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All along, the association are the domestic smart phone market leader brand, its product layout is very diverse, in addition to its own K, S, P, A four series, launched last year, also located in the flagship level VIBE series, which Lenovo Mobile VIBE Z (Lenovo Mobile K910 ) is a classic of the series. Today, nearly a year later, Lenovo Mobile VIBE Z's successor also appeared as scheduled, it is the Lenovo Mobile VIBE  Z2  Pro (hereinafter referred to as "Lenovo Mobile K920"), as its successor, the Lenovo K920 phone has exactly what The upgraded? Today it came to the ZOL evaluation room, an up and learn what it is.

We start with the Lenovo K920 phone talking about the appearance of the body, after all, the "face" is very important to give consumers left a good first impression this is very important. Lenovo K920 phone as a flagship Android smartphone, from the body appearance can find this product unique. Lenovo K920 mobile phone with a slim straight all-touch design, 81.3 mm body width is not too narrow, not for hand-type friends who want to hand grasp it really is not an easy thing, 7.7 mm slim body is very beautiful.

Lenovo K920 phone uses a 6.0 inches super high definition touch screen, the screen resolution of the current mobile phone industry's top 2560x1440 pixels, the screen pixel density of up to 490ppi, to provide an exquisite ultra-clear screen. Meanwhile Lenovo K920 phone also features an ultra-narrow screen frame design, make screen accounting for nearly 80 percent, bringing very wide, with the impact of visual perception. Also Lenovo K920 phone screen also uses pure black design, put out the screen and the screen is almost border integration, the entire body can be treated as the front mirror.

Lenovo K920 phone camera body with a lot of metal material, back cover and the box with one piece, and are metal, not only on the perception even better, it also brings a seamless feel to fill the gap. Lenovo K920 phone back of the metal surface is also beveled to cross carved texture, highlighting the fashion sense of an atmosphere, bring a matte look and feel, and almost no residual fingerprint, but the back of the fuselage relatively smooth, if we There are some scrub treatment process better.

Lenovo K920 phone's power button and volume keys on the right and left, respectively, and are also metal, buttons are engraved with different surface textures to increase by feeling. In addition, because the Lenovo K920 phone uses a one-piece closed body, so its SIM card slot is designed in the right side of the fuselage above the power button, the Lenovo K920 phone supports dual SIM dual standby, so the slot is Dual SIM card slot, type Micro SIM card, which the body does not Micro SD expansion card slot, but 32GB of built-in storage space I believe it can meet the needs of most users.

Lenovo K920 phone is the built-in battery is not removable, a capacity of 4000mAh, worthy of special note that it is important to know that Lenovo K920 phone body thickness of only 7.7 mm, it is possible to achieve 4000mAh battery capacity is still not easy, industry The thickness of the body other brands will also be able to do 3000mAh battery even good, we can see the Lenovo K920 phone in this regard under the foot work, after all, the phone's battery is fundamental, if you can not provide a long enough battery life, then this product experience will be affected accordingly.

Having a look, let us look at the internal martial arts how Lenovo K920 phone. Lenovo K920 phone is equipped with Google Android  4.4.2 smart operating system, expected future upgrades to the latest Android  L is not a big problem. We know that Lenovo Mobile has always had its own set of user interface development, called VIBE UI, the Lenovo K920 phone is adapting the VIBE UI 2.0 interface.

Sliding around the lock screen lock screen wallpaper can be switched

Time lock screen can also move the display position

Lenovo K920 phone lock screen interface provides a dial pad, messaging, camera three shortcut icon to open the program, press the appropriate icon can slide up into the appropriate program interface, is free to slide to unlock, then up a little. While sliding around in the lock screen can be switched out different lock screen wallpaper, I believe this design will bring a different mood user experience. At the same time its lock screen can also be free to move on location, long press and drag the can, it is also very fresh.

