ISO, white balance, and auxiliary lines. The Fun mode in addition to providing traditional fun features, also joined the nebula tall, Xinggui, crystal and other functions.

Easy mode

Pro mode

Auto mode

In addition, nubia Z7 Max also joined the manual focusing function, the courage to try a more recent user-adjustable focal length, and much more fun photos.

In addition, the camera interface also joined the photography directory, there are very many from basic, advanced, creative and post-processing to the tutorial, I believe that after you read these tutorials can use nubia Z7 Max shoot more interesting and excellent photo.

Nubia Z7 Max have also added the camera's depth of field prediction function, click on focus, the focus of the red outline appears, indicating that the focus is successful, and these marked objects to focus objects.

Here we take a look at the normal mode nubia Z7 Max shooting level how, click to view full size.

HDR off

HDR on

Screen performance aspects, nubia series of proofs are relatively close to the real scene, saturation and contrast of the screen is not high, so at first glance may not be very pleasing eyes. And nubia Z7 Max performance outdoor and indoor proofs good picture purity, white balance is also well under control, the overall performance than the previous generation Z5S and Z5S mini obvious series progress. Another focus and imaging is also very fast, go.

Night, the viewfinder screen is a little slow, the final image is still very good, but also to control glare was more appropriate. Of course, it is relative to the nubia Z7 lack of optical image stabilization, so the film occasionally appear blurred. But the overall performance is still better than a lot of the phone night performance.

In addition, because nbuia Z7 Max has Auto, Pro, Fun mode playable modes and many other details can click on the pictures to our previous special article "Over the years I have stuck in Guangzhou nubia Z7max shooting experience" .


Relative to nubia on Z7 and ultra tall price of the nubia Z7 mini speaking, nubia Z7 Max seems to be an intermediate product. However, in order to look at the price of about $ 2,000, nubia Z7 Max In addition to its near-top with the hardware as well as the level of outstanding photographs outside, far more than his opponent a few blocks apparently dual card dual standby and 4G full Netcom killer, especially 4G is now in the beginning, many users do not seem to mind to determine what 4G card, so a clean sweep of the phone is clearly the best choice. And with respect to Nubia Z7 mini speaking, nubia Z7 Max has a stronger processor, larger screen, and a larger battery. Therefore, the 2,000 yuan price, nubia Z7 Max will become very competitive new products.
Nubia Z7 Max
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