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Mentioned Huawei Mate series models, Huawei's product line positioning familiar to consumers must be very familiar with. From the launch of the first generation of Huawei Mate began last year, it is the image of the mobile phone giant screen to show people. Whether or Huawei Huawei Mate Mate2 , have continued the 6.1 inches of the giant screen design, and later launched the Huawei version Mate2 4G added support for TD-LTE network, making it more widely applied.

Early last month, Yang Zhe, vice president of Huawei's terminal in China Ministry issued a notice on its map Sina Weibo, the picture is a significant number "7" has sparked speculation of this new machine. The author was based on the characteristics of its big screen guess it might be Huawei Mate7, although it would appear there has been a large jump Huawei (across from Mate2 directly to Mate7) in naming models, but this is not without precedent. Huawei recently released six is from the glory glory 3 4,5 skip come across, and later confirmed by the results of the author's judgment.

Now, this new Huawei Mate7 has come Zhongguancun online mobile phone division, today we will have this Huawei Mate series' third as "conduct some comprehensive evaluation.

The Huawei we received Mate7 golden body, the upper and lower sides of the fuselage, border and back have adopted the golden painting, the whole shell is made of aluminum metal. The feel, especially metallic border, while the back due to the addition of the coating while showing another textured, non-slip and anti-fingerprint effect of good performance.

Huawei Mate7 overall appearance

6-inch screen fingerprint full metal Huawei Mate7 Reviews
Fuselage corners rounded transition

5 Mega pixel front camera and earpiece

Huawei ascend Mate 7 body size of 157 * 81 * 7.9mm, a 6-inch giant screen smart phone can have the body thickness of 7.9mm it is not easy, the border back in the fuselage have cutting-edge design, even more visually thin, but also to provide a good grip feel. Huawei ascend Mate 7 the button layout is not too special, right side arranged a power button and volume keys, power key application of the concentric design, will not cause confusion with the volume key visual. As a unibody design, SIM card slot is located on the left side of the fuselage frame, you need to take the card with pin open. Card types supported Micro SIM / Nano SIM two specifications, networking supports TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA , WCDMA and GSM (WCDMA only apply to international roaming occasions). In addition, Huawei agreed non-operating Mate7 plate (generic version) can support both TD-LTE and FDD-LTE network for users to switch is very convenient.

In weak signal conditions, Huawei ascend Mate 7 performed well. The reason is that Huawei ascend Mate 7 designed an LTE antenna switching technology, which has two antennas that can be done and can do transmit receive switch at any time. LTE handset diversity antenna is always open, intelligent detection and determine which better antenna performance. When one of the antenna signal is not good, it will automatically switch to a better antenna operation, this process does not create a successful power and other issues.

For consumers, the main antenna switching technology to solve the signal when holding the phone to bring influence. Assuming the upper grip the phone, then the following antenna that automatically switches to a working state, to avoid the problem of dropped cell phone. In addition, Huawei and Huawei Glory 6 Mate7 Like Support Cat6 LTE standard network conditions to support the case can reach a rate of 300Mbps.

Virtual buttons redesigned icons

Body thickness 7.9mm

Huawei ascend Mate 7 screen size of 6 inches, the resolution did not follow up on this year's flagship machine 2K level, still maintain the level of 1920 * 1080, but even so the screen display has a very delicate, very difficult to find under normal viewing distance pixels particles. It is worth mentioning that Huawei ascend Mate 7 screen accounted for a staggering 83 percent, the border width of only 2.9mm. In addition to this screen is Huawei's highest JDI exclusive custom product specifications, in the common market with IPS screen regardless of the cost of goods belonging to the pursuit of perfection to make, has been further optimize the overall performance.

Huawei ascend Mate 7 back design

Speakers at the bottom of the fuselage

A 13 million pixel camera

Fuselage came back we found a little shadow of HTC Huawei ascend Mate 7 body. Three-stage back design makes the overall design of the center of gravity back to maintain balance, rear camera back to 13 million pixels, but not with this application rate higher color temperature flash. Huawei ascend Mate 7 below the camera fingerprint region, and HTC One max position somewhat similar.

In mid-month, Huawei ascend Mate 7 announced a new Android new version of the customization system EMUI 3.0, edit Zhongguancun Online Mobile Channels are also eligible to get a closed beta before its release in advance to experience this city in EMUI version 2.3 has done a great foundation modify the scope of the product.

Huawei ascend Mate 7 Mate7 will be the first release that is equipped EMUI 3.0 system products. With more excellent quality hardware, users will get a better user experience based on the original. Here we have several ways to feel combined with Mate7 depth EMUI 3.0.

