Runbo Q5 Review : Drop Test & Waterproof Test

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Runbo Q5 Review : Drop Test & Waterproof Test
In today's mad to put such a body so thin, narrow borders do era, there are still a special class of models is still "way" of has a thick body design - three anti-cell phone, because of some special populations Use features three anti-mobile phone although not much popular but it does have a very stable audience, and this part of the user on the strength of the body's three anti-has a very clear requirements.

Runbo as a model has been focused on three anti-mobile phone manufacturers, the "insiders" certainly by many users, whether housekeeping steadfastness of three anti-performance, or radio, infrared laser light, or other functions are outdoor barometer ALICE sports enthusiasts and are very valued, so in terms of three anti excels in the end what we look at today's launch of the latest Runbo Runbo Q5.

Speaking of the three anti-grade, netizens certainly will think "IPXX" The combination of these few letters and numbers, I believe we all know that these figures must be higher the better, but IP and meaning behind the numbers you really know? In fact, these two letters IP is "International Protection", we can be understood as an international standard protective factor, while the latter figure in turn representative dustproof and waterproof rating factor coefficient through pictures corresponding figures explanation, I believe netizens for three Anti-rating system now also have a better understanding.

Runbo Q5 entire body design was very tough, indeed consistent with such an outdoor product positioning, and black and yellow color with such anti-models are also three iconic design, people will be able to easily identify this model so special.

In material terms, Runbo Q5 with hard plastic and rubber combination of design, whether it is strength or impact resistance is very good, although there is no capacity in the industry fell against a clear classification, but we use the actual test results Description more convinced.

The drop test we chose the more common land and wooden floors, when tested on land, I first first Runbo Q5 from a height of about 1 meter free fall, pick up the phone after except for some dust, body appearance no damage, and the whole is operating normally, then I is adjusted to the height of 1.6 meters, with the result the same as before, and no damage to the appearance, also operating properly.

Then we will test the venue replaced wooden floors, wooden flooring from higher hardness compared to land it, so the challenge is relatively larger, but Runbo Q5 fall on the wooden floor, although the sound is very large, but in fact there is nothing injury, operation is normal. This also allows the confidence to have a more adequate distance from the ground by a M├ętis rose to about 1.6 meters, the result is still the near misses, although the look and sound great, but the phone was not affected, still running.

In the following we Runbo Q5 tested waterproof aspects, the entire test is divided into three parts, water splashing testing, soak testing and soil testing. Before the start I would like to remind you friends, even if your phone supports three anti-feature, but please note that the tightness of the phone is intact, whether the lid tightly closed, and the liquid itself, if not determined if these manufacturers are not responsible.

Water splash test, the main function of the three anti-Runbo Q5 certainly not been "insignificant" knockout, easily passed the test, even though the body has water but function in normal operation. After we determined the entire mobile phone case under seal intact will Runbo Q5 directly into about 0.5 meters deep pool among a minute out, we can see that the normal function of the phone, and open the lid after each waterproof and no liquid enters the ring.

In the end we were also Runbo Q5 dust and dirt so that a more stringent test, first for dust levels reach Runbo Q5 6 is concerned, this test is really too general, there is no soil into the fuselage interior . After we will Runbo Q5 directly on the muddy soil among the pros and cons of repeated friction and, after washing with water, Runbo Q5 remains a normal working condition, there is no dirt to enter the interior.

Summary :

After various tests by violence, although the appearance is the soil is clay, but Runbo Q5 did not receive these effects, still maintained a normal working state, and basically the entire test simulates life among us will encounter to some of the scenes, you can see Runbo Q5 throughout the test did a great job, which indeed worthy of the three anti-aircraft IP67 rating
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