K920 icon is very simple, thorough

Quick switch also high usability

Lenovo K920 phone icon has a stock of small fresh design style icon using colorful, translucent design, making the whole interface looks very thorough, concise, and this is an iconic element VIBE UI 2.0 user interface. Pull-down notification bar Lenovo K920 phone is integrated with 14 quick switch, also provides five quick switch, the user can according to their own habits to cut, sort, though seemingly small matter, but this is for the user was able to experience and intuitive.

To preview the card in the form of multi-tasking

Lenovo K920 phone multitasking interface also long press the Home key to bring up this point is the Android phone in common, but multi-tasking Lenovo K920 phone is based on the card presented, the ability to preview each multitasking interface is extremely simple and intuitive, select a multi-tasking preview of course there is a key to the left of the Clear button cards can drag up or down to achieve closure, locking features to help users quickly release the memory.

Somatosensory operation with a variety of intelligent

The Lenovo K920 has a number of smart phones somatosensory / gesture operation function, their number called is one of the best in the industry. Lenovo K920 is the first phone with 3D gesture function, it simply is similar Taking gestures, up and down through the palms on the screen, the music can be achieved around brushed switching and volume adjustment, video, fast forward and rewind as well as volume adjustment, of course, to call brushed down when you can answer the phone, these operations do not need to touch the screen palm can be achieved.

Also supports single-handed micro-screen

Lenovo K920 phone's screen size is 6 inches, body width over 81 mm, this may seem to some friends is hard to do one-handed full control of. So join Lenovo K920 phone with one hand micro-screen function, after the screen edge painting "C" shape, the whole screen interface will shrink, and the interface size can be adjusted, so one-handed thumb will be able to cover the entire interface, enabling convenient one-hand operation.

K920 section features presentations

In addition, like swinging the lock screen, keyboard, mercury, and other somatosensory ethereal touch / gestures Lenovo K920 phone who is also reflected in this author is not too much to say, record a video, you can watch.

Lenovo K920 phone camera is the highlight, Lenovo K920 camera phone equipped with a very luxurious, it is a 16 million-pixel rear camera stacked and supports OIS optical image stabilization. Front a 5 million-pixel wide-angle camera, comes with dual LED fill light, to the current flagship is equipped with the standard on the market.

Lenovo K920 smart phone camera viewfinder interface mode

Setting sliding interface

Supports three camera

In terms of functionality, the Lenovo K920 phone is given full support, its equipped with a new super camera 4.0, with smart cameras, two kinds of professional camera viewfinder mode. Smart camera is the simplest mode, it is easy to get started, click the button to the left of the gear set some parameters, providing a common camera in this mode, the super panorama camera effects of three shooting, enough to meet the average user's fingertips shooting.

Lenovo Mobile K920 professional camera viewfinder interface mode

Has six kinds of camera

Lenovo K920 camera phone is a powerful place in the professional camera mode, in this mode can be carried out for the first focus mode, metering mode regulation, including professional focus, smart focus and center-weighted metering, average metering. Secondly, you can also implement "AE / AF lock" function, which is the focus, metering lock function; can also achieve "two fingers AE / AF separation" function, that is, we often say that the focus, metering separation function.

Support focus, metering separation function

Focus, metering mode can be adjusted

Second, in its upper left corner of this mode can also be displayed in real time viewing of professional information, including ISO speed, exposure time, color temperature, light intensity. As for the camera, professional camera models provide a common, super panorama, special effects, art HDR, trajectory, art night total of six photographs feature worth mentioning is its super panorama feature, users simply click the shutter and then continued around the level Move the camera to shoot panoramic photos, as before, many times without the need to press the shutter, the Panorama stitching effect is also good, but not for shooting moving objects.

Super panoramic photo proofs

Parameters Lenovo Mobile K920 professional camera models also have real-time display of the regulatory function, hold down the shutter button to bring up the number of upward slide parameter settings, including white balance, focus, exposure time, ISO, exposure compensation, we press living adjustment knob can adjust the slide in the adjustment process, the screen can be displayed in real time when the effect of the current parameter adjustment, which is similar to the previous Nokia Lumia series.