Huawei Mate7 unlock screen

Pull-down notification bar + function switch

Enter from the moment the lock screen lit screen, we can feel EMUI 3.0 system concise design. For example, is filled with the same range of children's literary magazine lock screen, EMUI 3.0 application canceled the application name of the shortcut bar icon pulled from the bottom of the bottom.

Standby screen / daemon Clear

And after unlocking the screen to enter the main interface, including from the top of the drop-down notification, switch panel and application admin interface has done a flattening process, and the contents of the notification bar is also in accordance with the time line of information sorted treatment, not again like the original so messy.

In addition to the main frame of the UI system, EMUI 3.0 are also pre-installed in the system according to the design of the whole system, the interface language redraw these simple lines, simple graphics, and configuration of the application interface is more conducive to simple color presentation of content, Let the content again dominate.

In addition to change the UI to turn over a camel outside the EMUI 3.0 Huawei also added some features. "Kinship care" is one of them, its essence is remote assistance service. User accepts the invitation by the call, you can let the other side control in their hands the phone.

Can be remotely functional family care assistance services

For less understood smartphone products for parents and elders, "family care" function is actually EMUI 3.0 of a very human performance. It also can operate the phone's functions guidelines, Huawei for the initial contact with the user of this product is very thoughtful consideration.

Life Yellow Pages

switch back and forth in order to reduce the user dialing, contacts, information on these three between these three Huawei EMUI 3.0 feature set on an application, but also provides a convenient service to the Yellow Pages of the user's life. And these are EMUI 2.3 version does not have.

Implantable contact list called "Life Service" Yellow Pages Application

Lazy mode

in addition to these, EMUI 3.0 also joined the lazy mode, except with the phone dial pad will tilt changes, also joined the two-dimensional code business card scan code function. Compared to conventional oral card numbers or practices on the exchange, the degree of accuracy and convenience should be higher.

After the open one-handed operation mode will be shifted to the phone keypad module tilt direction

Huawei ascend Mate 7 joined the push fingerprint sensor, which is the first in the Android system using fingerprint sensor push handset manufacturers. Compared progressive scan sensor, the former identification faster and took the phone to complete the unlock process.

Without sliding, push to enter the fingerprint information

In addition to performing operations and unlock the phone settings lock function, Huawei also with Paypal to cooperate to achieve a PayPal wallet payment service payment functions within the application part. Operating the user to enter a password to get completely back in the fuselage by setting fingerprint to unlock the module.

Fingerprints can also be used to pay for purchases

Measured successful payment

This set of standards for security issues. Huawei said it provides a chip-level security solutions: fingerprint information management, encryption, authentication, stored procedures are run in the chip TrustZone security OS, third-party applications can not access this area.

Because all of the fingerprint verification of information, through the local hardware security chip in the phone OS carried out. So paying the principal aspects of the work is complete matching treasure Alipay account and terminal data, will not come into contact with the identification data stored in the chip.

Not long ago I had the glory of Huawei camera features 6 conducted evaluation, really making proofs (especially night proofs) low noise so I was very surprised. The Huawei Mate7 core components in the camera is also equipped with 2014 in the number of high-end smartphones "standard" Sony Exmor RS IMX214 sensor

Sony IMX214 and IMX135 parameters compared (images from Sony's official website)

Sony Exmor RS IMX214 sensor area of ​​1 / 3.06 inches, 13.13 million effective pixels, the unit pixel area of ​​1.12μm. Compared to last year's smash hit Sony IMX135, Sony IMX214 appropriate to reduce the distance between the micro-lens and the photosensitive diodes, making IMX214 with higher light collection efficiency, with better low-light shooting. Also in the video shooting IMX214 obvious advantages described, 4K resolution support 30 per second video capture, and 1080p full HD video recording also by 30 IMX135 frames per second to 60 frames per second.

Sony IMX214 HDR mode can be presented in more detail (images from Sony's official website)

Although compared with the Sony IMX135, Sony IMX214 CMOS not increased in size, but it has made in the process of design details on the high-quality image output in favor of improvements, but in the video adds support for 4K video capture, enhance more obvious.

In addition, Huawei Mate7 the rear camera assembly also added aspheric lens, spherical lens capable of common difference is compensated. Its aperture value reached F / 2.0, along with the 28mm (35mm equivalent focal length) wide viewing angle.

Open Huawei ascend Mate 7 camera interface, although it looks interface design is very simple, but it's built-in function is very rich. In addition to the normal camera mode, the entire focus mode can be achieved by adding the function of focus after the first shooting, a technology which is this year's flagship products are mostly mainstream applications.

