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Nubia Z7 Mini
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ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini Review
Most flagship nubia Z7 in hardware performance, operational function, and other aspects of daily photographs show impressive levels. At the same time, nubia Z7 has a little brother, it is nubia Z7 mini, as nubia Z7 mini version of the product, nubia Z7 mini in many respects has nubia Z7 figure, such Snapdragon 801 platform + 4G Dual Card so equipped, but nubia Z7 mini sells for 1,499 yuan (aaround $241.59), which is the cheapest 801 platform Qualcomm Snapdragon smartphone , together today to know about it.

Today, smart phones are walking the road of the big screen, but portability has been criticized, nubia Z7 mini fuselage relatively small, relatively speaking, the body measurements for 140.9x69.3x8.2 mm, take in hand Lane does not feel great at all, it weighs only 143 grams, so it is relatively light, this figure for girls is also very suitable, and can very easily stuffed in his pocket, but it will not feel bloated.

In nubia Z7 mini compact body equipped with a 5.0-inch touch screen, using Sharp CGS technology, in order to ensure that the screen display, the resolution of full HD 1920x1080 pixel density of 445ppi pixel can provide a fine display effect. Also nubia Z7 mini screen also joined the third generation of Corning Gorilla glass high hardness, with eye-catching scratch, wear characteristics, in order to protect the fragile screen.

Multiple Network Frequency Capability
Nubia Z7 mini fuselage little button at the top right of the placement of the volume keys and power button, this position is exactly right thumb location, so the operation very smoothly, and also joined the satin buttons surface spray effect, see it is not off grade. below nubia Z7 mini's screen is a standard three touch buttons, the middle circle is the Home button, and shining red, which is nubia full range of smartphones iconic elements.

nubia Z7 mini red round button at the bottom

nubia Z7 mini to the right volume, power button

nubia Z7 mini base data interfaces, speakers

nubia Z7 mini using the integrated closed body, but its cover is opened, the cover of plastic material, in addition to a matte coating process not only looks beautiful, but also can effectively prevent fingerprint residues. nubia Z7 mini back cover colors more, this time we get is white, in addition to blue, yellow, red, green optional, enough to meet different consumer preferences.

nubia Z7 mini is a 3-megapixel camera with flash

nubia Z7 mini back

nubia Z7 mini headphone jack on top

nubia Z7 mini back cover can be opened without the aid of tools, because nubia Z7 mini with dual card dual-mode feature, so we can see it has two SIM card slots, the size of Micro SIM card, that is, we often say The small card that can support GSM / CDMA / TD-SCDMA / WCDMA / TD-LTE/FDD-LTE all standard networks, the three operators of cards can be used (C NIC card can only be inserted in the nubia Z7 mini slot 1).

nubia Z7 mini cover can be opened

nubia Z7 mini supports dual card, as well as the expansion card slot

nubia Z7 mini fuselage built-in 16GB of storage space, I believe that is sufficient to meet the storage needs of the average user, and the other nubia Z7 mini also has a Micro SD expansion card slot supports up to 64GB expansion card. Batteries, nubia Z7 mini is a no removable battery capacity of 2300mAh. Also nubia Z7 mini also has dual microphones, headphones also standard universal 3.5mm headset, say one is, nubia Z7 mini comes standard with no headset, data cable and box only charging plug.

Feature Rich UI Interface
We know, nubia's smart phones are used nubia UI interface, nubia Z7 mini is no exception, it is equipped with the relatively new Google Android  4.4.2 smart systems, is expected to upgrade in the future Android  L is not the problem. nubia Z7 mini's nubia UI interface does not set a traditional program page, all of its installed program icons are displayed on the desktop, so the operation is relatively simple, and the program icon nubia Z7 mini also uses a flat design practices, looks very beautiful, but also can reduce the memory footprint.

nubia Z7 mini lock screen to quickly turn on the camera

nubia Z7 mini icons using a flat design

nubia Z7 mini has a relatively high custom design, first we can set preferences for the display, you can set bright, standard, gentle three different saturation effect. Secondly, we can also customize for nubia Z7 mini touch buttons at the bottom of the function, if you do not like the return key on the far right, then you can put it to the left. Also on the desktop "theme" program, we can download more free themes for various types of resources to meet the individual needs of different users.