Viewfinder interface of different white balance values

Viewfinder interface of different white balance values

Viewfinder interface of different white balance values

Said the hardware and features so many pictures on, then we take a look at the Lenovo K920 phone actually show how out of proofs, all of the following photos are used in automatic mode, autofocus shooting. The first is an outdoor scene, in an outdoor environment test is color reproduction capability phone camera, I shoot when the weather is not too good, as the haze days, so the light was relatively weak, and in this case, the Lenovo K920 phone or show a good color reproduction capability, but in some places and some underexposed.

Outdoor proofs 
Focal Length: 5mm Aperture: f / 2.1 ISO Sensitivity: 100                       
Exposure time: 1/225 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Then the indoor scenes, you can see from the proofs Lenovo K920 phone is still showing impressive color reproduction capability, while its also very good for glare control, you can see the lights of a large area of ​​the ceiling at the top spot phenomenon did not occur at the same time Noise is not the whole picture clearly.

Indoor proofs 
Focal Length: 5mm Aperture: f / 2.1 ISO Sensitivity: 100                       
Exposure time: 1/30 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Indoor proofs 
Focal Length: 5mm Aperture: f / 2.1 ISO Sensitivity: 300                       
Exposure time: 1/30 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Then the macro scene, Lenovo K920 camera phone up to 16 million effective pixels (5328x3000 pixels), if you select 4: 3 image quality, the effective pixel will be reduced to 12 million (4000x3000 pixels), the author uses a 4: 3 The picture quality mode, but even so, the Lenovo K920 phone is still showing a very fine picture, but thanks to its large aperture, the Lenovo K920 phone bokeh effect is very significant.

Macro proofs 
Focal Length: 5mm Aperture: f / 2.1 ISO Sensitivity: 700                       
Exposure time: 1/33 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Macro proofs 
Focal Length: 5mm Aperture: f / 2.1 ISO Sensitivity: 500                       
Exposure time: 1/33 Exposure Compensation: EV White Balance: Auto

Night for mobile phones is a chronic problem, the scenario for glare control and noise control with a more demanding requirements, from the perspective of the Lenovo K920 phone proofs, noise control performance is fairly plausible, the color performance of the overall picture is also more natural, but also less impressive for glare control heat, billboards boxes to the left of the phenomenon appears overexposed, so the above fonts are not clear.

Night proofs

Lenovo K920 phone is also pre-self-timer where its highlights, 5 million pixel front camera is a good basis for protection, while the Lenovo K920 phone also has a beauty mode, I really shot from the author effect, Lenovo's mobile phone K920 Front Self definitely meet the requirements of most people, it did not compare the effect of beauty is also modified appear exaggerated.

Front Self proofs (bottom beauty mode)

Next we look at how Lenovo K920 phone video playback capability, test video is divided into groups 720P, 1080P group video package formats including MP4, MOV, MKV, RMVB, AVI, etc, audio coding, including AAC, MP3, AC3, code rates ranging from 1493kbps to 19800kbps, uniform use of the system comes with video player, smooth standards for sound and picture synchronization playback, fast forward and rewind without significant delay, there is a problem situation when playing with a third-party video player MXPlayer soft decoding for playback attempt, with a look results.

Lenovo K920 mobile phone video player interface

720P video test results

1080P video test results 
(red smooth video can be played on MXPlayer video player)

From the above test results, we can see that Lenovo K920 phone comes with video player for high-definition video has a very good optimization, 25 segment test video is only a section of the video does not play, but there are some numbers 8,9,11 video problem, but by MXPlayer soft decoding video player is a third party can achieve smooth playback, in addition to this test machine for engineering machines, perhaps in the official version will have better sales performance.