Full focus mode first shot and then select the right focus

Rich built-in filter

Shooting proofs filter effects added after

Click on the icon brings up the shooting interface raindrops filter effects, up to more than ten kinds of filters can basically meet the user's unique aesthetic, originally bland add some photos because of specific filter effects can also be brought extraordinary experience.

Watermark camera proofs

Watermark camera viewfinder screen plus the name suggests is in a particular watermark, and presented in the final photo. Huawei Mate7 offers six kinds of built-in watermark, add watermark later, is the so-called style is not the picture also becomes the high point?

Fingerprints, photographs / lock screen snapshots

Huawei ascend Mate 7 on the camera there are some bright spots, such as fingerprints, photographs, users simply press the back of the fuselage fingerprint recognition can be achieved shooting, the benefits of this operation is to reduce the jitter to the greatest extent when shooting, making the picture clearer . In addition, double-click the volume under lock screen can be started directly under the camera and shoot, but can also display the capture time consumed.

The following is a sample of Huawei ascend Mate 7 shooting, all the photos taken by Huawei ascend Mate 7 all proofs without any post-processing, retain EXIF ​​information for analysis. Interested friends can click to see full size.

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 50  
Exposure Time: 1/490 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 50  
Exposure Time: 1/218 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 320  
Exposure time: 1/25 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 400  
Exposure time: 1/20 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 50  
Exposure Time: 1/482 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 50  
Exposure Time: 1/505 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

 Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 80 
Exposure Time: 1/25 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

Focal Length: 4mm Aperture: f / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 320  
Exposure time: 1/30 Exposure Compensation: 0EV White Balance: Auto

Shooting day Beijing weather is nice, you can see the Huawei Mate7 camera showed a very superior color performance and detail, macro scene is completed slightest details show called excellent. Night shoot good overall ability to control noise, the picture of a moving object is not noticeable ghosting.

Let's look at the multimedia aspects of music playback capability, Huawei Mate7 perfect support wav, ogg, flac, aac and ape format music, music player interface style and music player before Huawei has more significant changes.

Music player interface style has changed

Timing turn off this feature can support up to 90 minutes of setting (turn off automatically after 90 minutes of music), so that users can safely listen to the song to wake up early in the morning to sleep without worrying about the music was still loud. Pull-down notification bar can be manipulated to play music.

1080p video test results

Video playback test or to test aspects of our segment with 15 1080p Full HD video, the results are very satisfactory, 15 video segments can be opened with all the built-in native video player. In addition to one of the two videos do not have sound output, the rest of the video playback is very smooth.

Support suspended video window

In addition, Huawei Mate7 video player interface to support suspension of small windows, and the location can be moved, so that the user is concerned, the Internet, playing games and watching videos are not renewed conflict.

Huawei ascend Mate 7 processing chip is used in Hass's new program --Kirin 925 (hereinafter referred to as K925), this new film launched big.LITTLE using ARM multicore solutions, the four Cortex-A7 core with four Cortex-A15 core together.

Using big.LITTLE architecture compared with traditional single-chip solution to the ARM architecture has better tolerance. This tolerance refers to the power of our level of control, as well as to enhance the level of processing performance. Average down almost to enhance the rate of about 20%.

 Antutu Benchmark 5.0 run sub-score approaching 42,000

K925 inside the eight core work tasks in the global mobilization mode (Global Task Scheduling), this mode is the third phase big.LITTLE architecture implemented between any combination of eight core with the flexibility to respond to different load pressure usage scenarios.

In addition, like chips and K920, K925 also additional configuration codenamed " i3 "micro-Chi nuclear coprocessor. Its scope of work is somewhat similar to iPhone  5S in the M7 chip, responsible for collecting the phone's gyroscope, accelerometer and electronic compass motion data.

Vellamo run sub-scores

Fengyun "i3" Micro-existence of nuclear coprocessor can reduce the system for the Cortex-A7 core frequent data access requests. So in addition to long-term data preservation movement beyond a certain period of time, its main role is to reduce system power consumption, improve product of standby time.

It is understood that K925 compared to around 20%, then in order to verify the Fengyun-processing chip processing performance, we used the AnTuTu, 3DMark and Vellamo three software test scores to evaluate the performance increase in K920. Specific test results above.

3D Mark run sub-score

Summary: From Huawei Ascend Mate to Huawei Ascend  Mate 7, the same is the big screen, change is the hardware performance and enhance the user experience and meticulous. Huawei Mate7 have six inches full HD screen can provide the perfect visual impact, performance Hass Kirin 925 chip with Qualcomm Xiaolong 801 par, on the other hand added to make phone fingerprint recognition security got a lot to improve . Large screen + metal + security + performance, Huawei Mate7 can say that all the elements have the flagship intelligent machines.
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