the bottom of the key functions nubia Z7 mini customizable adjustment

nubia Z7 mini theme provides online resources to download

nubia Z7 mini pull down only one page, it combines the message notification and fast switching, for example, we used the WIFI, Bluetooth, data services, GPS, screen brightness adjustment, etc. are reflected, and we can also switch to these fast adjust the order, of course, can not be used to hide the shortcut switch off. nubia Z7 mini multi-tasking is also long press the Home key to open, sliding around in the form of a card to see the program running in the background, press and hold the slide up a program to display the card can end the program, click on the bottom of the broom pattern can be a key to end all background procedures.

nubia Z7 mini drop-down interface, fast switching can be sorted

nubia Z7 mini multitasking interface

nubia Z7 mini also has a small screen of one-hand operation mode and available in three sizes small screen choose, you can also block certain programs applications open after the tilt-mode handsets will be cut to the small screen with one hand model, so to one-hand operation becomes easy for them. After the addition nubia Z7 mini can also switch to a simple desktop, switch to the simple desktop program icon on the desktop will become very large, dials, SMS interface displays will become more visible, so you can allow some users to more specific groups good operating mobile phones, such as the elderly.

nubia Z7 mini has three sizes of small-screen mode with one hand

nubia Z7 mini small-screen mode can make one-handed operation more comfortable and convenient

nubia Z7 mini desktop is the simple love of the elderly

Smart phones have many features split-screen feature, nubia Z7 mini is no exception, this feature can simultaneously display two program's interface on the screen, so we can chat while watching the video, and the size of the two display interface can be adjusted, after setting slide up from the bottom of the screen to quickly open the smart split-screen function, it is also very easy to use.

nubia Z7 mini also features split-screen functionality

nubia Z7 mini supports multiple smart somatosensory operation

nubia Z7 mini supports multiple smart somatosensory operation

Finally, smart somatosensory operation in nubia Z7 mini who is also reflected, for example, double-click the bright screen (double-click on the screen to light up the screen when you put out the screen), three-finger screen shots (three point sliding to the screenshot), three-finger switch applications (three fingers horizontal sliding switch between open programs), somatosensory answer (ear when a call is placed automatically answer the phone), reverse mute when reverse cell phone (calls to mute) and so on.

Camera Features
Camera has always been nubia smartphones advantage lies, nubia Z7 mini is no exception, and the collection of all currently nubia smartphone camera technology and functionality. On the basis of hardware, nubia Z7 mini main camera on the back of 13 million pixels, the use of second-generation Sony IMX214 sensor, aperture of f/2.0, also equipped with LED lights. In front aspect, nubia Z7 mini also has a a 5-megapixel camera, this 500W +1300 W pixel camera is also equipped with the standard of the current mainstream market.

nubia Z7 mini camera hardware combination is very powerful

nubia Z7 mini automatic mode viewfinder interface

nubia Z7 mini fun mode has nine functions

nubia Z7 mini camera function is very rich, it has three types of camera modes: Auto (Auto), fun (Fun), Professional (Pro). Automatic mode is the most basic camera mode, with regular camera, HDR, continuous shooting function, users only need to click the shutter button to take the picture, the whole operation is very simple. Fun mode provides Orbital, nebula, light painting, super night, crystal, multiple exposure, passersby removed trajectory, short videos, implementing special effects, panorama, continuous shooting attack nine kinds of interval functions, which are based on photos processing, such as splicing technology to achieve, but some features require the aid of a tripod nubia Z7 mini can achieve.

nubia Z7 mini professional mode viewfinder interface

The professional model is the core of nubia Z7 mini camera, the switch to the professional mode, the viewfinder screen, the more out of focus, metering points, grid lines, nubia Z7 mini supports AF / metering separation, and also to strengthen the depth of field effect, this feature before nubia phones are equipped, not to repeat them in this. Meanwhile, we can also set white balance, ISO, exposure compensation, polarizing filters and other customized settings.