Lenovo K920 phone supports video playback floating window

Also Lenovo K920 phone while playing video window can be achieved suspended player, click the icon in the lower right corner to the player, then the entire main desktop interface will bounce back, but the interface still has a window in the center to continue playing this video, and location of this window can easily drag, so that we can while playing micro-channel while watching videos. Besides Lenovo K920 phone also comes with video player has a lock screen to prevent misuse, slide up and down to adjust the volume on the left and right slide up and down to adjust the brightness, sliding around fast forward and rewind functions.

Lenovo K920 phone is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, Snapdragon 801 series is Qualcomm Snapdragon processor's top product, Snapdragon 801 processor with the industry's most advanced 28nm process technology, and is also the most mobile processor industry mature and stable technology standards.

Snapdragon 801 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is the top product

Snapdragon 800/801 difference

And other mobile processor vendors directly using standard ARM Cortex-A9 CPU core is not the same, Snapdragon 801 processor is the latest Krait 400 CPU cores. Qualcomm Krait is based on ARMv7-A instruction set, using 28-nanometer process new processor micro-architecture independent design, each core can achieve a maximum speed of up to 2.5GHz.

Snapdragon 801 uses the Krait 400 CPU cores

For better effectiveness, performance, and thermal profile, Qualcomm Krait microarchitecture asynchronous symmetrical multicore processor system (or aSMP). aSMP architecture reduces synchronous SMP architecture than the current power consumption 25-40%, in aSMP, the kernel without the use of each can be completely independent off to standby mode when there is no power. Krait also includes industry-leading 128-bit SIMD data path functional units to enhance floating point performance. Optimization calculation unit (including a unit for double-precision calculations) can quickly achieve the lowest power compute-intensive applications.

Meanwhile Snapdragon 801 also has a Adreno 330 graphics processing unit

Snapdragon 801 also integrates a Adreno 330 graphics processing unit, which is twice as much computing performance Adreno 320 GPU, which supports OpenCL, OpenGL ES 3.0, Renderscript Compute, and other interface (API), developers can through innovative unified Rendering Architecture (UnifiedShader Architecture) and Adreno graphics development tools to obtain high-quality 3D graphics and high-energy physics, real-time reflection and refraction effects, like this function in the past can only be achieved in the game system.

Adreno 330 only supports 1080P HD, and 4K video capabilities

In addition, it also enables the latest GPU computing, including images and video post-processing effects, such as object removal and replication. Meanwhile, Adreno 330 also greatly improves the speed of computer vision applications, which means that images and video recognition and tracking will be more efficient.

Lenovo Mobile K920 CPU-Z test results

In addition to top-Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 series quad-core processor, the Lenovo K920 phone also has 3GB RAM memory, in terms of hardware to run sub Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor strength to believe we have seen, many flagship products are used is The processors, including Samsung S5 , HTC One M8, Sony Z2 and so on. While this is to get the Lenovo K920 phone engineering machine, system optimization still not completely well, but about forty minutes of security Bunny run sub-scores have been very good explanation, and look forward to make better versions listed optimization.

Antutu Benchmark V4 Test Result

Antutu Benchmark V5 Test Result

3D MARK test scores

Lenovo K920 phone on product launches are not announced prices, and so far have not officially announced the price, but the outside world has always had its price 4799 yuan rumors, and a few days ago, that someone found the phone in some channels sale price of 4799 yuan (including various packs gifts), but failed to bare metal prices have the exact message, look around the current market situation, the price of reference LG G3 and other competing products, I guess Lenovo Mobile K920 bare metal price should be 3500 yuan so, you think?

Nearly a year later, Lenovo Mobile VIBE Z's successor also appeared as scheduled, it is the Lenovo Mobile VIBE Z2 Pro (hereinafter referred to as "Lenovo Mobile K920"), as its successor, the Lenovo K920 phone has exactly what kind of upgraded? Today it came to the ZOL evaluation room, an up and learn what it is.

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