nubia Z7 mini professional mode also provides electronic iris function

nubia Z7 mini-disciplinary approach also provides a slow gate function

Also in professional mode, it also provides an electronic aperture, slow shutter two functions, you want to have two functions help users tripod, electronic iris is a camera aperture priority mode, you can adjust the aperture size, suitable for shooting still scenery, night scenes, still life or slow moving objects (about nubia electronic aperture you can play the venue here ). Slow door is a slow shutter shooting method, you can adjust the different exposure times, suitable for shooting low-light scenes, you can shoot a vehicle taillight drag effect.

Photo Sample with Nubia Z7 Camera
Next we look at the actual imaging nubia Z7 mini proofs how, nubia Z7 mini color and relatively speaking, is not particularly full, photos and basically had no color been adjusted terms, so color reproduction is good, roads, trees The performance is more natural, of course, for those who like high saturation of friends who, nubia Z7 mini photos look becomes more dull

Outdoor proofs
Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 100                     
Exposure time: 1/350 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Indoor proofs
Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 500                     
Exposure time: 1/33 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Macro proofs
Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 200                     
Exposure time: 1/100 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Thanks to its f/2.0 aperture, can give nubia Z7 mini photo provided adequate exposure, while the background macro blur when taking pictures also helpful in macro proofs can be seen in the distance on the iron railing has nice blur effect, while 1 3 million pixels is also good to show the details of the iron railings of the head.

Trajectory proofs
Focal Length: mm Aperture: ISO Sensitivity:
Exposure time: Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Night proofs
Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 1600
Exposure Time: 1/20 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

nubia Z7 mini pre-Self proofs

In the night, the author uses automatic camera mode, you can see from the photo EXIF ​​information which will be increased to 1600 ISO, although the brightness of the screen can be guaranteed, but the noise control is not very good, especially in the upper left corner of the screen area The situation is relatively serious noise. Then the pre-self, nubia Z7 mini with beauty effect, so do not worry about the self-image is, but the color of the screen a little imbalance can be bearish on the author's face and arms color colors there is a clear distinction, we forget that this is the project machine has not been fully optimized as a result of, do not want these problems listed version.

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 1000                     
Exposure Time: 1/20 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 700                     
Exposure time: 1/33 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 100                     
Exposure time: 1/320 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 100                     
Exposure time: 1/184 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f/2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 100                     
Exposure time: 1/301 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Video Playback
Next we look at how nubia Z7 mini video playback capability, test video is divided into groups 720P, 1080P group video package formats including MP4, MOV, MKV, RMVB, AVI etc. Audio Coding including AAC, MP3, AC3, code rates ranging from 1493kbps to 19800kbps, uniform use of the system comes with video player, smooth synchronization standards for sound and picture playback, fast forward and rewind without significant delay, there is a problem when playing situation, with a third-party video player MXPlayer soft decoding for playback attempt, with a look at the results.

nubia Z7 mini video player interface

720P video test results (red results can smooth playback of video on MXPlayer video player)

1080P video test results (red results can smooth playback of video on MXPlayer video player)

You can see from the table above, paragraph 20 in 7 test video segment can not play the video appears during playback, the situation is slightly Caton, this performance for the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform 801 is not in line with conventional, especially for MOV After decoding capabilities MKV format is not very good, but in the use of third-party MXPlayer soft decoding video player for playback issues have been resolved to try, this point of view nubia Z7 mini video player also did not do the best The optimized version can be marketed want to do their best.

Floating window video playback support

Support to accelerate, slow down playback

Also nubia Z7 mini suspension also enables playback window, click on the lower left corner of the player, "PIP" icon, then the entire main desktop interface will bounce back, but the interface still has a window in the center to continue playing This video, and location of this window can easily drag, but you can not zoom in and out, so that we can while playing micro-channel while watching a video, and then click on the lower left corner of the icon floating window will return to normal full-screen playback . Also nubia Z7 mini also has accelerated, slowed playback features, rabbit or turtle pattern can click on the top right corner of the screen.

Exclusive Custom Snapdragon 801
nubia Z7 mini is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor 801 series, 801 series Snapdragon  Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is the top product, Snapdragon  801 processor with the industry's most advanced 28nm process technology, and also the mobile processor the industry's most mature and stable technology standards.

Snapdragon  801 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is the top product (images from GSMArena)

Snapdragon  difference between 800/801 (picture taken from AnandTech)

And other mobile processor vendors directly using standard ARM Cortex-A9 CPU core is not the same, Snapdragon  801 processor is the latest Krait 400 CPU cores. Qualcomm Krait is based on ARMv7-A instruction set, using the 28-nanometer process new processor micro-architecture independent design, each core can achieve a maximum speed of up to 2.5GHz.

nubia Z7 mini equipped with exclusive custom Snapdragon  801 processor

However, the Fengyun nubia Z7 mini Snapdragon  801 is its individually customized, model 8974AA, originally CPU frequency is 2.3GHz, GPU is clocked at 450MHz, but nubia Z7 mini's CPU clocked at 2.0GHz, GPU clocked at 578MHz, according to official statistics nubia, so to achieve the best balance between performance and power consumption.

Snapdragon  801 uses the Krait 400 CPU cores (images from GSMArena)

For better effectiveness, performance and thermal profile, Qualcomm Krait microarchitecture asynchronous symmetric multi-core processor system (or aSMP). aSMP architecture reduces synchronous SMP architecture than the current power consumption of 25-40% in the aSMP, the kernel without the use of each can be completely independent closed, so there is no power consumption in the standby state. Krait also includes industry-leading 128-bit data path SIMD functional units to enhance floating point performance. Computing unit optimization (including double-precision calculations for unit) can quickly achieve the lowest power consumption of compute-intensive applications.

Meanwhile Snapdragon  801 also has a Adreno 330 graphics processing unit (images from GSMArena)

Snapdragon  801 also integrates a Adreno 330 graphics processing unit, which is twice as much computing performance Adreno 320 GPU, which supports OpenCL, OpenGL ES 3.0, Renderscript Compute, and other interfaces (API), developers can through innovative unified Rendering Architecture (UnifiedShader Architecture) and Adreno graphics development tools to obtain high-quality 3D graphics and high-energy physics, real-time reflection and refraction effects, like this function in the past can only be achieved in the game system.

Adreno 330 only supports 1080P HD, and 4K video capabilities

In addition, it can achieve the latest GPU computing, including images and video post-processing effects, such as object removal and replication. Meanwhile, Adreno 330 also greatly improves the speed of computer vision applications, which means that images and video to more quickly identify and track.

nubia Z7 mini CPU-Z test results

nubia Z7 mini addition to exclusive custom Qualcomm Snapdragon  801 quad-core processor, it also comes with 2GB  RAM memory, although this combination of hardware and almost from the flagship-class, but still is now equipped with a high standard. So in terms of performance run, nubia Z7 mini's performance did not make the author disappointed 31,130 points Tutu score is also expected, after all its CPU clocked at up to 2.0GHz. And if you add the price factor, the 1,500 yuan market, nubia Z7 mini's performance is certainly among the best.

Antutu Benchmark Test Result

3D MARK test scores

Vellamo test scores


    2.0GHz Snapdragon processor 801

    All standard 4G network

    Dual card dual standby

    1499 yuan low price


    Battery capacity is not high

    Need to rush to buy pre-order

nubia Z7 mini price is only 1499 yuan


    nubia of smart phones is inexpensive and has always been known, before the launch of several products prices are not too high, and are to a high standard hardware platform support. And after this update the product line, nubia smartphone hardware level and a step forward, the release of three new products are 801 Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, nubia described in this article Z7 mini is only 1499 yuan, This is also the cheapest Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 smartphone. Powerful hardware foundation is the cornerstone of the user experience, but also for the rich functionality nubia Z7 mini icing on the cake. But then again: consumers buy is considered good, hope nubia Z7 mini capacity not ball dropped.
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